Monday, December 31, 2012

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Having a wee gander at the past year's posts, I'm humbled by the warmth, kindness, generosity, support and love from visitors to my blog.
I'm constantly amazed at the encouragement I get and feel so lucky to be part of an open-minded, welcoming community.
On countless occasions I've shed tears at comments and posts by fellow bloggers.
I may also have wee'd myself a little or a lot at the hilarity that often occurs in Blogland.

I rully love all of youse and if you'd like to do an about turn and stand to attention, I'm more than happy to give each of you a jolly good arse-squeeze.

Do take note of the snap fastener at my waist.
It kept popping open today because of course, I ate all the pies!
I decided it wasn't worth bothering about while out and about today because hell, I still felt fabulous.

Vintage petticoat - gifted by happy punter Helga von Trollop
Pink star necklace - gifted by gorgeous colour-coded slapper, Krista
Scrabble ring - gifted by lovely Nelly
Earrings and 1950s blue granny necklace - Etsy
Hindu goddess bag, cat brooch - craft market
Bangles, green rose brooch, other rings - thrifted
Shoes - eBay

Most of the shops were shut today, but the Salvos were open, where I satiated my need for a bargain splurge.

I found this gorgeous bead bag and immediately thought of Vintage Bird Girl who shares my lust for the colour GREEN!

I also found a cross-stitched linen tray mat and some gorgeous old ceramics.
The lemon vase has lost a petal and it's stem has broken off and been mended in the past, so clearly it was once much-loved; while the wee leaf dish is Carlton Ware (two bucks!)

Random pic of scallywag Lily, in a rare prone pose.

Have you been doing any post-Christmas shopping?
I'm feeling very smug about picking up a few bargains in Nelly's shop, Vintage Wishes.
The Stylist quickly snaffled this beautiful 1960s cotton quilt I bought from Nelly's treasure emporium.

I picked up these gorgeous 1970s kitsch cushion covers for our lounge ... 

... and this pair of scrumptious harlequin chicky-babes.

Lily can't be bothered getting out of my bag to wish you well, but I say Happy New Year to you my dears!
Oh and while you're still in holiday-mode, have a peek at the latest Vogoff magazine, the creation of Melanie at Bag and a Beret.

Love Desiree xoxo


  1. Ha! Your intro comments are so funny. I love reading your blog. You look so lovely in everything you wear. Love that red dress with that fabulous bow. Awesome nails and wow- that beaded purse. Love, love those two pictures you purchased and your little kitty cat is so cute. See you in 2013.

  2. Darling Desiree, what a year you've had! Highs and lows aplenty, I think. But you have stayed fabulously gorgeous and effortlessly stylish and crazily creative and hilariously funny throughout all the shenanigans. Cos you are a bloody trooper!
    Love that saucy red slip with its come-hither-I'm-all-undone fastening! What a beautiful little beaded bag, great cushions and pictures, but the best treasure of the holiday is still lovely Lily!
    VOGOFF has been a highlight of the year, I hope Miz Bagg edits another issue!
    Happy new year to you and your darling Phoenix and your brood of gorgeous offspring and Lily too! Mmmmwaaah! Squeezing your arse right back! xxxxx

  3. Darling, you've had quite a year of it. I take my top hat off to you for staying fabulous, funny and feisty whatever came you way. You are lush and I'm returning the arse squeeze.
    Love to you all.

  4. Well you know I love you sweets! GREEN handbag? Must you taunt me? Hey when I was a kid I had similar harlequin babes in our room -- they scared me! Yours are pretty though. Lily looks like she's settled in just fine. Calliope is still learning what is play and what is "must die"! Although she did jump up on hubs lap last night and stayed there for awhile! Happy 2013! Buona Fortuna! Molti baci, XXX

  5. I'm so happy to have found you and your blog this year,an endless source of inspiration in fashion,art, but above all in life!I really need a dress like yours for tonight, we are going to a New Year's Eve party and red is the traditional lucky colour in Italy, for a great year you should wear red undies too!
    I wish to you, your wonderful children and to the Phoenix all the best for a happy 2013!
    Lots of love and an arse squeeze in return!

  6. You're always an inspiration, Desiree! I haven't been reading your blog for long, but I love to what you've been up to and hope that better times are ahead for you x I'm loving those ceramics, the Carlton Ware especially - $2 is a bargain, it's usually pretty expensive here, even in charity shops. The green bag is lovely too. Happy New Year x

  7. That magazine cover shoot looks marvelous. I perused the mag and it's such a kick ass read with great inspirational fashion photos!

  8. Happy new year! It's great to have blogland friends like you!
    I hope the new year brings a lot of happiness, less trips to the hospital and fabulous vintage clothes!
    ps: did you get my parcel yet? I'm worried it might have been lost in the post

  9. Vogoff--yes! I love this blog--it's so wonderful to find a kindred spirit! Happy New Year!

  10. You have kicked the crap outta this year and then some AND looked wicked good doing it! It's a pleasure reading your thoughts and beholding your funky fresh style. I wish you and your crew a Happy healthy New Year!
    Lots of love in 2013!

  11. I pop buttons off my clothes all the time lolzzz! You look stunning :) I love green, too, and that is a great purse. Those girl harlequin pictures are the BEST!!!
    Happy New Year!

  12. Wishing you and yours everything you need in 2013 darling! And yaa boo sucks to 2012 (what a rotter - good riddance) - keep on doing that good voodoo that you do, madame ;)

    Watch your postbox.

    Also - I'm blogging in 2013 yes indeedy - will let you know when I'm launching oo-er ...

