Friday, April 26, 2013

Don't Say Cheese

Most of us keep our passport photos under lock and key and will only produce them on pain of death.
Of course we blow the dust off them when it's time to travel, secure a bank account, secretly check how much we've aged since the last pic was taken ... blah, blah, blah.
It's time to renew my passport and I thought I'd try and push the photography boundaries as far as I could.
There's no smiling, no head-on-side, no funnage or circus tricks allowed.
But there's no ban on big hair, make up, hair ornaments, jewellery or bra straps.
Bags under the eyes are non-negotiable.

So today I thought I'd pile on the accessories and red lippy, plus do some of my classic double-bagging to find out if I would be escorted off post office premises.
I'm easily amused.

Well, no exciting stories of expulsion to tell, but I walked away with a pic that will probably make me giggle rather than cringe when I open my passport.

Spiked headband: check
Flower hair clip: check
Shoulder-grazing earrings: check
Loads of necklaces: check
Red lippy, bleached hair, darkened brows and liquid liner: check
Bags under eyes (a non-negotiable): check

Customs officers are going to be expecting a flamboyant show of circus proportions during my next decade of travels aren't they?

Thank you all for your encouraging comments about my cherry-popping car park experience with the tripod.
Usually it's just the tripod and me at home.
Away from home, The Stylist does the rest ... and what a talent she is with framing, lighting and her soon-to-be patented "five-shots-and-let's-go-home-now" method.

1930s onsie - eBay and DIY'd to turn it into a top
Feather vest - Shag, Melbourne
Comic necklace - gifted by exquisite Em of Ivy Black Chat
1950s black bag, green granny bag, bangles, earrings, other necklaces - thrifted
Pink zipper hair clip - handmade and gifted by lovely Erica of Recycled Fashion
Leggings - Black Milk
Docs - Solestruck sale
All set for the weekend lovelies?
Don't forget to set the volume to ELEVEN and show 'em how funky you are!
Desiree xoxo


  1. You could set a new challenge or trend on how far can one go in the pursuit of a passport photo with some character and reflection and hint at the person travelling. You're looking crazy fabulous as per usual and I'm rather smitten with your comic pendant necklace, very much so.

    Have a wonderful weekend, I'm hoping to duck out to a new market along the Broadwater tomorrow.

  2. You have started something here! My passport is due in a couple of month - I'm following your lead girl! Let's see what I can get away with!

  3. I HATE the fact you can't smile in passport photos - my current one is SO HIDEOUS!! It was taken in a photobooth in Seoul (its a long story....they electronic chip in my card got damaged). You LOOK pretty fab in yours!! I think next time I need to update mine I'll pile on the accessories too:)

  4. I love that my zipper hair clip makes an appearance in your passport photos ! Yey! x

  5. Bloody gorgeous passport pic! Tell them you work with ping pongs!! That will make them all smile and giggle like naughty school boys.

  6. The best passport photos I have ever seen. Though to be honest, I'd expect a little naughtiness from you. I look like a people trafficker in mine.....
    Have a stupendous weekend and there should be at least one episode of Poirot to watch.

  7. My always glorious and fabulous DIVA.

  8. Oh God, passport photos. Always awful. I look positively psychotic in mine. But you, Desiree, look lovely. Love the zip hair slide. xx

  9. Lord - I thought they were POSTAGE STAMPS! I was quivering with envy!!

  10. Bloody marvellous! Your passport photos are the best I've ever seen. that should cheer up the border guards something chronic.
    I need to have Indian Visa photos taken every year but they're so fussy at the High Commission I daren't even wear earrings in case they reject my application. xxxx

  11. Those are the most glamorous passport photos I've ever seen! I look like a demented virginal maiden aunt in mine. Only you, sweet D, would have the great sense of mind to wear both a tiara and a flower in your hair for your passport close up! I'll have to try that when mine run out :) And oooh to your gorgeous 30s silks and that amazing feathery vest!

  12. Haha '5 shots and go home' method!!! That is the method I am used to! Your ohotos came out great!! Fun fun passport pics. Makes me wish mine was better.
    Becky :)

  13. Best passaport photos I've ever seen! Next time I'll need a new one I'll remember to over accessorise!I like the silk top,the leggings and the feather vest is wonderful!!You are fabulous!! Have a great weekend darling
    All my love xxxxxxxx

  14. Great pic! I wish they'd let me wear lippy and jewelry...

  15. What a great idea to put in a flower into your hair (and a lovely bright one!) for your passport picture. Who says you can't have glam? I always find it funny how in some countries you can't smile and have to look completely stern on your passport photograph. I was looking at my in-laws from Holland and had to laugh.

    Great picture!

  16. FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS I could carry on all they long !!!!
    * I've got a awesome giveaway on my blog that you will like for sure !!!With awesome jewellery !!!!!!!

  17. We just got our passports renewed, it's a trend! My photo's not too bad. Now we're awaiting them, get here soon, I want to go someplace!

  18. I have no passport but I often have to get my picture taken for ID badges. I'm due this fall--LOLOLOL I am totally gonna "Desiree" myself up for it!!

    You look gorgeous in your photo!!

  19. I'm surprised they didn't confiscate the spiked headband, he he. I've got driver's license renewal photos coming up. Someone told me I look like a vampire in my current pic (and I wasn't even trying!) so we'll see how this one turns out.

  20. You look fabulous! Love the spikey headband and faux fur vest. Your photos always look great and fun.

  21. Passport pics aren't known for being too flattering, are they, but yours are awesome! How wonderful to capture a little Essence of Desiree for the delectation and delight of passport control personnel for the next 10 years!
    Your feather waistcoat is amazing. So are you. Have a fab weekend, honey! xxxx

  22. Best passport photo EVER!!!!! Mine is shit! I love all your stacked on jewels and a passport renewal, could there be an exotic trip in your near future?

  23. I think you will have the most grandest passport photo EVER!!
    I wonder what the people thought when you walked through the door..... I bet they half expeCted a TIGER to come trotting in behind you. *LMAO*

  24. Without a doubt the coolest passport photo I have ever ever seen. I would love to be a fly on the wall when you go through customs!!

  25. You've inspired me to funk up my own upcoming passport picture! Wonder what I can get away with....
    YOu look really cool, maybe I could sneak some awesome giant earrings in... love the spiked headband and those red sunnies. oh and the leggings! wow! it's all fabulous! xxxx I double bagged today and thought of you!

  26. Fantastic photo! You might look back in 10 years and wonder at how tame you once were! The fluffy vest looks gorgeously soft. I do love looking at Shag but the prices are rather off-putting sometimes. Your black bag is exquisite!

  27. Really, why don't they just issue you a Citizen of the World pass so you can travel about spreading your joy wherever you go? Confining you to one country is just not fair! I'll get Miz Bagg to raise this issue at the next UN general assembly.

  28. WEll done!! I hate my passport photo with a passion - it was taken in 2004 when I had shaved hair and I look like a convict. Fortunately it is due for renewal next year so hopefully I'll get a better one. Or maybe not, you never know with these things. It seems like their cameras are made to bring out the worst in people lol

  29. What a marvellous plan! I am due a new one next year and I am going to slavishly follow your example. You look wonderful in them! You'll liven up no end of custom offical's days.

    I love the impish expression that you have on the bottom pic, that is YOU! xx

  30. how did I miss this post?!?!?! This is awesome! Man you're my hero!

  31. I will be using your photo as inspiration when my passport comes up for renewal. I look about 75 in the one that I have now.

  32. yes yes yes yes yes come to the UK with that passport and come and play x


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