Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Offenders Will Be Towed Away

I popped my cherry last night.
It was the first time I'd set up a tripod and taken photos of myself in public.
I usually have The Stylist to do the honours when we're out and about, but while she was practising her ballet jumps, I thought it was a chance to tick that slightly intimidating job off the list.

It felt odd, but after a few light back bends and a few locals strolling through the car park without freaking out over some nutter with a camera, I loosened up a bit.

So what am I wearing? 
Is it a peplum dress or a skirt and top?

It's a straight up and down frock with side pockets, darling Clare of Miss Simmonds Says sent me a while ago, which obviously Lily loves too.
I've been wearing it often and it's creased here as I'd just taken it off the washing line.
She wasn't going to let me iron it.

I just hitch it up over my hips and tah-dah, instant wiggle frock!

Naturally, one picks up one's knitting and does a few rows while hanging around a grimy car park.
Everyone does that right?
It's my first attempt at knitting since I was about nine and I've just been picking up balls of wool from op-shops when I spot them.
Knitting is so therapeutic, I don't think this scarf will ever be finished.

Frock - gifted by lovely Clare
Platform shoe earrings and bangles - thrifted
Blue granny beads and purple feather clips - Etsy
Rose clip - Circa Vintage, Melbourne
FREEKY necklace - custom made by Phussy
Shoes - Solestruck sale

Thought it was about time I did something interesting with my hair; it took just ten minutes and a mini curling iron to achieve some banging 1930s curls.
Another quickie sorted.
Have a wonderful day sweeties.
Desiree xoxo


  1. What a spectacular quickie!!!

    Love this dress on you - it's rare to see you in black (at least in my head, which is no substitute for reality) and as always I love love love your perfect SHOES and hair doobies and thingies and whatsits.

    I am so immune to the odd looks I get when shooting selfies in public... it's wonderful to care what people think a little less each day.

    Knitting in the carpark is normal. You probably need an enormous aluminium teapot and a parasol as well.


    Sarah xxx

  2. What a lovely 30's 'do. Hard to believe it only took 10 minutes. You look fantastic, and that car park has probably never looked so good! Great pictures as always. x

  3. I like what you did with the frock. I always love those shoes too! And by the way, I'm loving the scarf.


  4. You look divine, especially the shoes and lovely curls...good job on the photo shoot!

  5. You look gorgeous! Your hair is beautiful and so awesomely blonde.

  6. Every time you break out those heels I cry a little bit inside...I NEED those :D

  7. You are rockin it! My neighbors are now used to me snapping pics of myself in the street. "Oh, there she goes again."

  8. you could always yarn bomb a tree with your endless scarf.

    Since I got my tripod, I found out how much I enjoy taking photos of myself (no ego there) I crack myself up so much, I delete half of them. How do models keep straight faces?

    Brilliant change up on the dress.

  9. Bravo girl! I have been taking my own photos for over two years now and it's like second nature at this point LOL but the first few times are pretty nerve-wracking. I looooooove this pretty frock on you! Great shape--very flattering. And I love the pattern. Good luck with the knitting. I have always wanted to learn, but never took the time. Perhaps I'll give it a go now and have a scarf done by winter!

  10. Bee-yoo-ti-ful! Keep knitting that scarf send it across the ocean and I'll pick it up and continue. We can yarn bomb the Earth!

  11. Photographing yourself in public can be very embarrassing. that's why I usually do mine on the balcony, in the hallway or in the parking lot. Less chance for interruption :D

    What a clever idea of creating instant peplum-effect. I actually have a vintage pattern for very similar dress with peplum-pouch on the hips. And love the hair! Kisses!


  12. Those platforms are fabulous! I need to get me a pair!

  13. You think with a photographer as a partner I would not have to resort to selfies, but I do. But I am yet to pull it off looking as comfortable in front of the camera as you have!

  14. love the pics & especially love that you were doing alil casual knitting in the carpark! love the curls, your hair looks so pretty like that :)

  15. Wow that dress is awesome! It looks like a 40's two pieces suit! You did a perfect photoshoot and I love the endless rainbow scarf, everything you do seems so classy and natural even in a carpark! The hairstyle is flawless and you are more gorgeous than ever with your Marlene's curls!
    Lots and lots of amore and baci xxxxxxxxx

  16. Look at you modeling in front of a tripod like a pro! That frock looks so wonderful hitched up like that, I really thought it was designed like that! And your hair looks gorgeous. XXXXX

  17. i had a quick pee last week and forgot to check the back of my dress before picking up no.3 child, a car stopped to tell me my dress was all tucked up in my petticoat (i nearly had another pee laughing, my shame has been officially removed!) you are always fabulous and i just love coming to visit you, freestyle knitting now needs to become an event x much love

  18. I loved the photo of you knitting looking so relaxed and gorgeous. I agree with you about it being therapeutic I feel that way about my crochet. I always love it when you curl you hair you are such a beautiful lady. dee xxx

  19. You are my hero. I just wish I could hug you tight one day...

  20. Oooh this made me laugh - I had a piece of elastic on permanent standy-by around my waist for garment hoisting when out and about on my motorbike (don't want to get anything caught in that back wheel). Of course I looked more like a bag of washing than your marvelous svelte flapper-ness.

