Friday, April 19, 2013

Show Us Ya Pink Bits

I can't pinpoint the moment when pink no longer made my heart go pitter-patter.
It may have been the first time I watched open-mouthed, like a stunned mullet, Madonna grinding her way through Lucky Star.
Thirty-odd years later, gorgeous wenches in Bloglandia bombard my eyes with pinky goodness.
I'm carefully dipping my toe back into the land of fairy floss.

Until recently, the closest thing I had to pink clothing were my 1930s peachy nighties, slips and scanties.
Until Helga sent me this glorious 1960s pink nightie last year.
Glory be it's too deliciously frothy to wear in bed, so today was its first outing ... as a frock no less.
Say hello to my pink bits.

Pink nightie - from hornacious Helga
T-shirt - from the glorious Tralala
Sequinned belt - from babelicious blond, Clare
"FREEKY" necklace - custom made by Phussy
Leggings - Black Milk
Johnny Cash earrings - custom made by Create Beautiful Beads
Leather vest, blue granny necklace, pink sunnies - Etsy
Bangles, pink headband and bag - thrifted 
Green velvet hair bow - gift from Glitters for Dinner
Docs - Solestruck sale
Rings - craft shops

I have other bits to show you, not all pink, but gifts from absolutely fabulous wenches who have been so very kind.
The first parcel was from the absolutely scrumptious Em of Ivy Black Chat.
She knows my weakness for a particular evil bunny.
The necklaces were made by Dee, one for The Stylist and one for me - love this parcel Em!

In today's mail was a parcel from the absolutely divoooooooon Louise of Princess Prudence Diaries.
She sent me this beautiful blue 1960s dress which I adore ... just a couple of wee adjustments and I'll be looking forward to greeting autumn with this baby.

The badges are for The Stylist and she loves them!  I got fab falsies with crowns on them, a bling-bling hip belt, a gorgeous, working vintage watch and lovely jewellery.
What thoughtfulness Louise, thank you so much!

I know, I know, I'm spoilt.
This time by glorious Vanessa of Two Squirrels Vintage, who has recently bought and is settling into an absolutely heavenly old church in Dunedin, NZ.
Circus treasures for a carni bint!

Lily crawled inside the dress and made herself at home.
She was so gentle with it, perhaps she smelled lovely kitty cats?

Just sharpening up my skills with my new training textbook.

Circus frock and vintage glass bead necklace - from the adorable Vanessa
Pink cuff and earrings - from darling Louise
"Anti-Joyce" and "The Insect Circus" badges, sequinned belt - Clare
Giant leopard-print brooch - made by Helga
Headband - DIY, more at my shop Sassy Vamps!
Pink sparkle necklace - from darling Krista
Purple beaded necklace, bangles, DIY'd leather gloves, other brooches - thrifted
Shoes with DIY glitterfication - Camberwell Market, Melbourne
Green skull necklace - craft market

I showed you mine, will you show me your latest goodies?
Have an adventurous weekend wenches!
Desiree xoxo


  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!
    What a delicious feast for the eyes! I love the pink nightgown on you. So pretty. And that frock from Vanessa is just incredible. Looks like it was destined to be yours. I can't wait to see you model the blue frock. It will be perfect for our cooler months. Hurry up Winter! I hope you have a fabularse weekend. Xx

  2. Goodness, haven't you been spoiled! You look absolutely delectable Desiree!

  3. Just perfect as usual m'lady. And what TREATS - love the Brian Wildsmith book (they're a bit collectable too I believe) - such beautiful, beautiful illustrations.

    I love pink like Barbara Cartland :)


  4. I'm melting!! Everything is just so fabulous, what a great feast for my poor eyes!! Madonna in the 80's keep on being on the top list of my fashion icons, the lace, the overloaded accessories and her frisky attitude still rule the world!
    I think that you have quite the same style but revamped in the 10's way, neon colours, space age leggings and antique pieces create a completely new vision of a Desperately seeking Susan vibe! I love it with all my heart! Every present is beautiful, I can't wait to see you wearing all those fabulous things!
    I love you more than circus!! xxxxxxxxx

  5. Oh wow! such eye candy! you are fantastic and crazy!
    You have been spoiled darling!
    I love you your close up pic Desiree so i decided it will be featured on Friday's Stylish Ladies!

