Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Was Born on a Pirate Ship

All aboard hoarders!
Oh that's me.
I've been forced to take a long, hard look at my shopping habits of the past several years as we are moving house soon.
Confronted with racks of my vintage goodies, those very same long-coveted and much-loved purchases have created a dilemma.
As someone who dresses on a whim, how can I keep all the fab stuff and have a "capsule" wardrobe?
Well I think we all know that never the Twain shall meet, so I've given myself a stern talking to and started decluttering my wardrobe.
How do I pick what stays and what goes?

Brutal honesty.
I ask myself, have I ever worn this?  Does it fit?  Does it make me feel awesome?  Is it special?  Do I need five or can I live with just one?
My 1930s and 40s nightie and knicker collection absolutely does not qualify for culling.  
Or my tutus ... I have my limits.
Otherwise, local op shops and eBay have been getting a steady stream of clothing, linen, books and crockery which although I may like or even love, I know it's time to let go for someone else to love.
I feel I'm able to work through this project without giving up my need to be surrounded by interesting, colourful things, in favour of living with less shite and clutter.
It's a long, hard road, but I'm starting to feel lighter inside.

Consequently, I'm not buying any new clothes.
I haven't made a pact with myself, it just doesn't feel right to be adding to the pile of shite while I'm trying to declutter.
The Goodwill Fangirl has discussed the possibility of not shopping at all.
She's planning on giving up shopping for clothes for a year, which means no new or second-hand shopping.
If she goes ahead with it, I'm looking forward to following her progress.
Vintage Vixen regularly culls her delicious Aladdin's cave of a wardrobe with her one-in, two-out rule.
Now there's some seriously steely determination right there as she has a to-die-for collection.

Coffee with The Stylist today.
1950s cotton bed jacket - Etsy
1970s leopard-print flares - eBay
Bodysuit - retail
Silver choker - gift from hornacious Helga
African necklace - op shop
Camera and skull necklaces - second hand market

This frock is an absolute keeper.
It rolled up last week in a parcel of joy from delicious Suzanne of Idee Fixe.
It's very much a 1930s style, but made from an incredible soft and swishy 70s jersey fabric.
The 30s were big in the 70s.  A combination of my two favourite fashion decades. Swoon!

Turban - gift from Nelly of Vintage Wishes
Pearly brooch - another gift from Helga
Necklaces and handbag - op shops
Scarf around wrist - gift from lovely Krista
Jeffrey Campbell shoes - Solestruck sale

It's warming up here in Brisbane with steamy summer days and lovely storms.
I hope my US readers are able to stay cozy indoors during the blizzards and snow.
Desiree xo


  1. Gorgeous, love the turban, fabulous. I try to keep a one in one out kind of thing when I shop. Otherwise my closet would be a terrible state. Though, it is needing to be gone through again as there is a lot that I don't wear, so they shall go to a good home. The dress is marvellous. I love the mix of 30's & 70's too!! Swoon indeed :))) xx

  2. I hope you're keeping the turban and the camera necklace. And all the pearls.

    Decluttering can feel so cleansing. I've moved a lot, and have culled and pared each time. There are some things I wish I'd kept, but they're only things, right? Even if you have fewer, you can arrange them to create just the right composition and each unique thing will get more attention!

  3. Good for you! I think de cluttering is really liberating we just don't need all this stuff...I need to put some stuff on ebay I just haven't had time...Good luck on your move and your de cluttering. When ever I clean out my closet it helps me to remember my favorite things that sometimes get lost in the pile ~Love Heather

  4. Oh darling do I know how you feel! The fact that you said getting rid of stuff has made you feel lighter really confirms this is all good for you. I also find myself wanting to color my entire world every inch and this does lend itself to buying stuff just cause you are attracted to it. I admire you and I'm also a little inspired to maybe ease back on my consumption. I do feel very satisfied so why do I need more?

    This dress is a total keeper and such a sweet gift. You look beautiful just beautiful. I can't wait to live summer days through you!

  5. You're a total pirate!
    'Cause you got that booty!
    It's so hard to get rid of shit. I am an absolute clothes hoarder. It's awful and it does feel good when you start letting stuff go. I might be moving soon, too, so I've been sort of doing the same thing. I can't do a year of no shopping. I'll be anxious to hear how The Stylist does.

  6. I'll be facing the same thing with in the year, a major move. What goes and what stays in mind boggling. Where did all this stuff come from? (right, like I don't know)

  7. If there is one thing better than accumulating, it is culling. It feels so good, so cathartic and it's good to reflect on the stuff you really love/want/need and that which you don't. Although how you are going to cull that wardrobe on the basis that it doesn't look fantastic is going to be tough, because you always do! That 70s does 30s dress is beautiful, such a great colour and you look wicked in it with your turban and jewels. So gorgeous and stylish.

    Now, where are you going to go? That's the bit that is worrying me. Have you got somewhere sorted out yet? xxxxxxx

  8. Oh I had an unpleasant realization with my hoarder ways on my recent move. Yikes. But I love it all so!!! I also love your camera necklace! And this red dress looks lovely on you!

  9. Good luck with your sorting and parting with things you like/love. I try to cull my wardrobe twice a year but it is a mammoth task!

  10. Fabulous, as always. I'm loving your current 20's inspiration!
    I am also thinking of doing a no shopping for one year challenge next year - frankly, I've culled a lot of stuff and still have loads I've never worn or only worn once or so - I bought loads of second hand goodies off Ebay this year... I think I can survive. I am making the exception for when I travel - one of the things I love doing when I go away is to go shopping and if possible trawl the second hand shops. Let's do it together!!!
    Hugs <3

  11. The extreme decluttering thing seems to be all a bit too much for me - I have cut down by making 'refine' my mantra. Only the best remains and I don't care if that's still a lot of stuff left - it is excellent stuff.

