Sunday, December 8, 2013

Are You A Christmas Tree?

It wasn't my intention to look like a Christmas decoration today.
My hands were drawn to certain items of clothing, which needed to be on my body.
If that means wearing a metallic rainbow skirt and arty-farty swimsuit, well I'm fine with that.
What I'm not fine with is food prices this Christmas.

Skirt, bag and jewellery - second hand and craft stalls
Flamingo earrings - Vintage Pip
Klimt swimsuit - Black Milk
Shoes - Melissa sale

It's a goddam disgrace what supermarkets and independent food stores are charging for in-season fruit and vegetables now we're just a couple of weeks away from C-Day.
Summer fruit and veges are in abundance and should be cheap as chips.
If it was winter, I could understand the extra costs involved in transporting out-of-season goods in for the holidays.
But no, the greedy bastards want their money so they engage in what seems like theft to get their Christmas bonuses.
I wish I had a garden going so I could have melons, spuds, herbs, corn and salad vegetables on the go.
But as we only have a few weeks to go here before we have to move, there's not much point.
Our family is not in any way flush with cash and when we factor in multiple illnesses, it's a very tricky time of year.
So it's hard to feel all jolly and thrilled about the festive season, when there's not much left over from lining the pockets of supermarket chains.
(Ends rant).

The Stylist actually said I looked like a fruit today.
A Christmas fruit?
Oh and no, I don't make a habit of hovering about public loos.

What we do have is free sunshine, school holidays, long, balmy days, the scent of the ocean and clean air.

Over-plucked one eyebrow. ONE!!  And ran out of liquid liner ... grrrrr.
I'm still chuffed about these amazing earrings though, aren't they gorgeous?

Hooray for summer holidays!

Some wowser (boring git) re-painted the fab blue fence in town, white.
Oh well, I just stand out even more now.
Bah humbug!
Hugs, D xoxo


  1. Sounds like we're a pair of Bah Humbugs. I'm finding harder to get into the whole Christmas thing each year....the commercialism & the tacky songs drive me NUTS. Don't get me started on Michael Buble! But I think the hardest thing is managing the extra demands physically & the costs with a chronic condition. Extra pressure we don't need!

    Oh how sad about our blue door. All beige & boring now. At least you look fabulous...head to toe! Much love darling....hope we can catchup soon. Mwah. Xxxx

  2. I agree, the price of fruits and simple things like that are not reasonable at all. They shouldn't be the price they are & especially at this time of year. I'm finding the whole commercialism of Christmas getting worse ever year. And all the Christmas stuff here seems to come out earlier and earlier here each year too, it's bull to me really. I adore your skirt, my eyes went straight to that!! It's perfect. And your earrings are still so fab!! xx

  3. I hear you about the Christmas overkill and tackiness. What is getting to me here in the northeast USA is the Honda commercials with Micheal Bolton. What the heck? Bolton singing a meh song while standing on a car in a snowstorm? And they play them 4-5 times an hour. Enough to make anyone a Grinch.

  4. You're so much fun to look at...I love the nail polish and the colorful bracelets. I just love colors in general, bright ones.

  5. Dressing like an ornament? YES! Must add that to the 52 Pick-me-up list!

    You are a visual feast, from amuse bouche to aperitif. The rainbow metallic skirt is an especially fine morsel. May I have seconds?

  6. dear lady, even in-season vegetables are getting expensive everyday here too, I can understand why I must to pay more for a red cabbage just because Christmas is approaching!!
    But your shiny colorful skirt, wonderful swimsuit (love it so much!) and so fabulous flamingo earrings are enough to cheer my day up and make me smile!
    you're like candy for my eyes, in the middle of our winter where everybody is dressed up in brown&black!
    besos & fabulousness

  7. that skirt is to dye for and you will be the nicest ornament this xmas! xxx

  8. You are one of a kind my dear! Your colourful skirt and accessories are amazing. I would have chosen a different tank but that's just my personal taste. Where are you moving to? As I'm an over plucker myself I find the very best eyebrow pencil ever at H&M for like 3 dollars. Less than a bag of good veggies!! Keep your spirit up, you have a powerful aura and I'm sure you are going to attract tons of luck. Much love!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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    Also I LOVE YOUSE!!! xxxxxxxxx

  10. Also, also you have ALDI in Aus!!

    Chokkie to die for


  11. I love those earring s(got me some!) and LOVE that christmas cracker skirt!!!
    I agree whole heartedly about food prices, it's been getting worse and worse, and I can't see how the average person can manage!! Bloody greedy is right.
    Love and Lustipops! XXXXXXXXXX

  12. You look like a doll, actually :D Not X-mas tree :D ! Your young gal is so pretty <3

  13. you are my kind of Christmas decoration! the best kind, and I love your skirt, it's making me very happy! and i am with you on the flaming food prices, I bought frozen sprouts the other week while they were cheap enough (Aldi, I thank you!)I don't really buy lots more food though - yay for sunshine though, and the smell of the ocean, can't beat that x x x

  14. my dear darklady, that Micheal Bolton ad is driving me crazy, too. That and Mike Ditka in the overstock ones. What are they thinking?

    The price up and down seems to happen here with gasoline. Last weekend,(Thanksgiving) is was around $3.38, today it was $3.18! But there no such thing as price fixing, right?