    Hugs and love

    Ariane xxxx

  6. Your wonderful images, fun ensembles and cheeky personality always bring a smile to my face whenever I visit your blog! What a brilliant dose of sparkles and fabulous accessories in both outfits! Looking forward to seeing you in that blue 60's beauty. x

  7. 2 amazing outfits and a kitty? Yes! That blue dress caught my eye, thanks for the close up. Love how the pattern on the flap matches the dress, be still my heart

  8. So much goodness in one post, I feel I need bullet points. The silver and black dress outfit, so gorgeous and classy with that wondrous headpiec, the green hair bow, the baby blue dress for autumn, just lovely. Oooh, I just noticed, I have a silver sequin belt, that means we are belt twins :) xxx

  9. Pink rocks. It has the secret power of femininity in it. You look great.

  10. I can't stand pink!:). If you ask my Mom she would tell you I had a 15 year period of nothing but black and red, now look at me trying to make up for all that darkness! I love this pink baby doll on you and the second one is amazing too! You were spoiled rotten and so deserving.

  11. You look absolutely ravishing (oops I almost said ravenous, that's because I am!) in Vanessa's fab frock. Yeh I know what you mean about pink - I used to love it (well a dark pink anyway) but I took against my daughter's grubby pink walls and am less of a fan than I used to be. Such fabulous gifts and well deserved. xx

  12. I don't know where to start! The Squirrel silver and black circus dress is an absolute vision on you and Lily! If it meets with the cat's approval then you know you're on to a winner!
    dee's necklaces are fabulous, I love Em's parcel cos I ADORE Donnie Darko and Lou has done you proud! xxxxx

  13. Wow you got a lot of great goodies. The dress Lily played with is just fantastic! Kitties love playing with tulle. I know Ridley loves to hide and play in my petticoats.

  14. I have so much to say here. I LOVE your new pink addition! What a pretty dress! And I also love the mint shift dress! The second outfit is SUPER fun! What a great fullness the bottom has!

  15. Whatever color you wear, you are glorious.

  16. Squee..... I'm so glad the parcel arrived safe, and what glorious goodies from the other ladies too. I knew that dress would need some adjustment but the colour was just too perfect for you. Love that squirrels dress, it's beautiful. I'm neither here nor there with pink, I don't love it or hate it, I do have some in my wardrobe. Xx

  17. So pretty in pink! That is a lovely sheer pink... Pink is hard for me, too. My fav (and I think only) pink dress is a long vintage lace Gunne Sax that is currently too small! All your parcels are filled with fun stuff!
    Becky :)

  18. You gorgeous lady,you!
    I accidentally changed my comment box for google + comments only (monsters), Until I can fix this, will you please pop by and say hello? I'm getting lonely ;(

  19. No! Now you ruin my luggage. I'm going on a holiday and had decided to skip the pink garment and my pink jewelry ... and then you stand there and are as fine as candy!

  20. Phwoarrr! You are a sight for sore eyes, you are. What wondrous things, all for a divine gal. Those dresses are beautiful and I adore the book. I'll join you as a bare back rider as soon as I've stopped falling off.
    Have a glorious weekend.

  21. I love all your pink bits! You never stray into girliness, or Lucky Star territory. The boots make it all amzing. Love the tulle dress with the belt... hey I gave you that! woo!! You got so many amazing presents! Looking forward to seeing you in the 60s dress! xxxxx

  22. that was a great post desiree. we can runaway to the circus together. i love your dress. you styled it so well . the book is amazing. i just seen you asked me about the feather head band they are e20. the one in the picture sold but i have other ones. love lucyx

  23. Those gold glitter maryjanes are sooo MAJOR!!!

  24. So many glorious goodies! You are spoilt - but hell you deserve it ;)

  25. You look like a birthday party that just won't quit! I love the black and white dress best, and especially with all your marvelous accessories!

  26. Your pink bits are fresh and alive! Such feminine parts become you. But so much daintiness inevitably leads to black eyes, which I am very eager to try myself.
    Your treasures are all too wonderful. Your love showers.

  27. Your fashion sense is wonderfully outragious and you remind me so much of Vivienne Westwood. I hope you take that as a compliment as it is meant to be one!
    So much inspiration here for me and my art.
    I love finding blogs like yours. The pink dress is perfect for spring and the Circus book is magical, I adore the illustrations.
    I am now following you!
    Best wishes,

  28. Aah this is too much goodness for one post but I am not complaining...LOVE the pink nightie-frock and the circus dress...Your kitty on the other hand needs to be in my grabby paws xxx

  29. oh god, your title...
    I like your eye make up

    xx Domenic

  30. My eyes boggled at the sight of that glorious black and white dress! Its amazing!! And you look stupendous in it and all your other bits. I also have a pink dress to show off this weekend... Pink is in the air, do embrace it!

