Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm Everywhere I've Ever Been

It's Saturday night and hey, I'm not going to lie to you.
I'm staying in.
My body is home but my feet are dancing.
Beads and feathers are flying around the room.
In my mind, I'm somewhere no one has ever been before.
It's every gig I've been to.
Every music festival I've danced at without a care.
It's every movie I've fallen into.
Every flower I've smelled.
The loved ones I've hugged too long.
Every book I've drowned in.
Feathers.  Beads.  Sparkle.  Sequins.  Blackened  eyes.
Check back in an hour and I'll be somewhere else.

1950s sequin and bead top, granny beads, white handbag, hair flower, bangles - thrifted
Feather skirt - Glitters for Dinner
Shoes, pink cameo ring - markets
Pink star necklace - from beautiful Krista
FREEKY necklace - custom made by Phussy
Tights - Sock Dreams
Tapestry bag and earrings - Dandelion Vintage sale

Get ya freek on.
Desiree xoxo


  1. very inspiring post . . . ;)


  2. Everything in this post is amazing xx

  3. Great to see you flapping in your feathers!! I love the Charleston era - have a couple of teeny tiny outfits from my flapper Nana who was obviously very glamorous but also teeny tiny, as I said! They are so gorgeous..
    You look so glam. Love the sound of the dance you're doing, at home. Colourful and glamorous, all rolled into one! x

  4. I gotta have a feather skirt! That's all I have to say for now.
    Feathers <3

  5. Wow those guys are amazing! I wish I could dance like that. They kind of look like chickens having a fit too. Your feather skirt is amaaaazing!! Actually I just love your whole ensemble, I think you were made to wear stuff like this. Diviiiiine! :)

  6. Great post, loved your words, pictures, and the dancing. I wonder if my hips can even swing that way!

  7. I love everything about this outfit! So fabulous.

  8. What a fun post. And, IMHO, nothing beats colored tights!

  9. You look ready for The Great Gatsby. Some shoe designer needs to bring back the 1920's shoe style, I love that shoe shape. That feather skirt is off the chain

  10. Oh yes yes yes yes yes. I love the 20's and I love your wacky contemporary flapper vibe!

  11. You look fabulous Desiree! The feather skirt and sequins top look wonderful together.

  12. Love your make up, and those glorious pink tights, ahhhhhh. Everything about you is always magic.

    Groove is in the Heart
    We Are All Made of Stars
    God is a DJ

    with a side of Fred Astaire singing They Can't Take that Away From Me

    I love every single thing in this post xxxxxxxxxx

  14. I can see you on that swing.
    And we think we are so cool today...? LOL. Love this post. Hot feet.

  15. desireeeeeeeeeeee you have out done yourself. i love your outfit, make up, hairstyle, and that beautiful white bag. thanks for such great photos and inspiration. loving you lucyxxx

  16. You are such a *VISION*
    My eyeballs are fluttering with such fun and frivolity!
    xo xo

  17. You a fabulous flapper girl!

  18. Oh I want to dance like know one is watching!!!!!!
    Look at beautiful you!!!!! Love the feather skirt and pretty pink legs!!!!!!
    Love V

  19. You are so money.
    It's all perfect.
    Becky :)

  20. Desiree, you look perfect in your pink tights and black shoes!! So pretty. I love the vintage images too!


  21. Can't get enough of you Lady! And you should be the owner of that black armchair with raven feathers ...

  22. Lovely inspiration and outfit. I looove the feather skirt, it's brilliant!!!

  23. Before we talk about you - those clips and all the pics are really wonderful. I love the freedom and joy of the dancing. It's about fun and letting go, isn't it, not strict choreography and Sexy Face and being too cool to smile. The syncing of Daft Punk with the dancing in the second video is inspired.
    And is that Theda Bara or a lookalike doing that sexy slow hip rotation with the lace cape? Ooh, lovely!
    Now YOU! Gorgeous, darling, that feather skirt is amazing, and your hair and makeup have that Jazz Age style to perfection. Pink tights, yeahhhhh!
    Fabulous post, Desiree. xxxxx

  24. you look awesome! I really enjoyed all the pics and vids!

  25. i've been all mopey lately and your post makes me want to dance. You have MAGICAL powers xxx

  26. i've been all mopey lately and your post makes me want to dance. You have MAGICAL powers xxx

  27. Oh yusssss! I wanna come and dance and twirl my beads with you. You look amazing darling! LEGS!!

  28. Oh yusssss! I wanna come and dance and twirl my beads with you. You look amazing darling! LEGS!!

  29. Oh wow, you look so stunningly beautiful. I would love to come out dancing with you, I think we would have such fun. Xx

  30. This outfit is tasty! Those pink tights make it fun and you make it spectacular ! Now shake that tail feather!

    I love love LOVE ytou as a sexy flappery floozie! I want to flip your lacey bits and shimmy on down with your sexacious self!!
    Sahke it,baby!
    Love and Lustipops!XXXXXXXXXXX

  32. Oh how I love these clips and stills!!! Awesome!!
    But the most awesome is seeing your gorgeous self all dolled up and looking so stunning!!

  33. I want to talk about you first - you are the MOST GORGEOUSLY FAB flapper! If you could time travel back to the 20's, Josephine Baker and you would have made a kickass team. I would wrestle you for the feather skirt, by the way ;)
    Love the photos and videos - Louise Brooks is one of my favourite style inspirations and she looks as hot in feathers as you do!

  34. You're a real bird from paradise ! I love the inspiring and poetic pictures of unknown showgirls from the past !

  35. God just love you, your post, your style. the laughter you induce in me with your wild spirit...yes you have made me snort coffee down my nose onto my laptop more than once! your comment on my blog this morning making me kick myself up the arse and paint my eyelids blue and design a new range of jewellery and bags as well (hopefully more to come on that!) you are a shining star in an often dull world my gorgeous vision of a blog world friend xxxx

  36. Darling what a fabulous inspiring post! You're a bird of paradise, the most saucy divine flapper I've ever seen! The sequins, the feathers and colours oh so glamorous, I want to stay in with you on Saturday night, you know how to rock a night in sweetie!

  37. You're looking very Black Swan, except happy and adorable instead of psychotic! I love the two handbags - one for your make-up, phone, and keys, and one for allllll your money, right?

  38. Wow!! Look at that feather skirt! It's amazing. Such a fantastic piece for our flapper girl and circus star. Especially with the glittery top. Let's have a video of you doing the Charleston! You'll have to start saying things like " it's the cat's meow". You look totally gorgeous as ever, I see you're double bagging too xxxxx

  39. Well, this is definitely one of, if not my FAVORITE of all the outfits you've posted. That dress works so well against those pink opaque tights and the little sparkly heels, I love it! Then again, I've always been obsessed with flappers. I bobbed my hair in my 20's because of Louise Brooks!


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