  15. I adore your festive get-up. And I feel your pain about Chrissy food shopping. I've been looking forward to stocking up on fresh summer fruit all winter, and now it's so dear I can only grab a little bit. Bah! I can't wait for the monthly farmers' market so that I can get loads of goodies on the cheap (and give my cash to people who are a bit more deserving).

  16. Hot damn that skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Food revolution is coming. We have had a garden at every place we live. We always start it right when we move. Any farmer's markets nearby? Fucking greedy grocery chains!
    I'm experimenting with liquid eyeliner... We'll see how it goes.

  17. Cute outfit. And while I also bemoan the price of good fruit, I pay it 'cause fruit is so good for us.

  18. Not only is fruit a ridiculous price, I'm sick of finding that my strawberries are half rotten! I went shopping in "normal" shops yesterday and it was so depressing when I have been living in vintage shops for the last year.

  19. Loving the new haircut. I agree. I have been doing the rounds around Brisbane trying to find the cheapest (but still good quality) fruit and veg markets. I keep willing my chickens to lay even thought they are babies and want Santa magic to make my garden grow faster

  20. I worked at a fruit and vege store one Christmas break from uni and the owners put up the prices of all the seasonal fruit on Christmas eve - like cherries and strawberries! It's pretty cheeky, but people want nice things for their Christmas dinner so pay the crazy costs! I love your skirt - it reminds me of shiny wrapping paper :)

  21. I totally agree with you on excessive pricing on festive food. I am pleased that our garden is thriving and full of fabulous stuff. Hopefully when you settle into your next digs you could garden. Gardening is so good for the sole, I lose time when I am out in mine. You look bloody gorgeous by the way. Think I might have a crack at a Christmas decoration look tomorrow, you have inspired me!!

  22. You are luscious and beautiful, and if you were a fruit you'd be so high-priced that NOBODY could afford you. Priceless.
    The fence is a perfect backdrop for your magnificence. So gorgeous.
    There's a lot to be said for the scent of the ocean and clean air. And next year you will have a garden that will put Eden to shame. Hold on! Breathe deep.

  23. Don't get me started on food prices, the bare essentials are ridiculously expensive and that's without Christmas things thrown in to the mix. Our grocery bill has rocketed.

  24. Aah I was moaning about the ridiculous costs of things just the other day, starting to hate people's attitudes this time of the year.

    On a cheerful note your skirt's awesome. Happy Holidays x

  25. It has always seemed to me that fresh food is way more expensive than processed crap, I hate that and really have no idea why. You certainly look festive in that party of a skirt!
    Sending you a big old hug!

  26. It's true, decent fresh food can be pricey, thank God for markets as the supermarkets are really pricey. You're allowed to rant, I think most us will agree with you.
    And if you look like a Christmas decoration, it's a fabulous one, darling, all shimmery and colourful and shiny and deliciously festive! Yes, you stand out, of course you do - never stop!
    Just look at the Stylist's impossibly long legs - that girl's a supermodel in the making. xxxx

  27. You are such a cracker in that skirt and those gorgeous earrings! I love how you've done your nails, I think I feel a copycat coming on.
    I don't eat any more at Xmas than I do the rest of the year - I effing hate the whole shebang - I swear to god I get more grumpy about it as I get older.
    All my veg comes off the market - I stick to what's in season - boring but cheap. I swear I'll look like a bastard parsnip soon! xxxxxx

  28. Ah, such a beautiful peacock with all those colours. Love you darling Desiree xx

  29. Wonderfullllllllllllllll and my inspiration.
    Love you

  30. You would be the ornament hanging front and center on my tree next to the Diva ornament!!! Gorgeous!!

    I'm with you on prices--it's CRAZY!!

  31. Christmas seems to bring out the ranty side of me instead of the kind and gentle side. I get fed up with the push to get yourself into deeper debt in order to buy crap for people who don't need it (mini rant there). When you get settled in your new digs you will be able to have a little garden next year with all the veggies you can eat.

    You do look like a lovely tree ornament, all sparkle and shine! Poo to the guy who decided that white was a better fence colour than that gorgeous blue!

  32. You look like a tropical bird -- a look that matches your earrings!

  33. Its winter here so prices have already soared unfortunately. Oh to have balmy days & leave behind the snow and cold! We do well at the local farmers market as they have great prices and everything is so fresh. Do you have something like that there that you can check out? XXX

  34. Oh my gosh the prices here in the States have sky rocketed too - as much as one to two dollars on everything. YOU LOOK AWESOME (duh)!!! That skirt is too cool!

  35. Righteous call-out, awesome gratitude, luscious look - brilliant!!! xoxo

  36. iiii love it klimt paired with that fabulous sparkling sequined rainbow skirt! you look amazing!

  37. I have never seen a more beautiful Christmas tree in my life.
    Thank you so much for being so much fun, and for sharing your unique style, my dear Desiree

  38. Hi, I come from Sacramento's blog,is the first time I participate. I hope enjoy your summer holidays! nice your accesories and skirt :) This post is fun, I hope don`t raise prices more.
    Merry Christmas


  39. Alez piękna spódnica! Też taką chcę. Pozdrawiam z Polski . Wszystkiego dobrego w Nowym Roku. Marta


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