  31. Pink bits, pink bits! You look luscious in your pink nightie, darling, and you have rocked it up nicely so it isn't sickly at all, just fabulous.
    So many goodies, all so lovely, aren't you lucky? You look quite quite breathtaking in the circus frock from dear Vanessa, and don't think I haven't noticed you giving me the come-hither eye... Saucy minx, you'll get a squeezed arse for that! xxxx

  32. How fecking SPLENDID!!!!
    Firstly, if I could have stretched that nightie over my booboids, you would never have got your paws on it! But I couldn't, and you were the best possible person to send it to!!! You are rocking it just as I dreamed!
    Secondly, what a divoon haul of goodies!!! I am most in love with that scrumtiddlyumptious frock from the darling Ms V! It's sheer PERFECTION!
    Love and Lustipops!

  33. HAPPY CIRCUS DAY!!!!!!!
    YAY......I just knew that this was your dress the moment I found has been patiently waiting for me to have a reason to send it to you.....and then it came.....happy circus day, which of course is the day we celebrate all the truly fabulous , fun and amazing people who make this world colorful!!!!! Prefect I would say. (of course I should actually seen if their is a circus day???)
    Oh I love the pink petticoat from the wonderful MIss Helga, oh and all the other parcels of joy.
    Celebration oh yeah!!!!! love V
    PS Lily is so so cute

  34. Too much fabulous in there!! That circus outfit is perfect.( have always loved Brian Wildsmith books)

    you look great in pink!

    My mate's girl came back home this weekend. Scary, but a new era away from the hospital is beginning. Massive challenges and adjustments, adapting to life in a wheelchair.. Thanks for thinking of them.

  35. You have such lovely bloggy friends sending you all those gorgeous treats! x

  36. You always make me grin ear to ear!!!
    What fantastic goodies you have received!!! So much awesomeness!!
    I love you in you pink bits!1 I've become somewhat of a pink ho myself--a brighter pink however!!

    and the second outfit--you would be the STAR of the circus in that !!!

  37. LOVE your circus outfit! The dark eye make-up is a great addition.

  38. well, you (and we all) deserve a good spoiling! Love your pink frothy dress and your new black and white too. Good to see you studying your lessons : > Thanks for sharing it all with Visible Monday xoxoxo

  39. Holy magnificence batgirl - I don't think I've ever seen you look more beautiful than in that last dress! I absolutely LOOOOVE it - and of course, it is PERFECTION with those glittery shoes and the exquisite headpiece.

    You know I am a long time fan of pink - in most shades and tones - but I didn't start wearing it until well into my 30s... I don't know why! And now to overcome for Fear and Loathing of Grey and Brown and... *gag*... *gag*... maroon (BLEEECHHHH!)

    I watched Donnie Darko yesterday (comfort food for the eyeballs! - let's watch it together!)

    I'm coming back, mi prosti amor... I know I've got four hundred years of magnificence to catch up on but here I am...

    LOVE yer BITS!

    Sarah xxx

  40. What a haul of gifts!

    I so so want those earrings! FAB!!!

    You amaze me. It must be a total blast to hang out with you! LOL


  41. What gorgeous gifts. Bless Emma she bought all those comic necklaces off me at Christmas I had forgotten all about them so it was nice for me to see them again. You look beautiful in pink and I love your gold shoes those are fabulous. dee xxx

  42. You have the most glorious pink bits, not to mention green bits, and yellow and sparkly blue bits! That second outfit it one of my faves of yours dear Desiree, you remind me of much younger and FAR SEXIER version of Marlene Dietrich's gypsy in A Touch Of Evil, you carnival seductress! That black skirt is the stuff of my fantasies; fingers crossed one day I can buy one of your incredible floral headpieces and make it the stuff of my reality!

  43. Hi Desiree! What a fun picture with the blinking eyes! I love that black and white dress! It's gorgeous! I can see it with my boots. I think I've gone boot crazy. By the way, I just posted about a pink dress today myself! Stay lovely!


  44. I'm speechless at all the fun you're having with fashion! I want to be more wanton with my style, too!!! It seems that you have a trove of friends sending you cool stuff - way to go!

  45. Wow, you are just stunning in your pink nightie/frock and your wonderful circus attire! I love your sass!


  46. Excellent styling on the pink nightie, which plays nicely with the shiny tights and docs. I am a bit swoony over the circus dress and the fab book with the marvelous illustrations (suitable for framing, I think). Vanessa seems to find the most perfect gifts to suit the recipient.

  47. I love your style . . . your colors . . . your way to be:)

    I follow you blog:)


  48. Big flower crown, circus theme, what's there not to like?
    I love your circus inspired outfits the most!


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