    In any case, is The Stylist not annexing your wardrobe yet? lol

    Good luck xxxxxx

  12. I can't imagine trying to sort through the collections of the likes of yourself, Vix, Helga or Sarah. I do culls despite the fact it's taken about five years to rebuild/restock my wardrobe back up from NOTHING.

  13. More fabulous every single time, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. It is tough- like choosing children- but think of it- your delights can bring joy to others! PlEASE share the link to your shops!

  15. We just moved. I feel your pain. I had to get rid of a bunch of stuff and it was hard...and I don't have nearly the awesome jewel box of a wardrobe that YOU have. I used the rule, "If I haven't worn it for three years. Out it goes...except for a few sentimental favorites." Good Luck and don't look back!

  16. Ooo, that turban ROCKS! Mind you, you make everything rock,babycakes!
    Ah, yes, culling. I may well be needing to do that myself, and I actually feel the urge of late...I shall take courage and inspiration from you! It can be very cathartic to have a good clean out!!!
    And indeed, you cannot ever consider getting rid of your tuts or lingerie collection!!!! Some things are SACRED, my lovely!
    Love and Lustipops!XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  17. yes! you definitely have to keep some specials, your frock is divine and your jewels, but good luck with the cull, I have a teeny amount of clothes really, I culled all my old life clothes earlier this year, it felt good x x x

  18. Capsule wardrobe! Pah! Clearly, whoever thought of that concept has no sense of adventure.

    However I get the collections-taking-over-the-house situation and I admire your discipline in having a cull. Lucky lucky fellow vintage lovers who acquire your lovely bits & pieces :)

  19. You look glorious in that red dress, it encases your killer bod a treat. I think I've come over all peculiar!
    There's something so cathartic about a good declutter, completely emptying the wardrobe, trying everything on, chucking it on the stay or go pile and, most importantly, immediately disposing of the duff stuff - take it straight down the charity shop or list it on Ebay right away - no time for second thoughts.
    I'd never give up second hand shopping 'cos I love it too much (and my income depends on it) but it is an art to saying no to something just 'cos it's old and leaving it for someone else. xxxxx

  20. Oh you do rock that 70s-does-30s look, and the turban+bling really finishes the look off to perfection.
    I've been slowly slowly doing the same thing, getting rid of stuff I just don't wear or love enough to justify keeping. I find it hard, I admit, I'm not good at being ruthless and stern with myself, and there is a LOT which I wouldn't dream of moving on. Tralala's comment resonated with me - "refine". It doesn't have to be a complete cull which you might regret, you can still keep all sorts of treasure, just choose the right treasure! Good luck! xxxx

  21. Good luck on the cull :) I'm hopeless at getting rid of things, I'm still wearing clothes I was when I was fourteen!

  22. There seems to be a number of us that have been bitten by the de-cluttering bug lately - I have been moving bags of stuff from my closet to charity and consignments stores and friends' closets. I like Vix's comment about the cathartic effect of a good de-clutter, and I agree that there is a lightness that comes from divesting yourself of stuff.

    I would love to be able to teleport myself over there and take home some of your goodies! I agree with the moratorium on vintage lingerie and crinolines - definitely not to be parted with! You look very fetching in the turban and fruit punch coloured dress. Speaking of getting rid of stuff, I have a parcel for you, but am waiting til you move to send it.

  23. Sometimes your beauty is just stunning - like in these photos. Of course it's more than a face or shape, it's the whole deal, the joie de dressing up and living in colour. Good luck with the decluttering. I'm nervous for you only because I'm nervous for myself confronting a similar situation. "come over all peculiar"? Love that phrase.

  24. Boy did you strike a nerve here. I still have things from when I had the flea market biz back in 94! I do household culling, but its so hard to part with the vintage as I know I'll never find it again. OTOH, let something go, something better comes along. So I need to buck up and just do it! I'm so glad you love the dress, when I found it it screamed your name & I've held onto it forgetting to send it, so I'm glad my ditz brain finally remembered -- and just in time for nice balmy weather. Wear it in good health as my grandmother always said. Love to you all XXX

  25. I did the cull two years ago. Every time I wore something I ties a ribbon on the hanger. No ribbon after six months? It went to charity. I also did the buy nothing, new or second hand. I was great, it forced me to re-imagine my own clothing and to start sewing from my fabric stash.

  26. Please don't get rid of that big yellow necklace and turban!!

  27. I love those shoes Desiree, found my daughter something similar in the charity shop and they're sitting waiting to be wrapped up for Christmas! I love your 70s does 30s style here too, don't know how you will ever cull any of your gorgeous collection, I'm not very good at clearing out, though we're really overcrowded here so I really should do it. I am making a big effort to not buy things though, I really don't need any thing for myself, I have piles of clothes and stacks of un read books that should keep me going for a year at least. Also I feel like less time wanderin g round charity shops is more time I can spend on my own little projects, so we'll see if that works out. xx

  28. We did a big move last year and it was hard to cull! You have so many lovely treasures, but it is *you* that makes them shine. So no worries, even if you kept just one fabulous dress, all is well. Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday! xox

  29. My clothing collection isn't so bad - but my fabric and patterns are so out of control! I live in a 1 bedroom apartment so there is only so much "Stuff" we can have. I feel like I'm a goldfish - the more space I have, the more I will fill it with "stuff". You look stunning in that frock and good luck with the decluttering!

  30. Jeffrey Campbells, I'm jealous! I used to obsess over his footwear. Now I don't let myself look at any of it hah. I attempted to purge my wardrobe last year but mostly just managed to store away half of it that wasn't seasonally appropriate, giving some semblance of 'less' when it's really all just stashed away in the outside shed. I commend you on your ability to part with your goodies!


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