    Lily is indeed becoming a Stylist Cat.

    Congrats on the tripod skillz xxx

  21. as,my Desiree, always a pleasure and a great way to start the day :)
    super big hugs

  22. Well done for being a supermodel in the car park! I have only done the tripod thing in the graveyard (no one around) or my garden (the neighbours think I am odd but never mind) so I clearly need to get braver about it. You look as natural and relaxed as can be, doing your back bends and knitting your endless scarf!
    Fabulous trick with the frock, loving the shoes and all the bling, and the amazing 1930s hair. You look beautiful. xxx

  23. You look beautiful! The dress is perfect and your curls are so gorgeous!! Pretty pretty pretty!
    Becky :)

  24. You were probably the most fabulous thing the locals have seen all week!!!
    Keep taking your photo's in that car-park and throngs of people will come to gape in awe and wonder at you!! Especailly if you break out your scanties as outerwear!! Sensational!!

    Love the dress and your hair in that 30's do is so Jean Harlow!!

  25. Wow, brave on top of everything else. Looks like it was good for you. I'm amazed you didn't draw a crowd, I'd have been fascinated by this vision doing back bends and knitting. It's almost like performance art! xxx

  26. How stunning are you in this dress with those curls! I have yet to take my tripod in public, your fearless! Clare has an eye for style and this is so you! I think we could both be characters in a comic book racing around in our blue cars fighting doom and gloom everywhere!
    STay gorgeous girl!

  27. You've got to wrap the world up in your colourful scarf to bring peace and happiness everywhere always. So get knitting!!
    Congratulations on your tripoding. With highrises on every side, I'm such a modest frightened woman. I figure when I DO decide, I'll go big or go home.
    Your dress hiking is brilliant. Sweet Clare!

  28. The dress looks a dream on you. Your hair looks so pretty. I am glad you popped the tri-pod cherry. I don't think I would be brave enough to do it. *heheh*

  29. I knew that dress would look brilliant on you, love what you've done with it. Well done for posting in public - I was embarrassed about posing in the woods yesterday, it's why I took the dog! Your hair looks lush, I need to start curling mine asap! Looking bendy and fabulous as ever. Keep knitting too! xxxx

  30. desiree , well sone . great photos. i love your hair. you are way too glamours for that a car park.
    i love your shows and dress. love lucyx

  31. This is a cherry I too must pop. I love your hair in curls like this, it suits you so well. And Lily is all, this is my dress actually, see my paws stretched out in ownership?? It really does look peplumy with your clever styling!

  32. You look amazing and very awesome self taken photos:)

  33. If I say you look adorable will it make you vomit? Because you do look adorable! I love the curls in your hair, and the dress is just so pretty with the extra little hitch over the hips. And of course, you accessorize to beat the band!

    Have you heard of yarn bombing? You go out and cover things with knitting - parking meters, tree trunks, mailboxes. Think of the fun you'll have!

  34. These photos are gorgeous, so I think you will be setting up your tripod in public again soon. I'm especially taken with the knitting pics and your 1930s curls.

  35. I think it would be a right treat to run into you in a car park! I'd pretty to see a lovely lady knitting and looking amazing in that frock! xxx

  36. I've done the tripod thing on my front porch, but not anywhere else. It is unusual to see you in anything black, but you have "Desiree'd" it by poufing it around the hips. Gorgeous curls!

    I find the process of knitting quite therapeutic, but am not good at casting on or off, so a gigantic, never-finished scarf would be all I could manage.

  37. Your hair looks super cute!! and wow girl you can knit...that scarf is like super long :) I will have to send you some yarn after I spin it from my Alpacas :) xoxo Love Heather

  38. Fab as ever darling! You look wondrous and I be the passersby had their days well and truly made at the sight of you.
    I'd love to have a knitting sesh with you.

  39. There is so much *RadNess* happening in these photos; especially the hair, with the knitting, with the poses. Mwah! xo xo

  40. I love this outfit, it suits you so well!!! The dress is spectacular!!!
    Your knitting photo is giving me knitting envy- I should do it more often :)

  41. oh god how i love the knitting shots xxx


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