Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Santa Gave Me Perfect Skin

Well we've unwrapped our presents, the children are having a swim and lunch with their father's family, #1 Son has gone for a drive and I'm having a break with hubby before cooking a simple Christmas dinner for this evening.
It's about 34 degrees, rather humid and way too hot to eat yet.
Happy Christmas dear readers!

These pics were taken last night on Christmas Eve while #1 Son, up from Melbourne, was cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
The house was tidy (past tense), we all looked fairly reasonable and happy to be all under the same roof.
Oh and Santa came early and gifted me perfect skin.

Actually that's a damn lie.
I suffer from adult acne, insects destroy the skin on my feet and ankles in summer and I'm prone to nervous scratching and picking.
I always import my camera pics into Aperture, crop them, retouch a couple of scabs (!!) and that's it ... I don't have Photoshop and I hate fake skin-smoothing shite in blog pics.
But for some reason, Aperture "knows" I need LOADS of touch-up so it does it for me without asking.
Ugh!!  Think I'll go back to iPhoto for more "honest" photographs.

Real-fake tree.

After admiring Emma's beautiful Christmas tree, I decided that next year's tree will be more playful and off-the-wall.
There's nothing grown up about Christmas is there so why get all serious when it comes to decorating?
Here are a few shots of ours this year, with some of the handmade decorations ... I love the ones the kids have made at school, they're my favourites.

Tah-dah, a pic of (L-R) #2 Son (16), The Stylist (11) and #3 Son(12).

Our perfect skin.

No fake skin applied here.

Don't ask, I have no answer.  
But I think we're looking very happy.

"Oh god will you just TAKE the photo?"

The Stylist has been using the school holidays as an opportunity to dip-dye her hair ends.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas ... relax, go with the flow and try not to stress.
Big hugs and kisses to you all!
Desiree xoxox


  1. Everybody looks gorgeous! Happy Holidays!
    I might need that Aperture photoshop stuff... I have the most horrid adult acne. I finally got some acne medicine, but STILL ugh!
    <3 <3 <3

  2. Ooooh, skin smoothing? That's an effect I haven't tried yet. I guess that would mean I could clean the thick layer of Vaseline off my camera lens. So they have body smoothing too? I could use an order of that as well.
    Everyone looks so happy, your home looks spotless, and I'm sure I'd be able to catch some mouthwatering aroma from the kitchen if we had smellorama.
    I love these family photos. And yes, hand-made tree decorations are the best. I hope you have more stellar days to come during the holiday. A big hug.

  3. I don't believe it. You are perfect. No fancy schmancy special effects needed. Your family is so gorgeous!!! You are absolutely right. I need to loosen up when it comes to holidays. Really. Who's going to stop me? The holiday police?

  4. I always think your skin looks radiant! I have psoriasis and my face blemishes/scars really easily, I have permanent dark circles around my eyes and about six months ago for the first time since I got them when was a teenager I decided it was a waste of time being paranoid about them because they're not going away and life is too short to worry about not having "perfect" skin.

    I hope you get time for your mangrove walk -- I took a pic of some soggy willows yesterday and thought of you because they're the closest we have to mangroves :)

  5. Looks like a 'proper' fun family Christmas, like the one, as an only child, I thought everyone had!!
    Can't begin to fathom Christmas in 34 degrees; phew, sweating conkers just thinking about that!
    So, on that wholesome note, I will wish you all a fabulous festive season!
    Z xx

  6. eh? That's so weird it just does it without you asking! Not good!

    Anyway, you look great! happy christmas!

  7. so there's a trick to this photo magic thing. I'm so clueless (I can push the eazy button) what you see is what you get.

    Have a lovely day!

  8. Oh oh Happy happy holidays to the most beautiful lady ever............sending much love and happiness to you sweet and your wonderful family.
    You look like a pretty Christmas fairy in your silver petticoat.
    Ok better get my arse into gear and get ready for work.
    Happy Boxing Day.
    Love v

  9. Desiree, you and your family look fabulous. I hope you all had a wonderful day. Your hair is so gorgeous and you really suit a fringe. Did the stylist make the cute gingerbread house? Is it all eaten yet? Hope you had a wonderful day. xxx
    PS I would never have known about your skin, you always look radiant to me.

  10. Happy Christmas to you! You sure look festive!

  11. Your Christmas looks lovely and I'm not going to comment on skin except to say I have eczema which can be a bit of a pain!