  13. Wishing you and all your gorgeous family loads of love and lick in 2013!!! Thanks for continuing to be fabulous and supportive and for being you. xxx

  14. Happy New Year Desiree! Your warmth, humor, and over all sparkly appearance has made me laugh, tear up, inspired me to dance more, and a whole slough of positive things! I wish I could have shared some of those pies with you. Pie is my favorite food group and I just didn't get enough this holiday season.
    By the way, the Stylist has beautiful eyes, just like her mama!

  15. I agree with Joni- the Stylist is blossoming into a great beauty in her own right. Apple doesn't fall far from the style tree, does it?

    You are living proof that easy doesn't make character or beauty, but that choosing to live well under all circumstance does. I wish for you and your family much good fortune and good health and happiness for the upcoming year. And I wish for me more pictures of you~ xoxoxxoxo Bella Q

  16. I have the twin to your little yellow foxglove dish! Wishing you all good things for 2013.

  17. you are so awesome your blog always brings a smile to my face! happy newyear doll! hope 2013 brings you an abundance of joy & happiness & lots more amazing thrifted treasures too! xo huli

  18. Happy New Year Desiree! Love your darling Bella and Lily. Sweet shots. And I love your D2 dice ring. xoxo

  19. This has been a challenging year, with a few kicks in the ass, but you have recovered beautifully and continue to charm and inspire with your joyful style and positive attitude. I'd consider it a privilege to get an arse squeeze from you ;) A very happy new Year to you, and your loved ones, see you in 2013!

  20. Bake, dust, fellate! But I HATE dusting!!! Started reading you recently...happy new year to you and yours - I LOVE your blog.

  21. I am in complete awe of your audacity. Happy New Year to you!

  22. I think you'll continue to amaze and delight us, your lucky readers, throughout 2013, darling Desiree! Thanks for sharing all the grit and glamour with Visible Monday xoxoxoxox

  23. Glitter nails! Am totally in love with glitter nails right now.
    Bet the pies were worth it! And you DO look fabulous as always. Your comments are always so positive and full of humour, it's always a joy to hear from you and to see what you're up to as well.
    Kisses to little Lily... love those floppy paws!

  24. Look at you all divine & glorious in that slip. I nearly died when I saw the pic of that green bag....SO SO funny that I walked around with it in Salvos last week. If it had been cheaper I would have snapped it up, but decided against it & hid it among the bags. I'm SO glad you of all people bought it! Thanks for the mention too...That was all a bit blogger twilight zone-ish! I do love your other finds too, that cross-stitch & the china finds are gorgeous & that quilt is beautiful! And congrats on such a fabulous edition of rock wonderful woman. May 2013 be a happy & healthier year for you & your loved ones. Xx

  25. Hello Gorgeous!
    Heck Des I am crazy over your NAIL POLISH. *eeeaaaa* its MARVELOUS.
    Awwww kitty kitty is so cute. *mew*
    Beaded bag exquisite!
    Adore your sweet dish finds.
    Stylists blanket looks so cozy. Cushion covers are great. (I just aquired some new ones too)

  26. Happy New Blogging Year! Thanks for your fun, colourful, inspirational and quirky posts in 2012! How good are splayed out cat (and dog) photos! Gorgeously funny! Love the scrabble ring.

  27. it's been wonderful to meet you and stalk you around the internet this year, you've been an inspiration. and you're looking rather gorgeous in red. You always look fabulous too. I love that little lemon jug and lily is such a little sweetheart xxxx

  28. Adorable kitty, girl and you too!

  29. Happy New years pretty lady - "I ate all the pies" - HA! I haven't heard anyone say that for the longest time. Most of the op shops here were shut over Christmas/New Years. I only managed to visit two - DAMN IT!! So many good ones near my parents place too.

  30. I stood to attention and totally enjoyed my arse being pinched, just thought I should tell you!! THANKS!!!

  31. I have only love and admiration for you and yours.
    I am so happy to have met you, dear Desiree.
    happy New Year 2013.

  32. happy new year, Dear Style Goddess!!, love watching all your fabulousness and reading your Wise Words and feeling all that inspiring attitude through the many miles that separate us! ohhhh, I would love to squeeze you very personally!
    besos & feliz año

  33. You are a constant source of inspiration, Desiree. Wishing you and your family all the very best for 2013! xxx

  34. You found some great stuff and stylist as well!! I so enjoy visiting with you at your blog of these days though I want to go out for coffee with you after we go thrift shopping of course !! :) Ha Vogoff LOL!! for people who don't give a flying feck hehehehe Wishing you a Fantastic 2013 ~Happy New Year ~Love Heather

  35. it has been a pleasure getting to know you!!! Love all the thrifty goodies! Lily and the stylist are adorable!

  36. Don't stop posting! You make our day and make us realise getting older isn't stuffy and boring! We need that in our lives! xx

  37. I`m sure Blogland is all happy to have such a unique blogger and a person like you! Thank you for being there and the best wishes for 2013!xx

  38. Happy New Year! May you keep on rocking in the free world, having fabulous frocks, frilly pants and awesome arm parties. I hope your Christmas was fab.

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  39. Twinkle lights, neon skulls, glitter, heels, beads, bark cloth!, trapezes, I wish all of them for you and your family in the new year. You are unique, gorgeous, smart, witty, a great writer... I'm so glad I got up the courage to comment here when I did. The Earth needs Desiree Clones!! Miz Bagg shall make a B-movie with that title. Hugs! xo THanks for making VOGOFF so stupendous.


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