Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Put Some Lead in Your Pencil

What makes my heart skip a beat?
Green: fresh, verdant, crisp, nature, clean, neutral, moody.
Peach: warm, soft, creamy, sweet, innocent, what-you-lookin'-at?
Shades of green and pinky-peach.
I'm obsessed.

Marina Fini titanium quartz pendant - giveaway from dear Daniel
Vintage pink glass necklace - gift from sweet Miss V of Two Squirrels
Black earrings - gift from lovely Miss A
Bangles, tassel necklace, vintage glass bead necklace - op shops
Rosary and pink spike cuff - retail

1930s satin bra, 1950s cocktail hat - Etsy
1970s lurex flares - Camberwell Market, Melbourne
Shoes - secondhand market
I'm also obsessed with these ...

My friend Pip has an online jewellery shop and she let me choose something as a pressie.
I'm completely NUTS about these pink flamingos ... thank you so much Pip!
You can find more insanely scrumptious goodies at Vintage Pip and she'll get them out to you quicker than you can say "tasteful lawn sculptures".

Stay saucy.
D. xoxo


  1. Skip a beat? Feather boas or stoles, DEFINITELY, inspired by your Ms Fisher one, Japanese geta footwear (wildly excited because I found a makeshift pair for cheap today), my monster coat, thoughts of spotlights in the dark. I love your vision vibe. I can fall into that too. And your hat, that's art.

  2. Bloomers - when I started high school I heard a lot of horror stories from the older girls about how they had been forced to wear bloomers for gym. Possibly the most unflattering garment if you're a little curvy!
    Green lurex pants - groovy!
    Flamingo earrings - yes yes yes.

  3. Psychedelia, crushed velvet, fringing feather boas and ludicrously high platforms! You look gorgeous, that new hair is just beautiful on you, I'm dying with envy over the earrings and you know how much I love those pants! xxx

  4. I'm REALLY feeling these vibes! You're the fiercest flapper mermaid there ever was! Your blog always makes me want more lurex in my life.

  5. Those pants are brilliant. I love them on you and especially with that little lingerie top. I also think that is a great colour combination (it's what I'm planning for my bedroom). I love the velvet and satin texture combo too. But I also love your new hair with that lilac eyeshadow. Swoon. You do colour so beautifully.

    That is such a gorgeous bunch of flowers and I want to go to that place which is clinging to the rockside. Do you think it is Italy? xxxxxx

  6. Pink flamingos are the best! Love those ones for the garden. Also lovin your hair, very gorgeous.

  7. Flamingos <3
    You always have the best pants!

  8. Wow, you look so much like Deborah Kerr in that one pic where she's behind you, it's uncanny :)

  9. Squeal! Your lurex pants! More squealing! Flamingo earrings! You've made my day. xx

  10. You are SO right, that is a killer colour combination, especially with your hair, and that diviiiiine cocktail hat - the veil is so sexalicious! The lurex Pants of Glory are certainly making my heart skip a beat, along with faux fur, maxis, and leather gloves in as many colours as I can find! And the fact that Christmas is round the corner and I've done fuck all to prepare for it... but that's an anxious heart skip, not a pleasurable saucy one! xxxx

  11. Wow I am so loving those green sparkly 70's trousers just right for this time of year to ;-) Loving your flamingo earrings as well. Enjoy, dee xx

  12. Stunning, you look magical!! Love the green trousers and those flamingo earrings, amazing!! xx

  13. The pink flamingos are sending us all mad. We all want a pai, I am sure; but, you, you are a divine DIVA, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    Love and admirationnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  14. Ooh yummy corsets and flares and peaches and greens and fabulous flamingos and flaming bobbed hair and peekaboo peepers under gauze and flowers. Totally beautiful and totally magical you gorgeous woman!

  15. Hello beautiful lady.......looking so very stunning as always.......you truly are the queen of wearing pretty lingerie.
    There is something so simply perfect about the walking on a path in bare feet, with a long white satin gown on.
    Love v

  16. Words cannot do justice to how much I am loving your hair - the cut and colour are so flattering on you!!!! Great selection of photo inspirations you've chosen. My favourites are the feet stepping across the stones and the hand with the scrumptious rings.

    Speaking of green, I have something green to send you,if I can get off my ass and get to the post office...

  17. ohhh, love you, fabulous flapper syren ready to dance gracefully and equally ready to lie on a chaise longue! Love all that shiny green and delightful peach, love your bijouterie and love watching your inspiring pics!!
    you're gorgeous!!!
    besos & brillo

  18. Ooooo, those rings!
    I loved the flamingoes OS much, I've gone and odered them and the brooch as a gift for a loved one! Good plug!!!
    Feck I love your hair like that!! FECKING LOVE IT, I tell you!
    Love and Lustipops!XXXXXXXXXX

  19. Oh Louise Brooks move over. You are the most gorgeous psychedelic flapper ever. I'm fainting over the beauty of you in those trousers.

  20. you're looking quite splendid in your crazy green pants!

  21. Those green trousers were made for you!! I love them with the satin-y top and the glorious bling!!
    You so look like you stepped out of Phryne's drawing room in that hat with your fab haircut/color. Theda Bara eat your heart out!!

  22. you look like you just jumped out of a forgotten 1930's musical.

  23. Your beauty and creativity enthrall me. I love the movement on your post and your enchanting 1950s cocktail hat with veil. I was so excited to see your beautiful self pop up on Hat Attack. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Drooling over these glorious pix! Love the hair! Xx

  25. Loved looking at all these images Desiree, the hand with all the rings is my favourite I think, apart from the pictures of you of course! Love the aerial view of you, your hair looks so perfect, I love your green sparkly pants too, and no one wears satiny vintage undies like you, you've definitely made them your own. Funny seeing Deborah Kerr there after your last post made me think of Black Narcissus and I love the 70s mirror on your wall. Your friend's jewellery is gorgeous, the earrings are some of the nicest flamingo jewellery I've seen, and when I looked through her site I found loads more to love, it would be very hard to choose a favourite. xx

  26. I love your flamingo earings ! And I admire the way you move your hips !

  27. Ooh, those dark nails and rings... beautiful! You really suit this 20's hair style, it looks so dramatic on you, I love it. Been keeping up with Miss Fisher? xx

  28. the floral head piece is to die for. love it!!!

  29. What a gorgeous post - Love the images, love the clothes, loves the colours - wonderful


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