  12. Beautiful photos! Beautiful family! And very funky Christmas tree! I'm really sensitive about how my skin looks in pics. I've noticed my face is a different colour than the rest of me, ESP after having my baby, and it freaks me out. But you know, you always look fabulous and are beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Xoxo

  13. my camera photo-shopped me once, scary stuff, I looked like a waxwork, quite eerie - it looks like a wonderful time at your place, I prefer hand made decs too - your silver skirt is gorgeous, you are a beautiful festive fairy, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! x x x

  14. ya! skin smoothing - I admit i used once, but for a special effect only - Looked like a fun Christmas, barefoot and tees - We are burried in layers and couple pair of socks over here!

    Have lovely holidays



  15. we are flowing here like a veritable waterfall...tilly found the entire stash of chocolate coins and ate so much cheap chocolate this morning when nobody was looking she has the squits in epic quantities and I am making an art studio whilst the kids watch movies! The house looks like 8 atom bombs went off and now i am hiding with a coffee to find something wondrous to distract my darling with the perfect everything, including skin, are my wondrous distraction! Happy Christmas and here's to a fun packed new year. I'm with you on the skin de-wrinkling nastiness....i love to see real faces, so much more fun! love you all xxxxxxxx

  16. Aw these photos are so cute! You have a lovely looking family. I love the silly photos of you and the Stylist. I hope you had a very lovely holiday!

  17. You look beautiful - acne/photo filters or not - apparently I have HUGE and unsightly pores (they come with age - I had no idea there was a pore-o-meter)- I am considering facial tattoos or a long black veil to distract lol. Love you xx

  18. Haha cute pictures beautiful family Merry Xmas xoxo We had a nice laid back xmas as well actually we heated up some leftovers no fussing for us!! ~Enjoy your Holiday ~Love Heather

  19. Haha cute pictures beautiful family Merry Xmas xoxo We had a nice laid back xmas as well actually we heated up some leftovers no fussing for us!! ~Enjoy your Holiday ~Love Heather

  20. Your children are adorable!! They take after their fabulous mum!
    LOVE your homey tree!!!

  21. It looks like you had an awesome day! A merry Christmas to you and your fab fam!

  22. Happy Christmas, Desiree! You and the kids look delighted to all be together and having a chilled time, and that's just as it should be. No stress here either, we have learned that keeping it simple and low key and doing our own thing works well for us, no schedule, no fuss, lovely!
    I would never, ever have known you have any issues with your skin, it always does look pretty perfect to me. I still suffer with spots and blemishes and don't like it at all, but have discovered that if I act like I don't care, then no one else does either!
    Much much love to you and yours this Christmas, darling. Tell the Phoenix that Sheffield is wet and windy, not very festive at all! xxxxx

  23. You foxy biatch, I suspect a chrissy day at yours would be wild and wonderfully woolly!!!
    I wouldn't mind a skin smoothing function, dammit! I don't have a very flash camera...:(
    I always LOVE that lurid lurexy tutu, how bloody perfect!!
    love and Lustipops!

  24. I always thought you had beautiful skin - none of us can match the porcelain perfection of the stylist's 11 year old skin. I love the photos of the two of you goofing around. I wish my mother would have been relaxed enough to be silly like that with me.

    Handmade, unperfect ornaments are my favourite too, even though it's been years since I've had a tree. My mom kept the styrofoam ball snowman ornament I made in Kindergarden for years!

  25. oh yes, I have acne too (and spots) but my old little camera takes care of me!, we're lucky, dear lady!
    And you look gorgeous, funny and really Happy enjoying a delightful moment!. Lovely kids and always stylish Stylist!
    besos & felices fiestas


  27. Everyone looks fantastic!! Happy and content. Beautiful children you have :)) We like making faces too :)) I hope your Christmas was bliss & the New Year will be even better x

  28. Beautiful family and beautiful you, D! Thanks for sharing some of your holiday fun with Visible Monday. xox

  29. Fun and relaxed and in good company, what could be better? Love your foil skirt and how much the kids look like you!
    That sounds like one fancy pants camera, I could do with that function some days!
    Have a fabulous 2014! Happy New Year! xxxxxxx

  30. What a cute little family you have! I'm so behind on my blog reading so I'm trying super hard to get caught up, hence the late comment on your Christmas post. Hope you had a stupid awesome Christmas!

  31. A Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... looks like a grand time had by all.

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  32. By oh my god, new favourite! can't get enough of style of those <a href=">printed tees</a>.

  33. Cute family, cute house! My husband bought me a camera for Christmas that not only smoothed skin, but added blush AND FALSE EYELASHES but I had to return it because it kept spontaneously dying. Did I mention it was hot pink? Siiiiigh.

  34. I'm fairly certain is -30'C here on Christmas day heh, I can't for the life of me imagine it being HOT! I like your little felt mushroom ornament, but I just think mushrooms in general are adorable.


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