Friday, December 28, 2012

Who Ate All the Pies?

Blame Debbie Harry.
I'm sure eyeing her off with Batman popping out of her chest made me hungry. 
She was responsible for my actions on Christmas Eve and the next few days, when I ploughed through three dozen fruit mince pies.
It had nothing to do with the fact The Phoenix spend Christmas Eve in hospital.
No effect at all on my episode of nerve-charged gluttony.
Nah, no way.

The drama had nothing to do with my jittery last-minute splurge on beautiful hand-crafted cushions from a local craft and retro wonderland.

Or spending the day prancing around the neighbourhood in new-arrival vintage underwear.

Or stealing desperately-needed hugs from our new family member Lily, baby to new mama, The Stylist.

Snaffling up INCREDIBLE handmade cushion from Recycled by Wendy sold at Creative Treasures on Christmas Eve actually did take the edge off a tad.
Debbie joined her new friends, which I have named Elegant Ladies A-Teetering and Nana's Best Linen Gets the Chop.

Floral headband - more at Sassy Vamps!
1930s deadstock satin bra and Edwardian cotton petticoat - Morag's gorgeous Etsy shop, Auvergne Memories
Sunnies - Etsy
Bangles - thrifted
Vintage jet bead necklace - Dandelion Vintage
Oval-shaped vintage brooch - gifted by my beautiful sister, Mere
Pin-up girl brooch - gifted by the goddess Sarah Misfit
Silver necklace - gifted her holy hotness, Helga
Green zipper brooch, Hindu goddess bag, Day of the Dead necklace - Creative Treasures
Earrings and green necklace - craft markets
VW Melissa Wings - Amazon

Number One Son flew in from Melbourne just as it was all action stations and the ambos were carting The Phoenix off.
The last thing he was worried about was being seen with his mama wearing her underwear on the outside so he could grab a couple of last-minute gifts.
Dear of him.

Lily helps The Stylist with essential hair-dyeing, tattooing and nail polishing duties.

Then she flops out with her happy wee mama on a silk cushion - naturally it's the best spot on the bed.

Setting up a cage for # Three Son's much-longed for Christmas gift, a budgie named Leon.

"So this is a playpen for me right?"

The wee lassie dishes up a dusk Christmas dinner wearing a cute vintage apron I found as a last-minute stocking-filler in a local op shop.
The bulk of our gifts were second-hand treasures or handmade by talented artists and crafters.
I was so impressed that the family are starting to follow my example and seek out amusing, meaningful gifts that don't cost a fortune.

I'm also impressed no one turned their noses up at my extremely simple home-cooked meal.
It was healthy, tasty and put smiles on the faces I love.
That's all that matters.
It was all I could manage anyway and that was after a three-hour kip BEFORE cooking started!
Christmas can be awesome or it can be shite, but it can be awesome if everyone understands it's time together and can be a day of respite for those who are struggling.

The Stylist spotted me gushing over this fabric a while ago, found it in cushion-form at the West End market and bought it for me as one of my Christmas presents - I love it!

The Phoenix blew my mind with these two sets of Pre-Code movies.
That's 11 nights of vintage raunch taken care of!
I'm hoping to do a bit of catching up on blogs during the next couple of weeks, I just want you to know I love y'all **sniff**.
It may take a while, but it's not coz I don't care.

Baci milioni,
Desiree xoxo


  1. Oh I'm so sorry to read about the Phoenix's health problems, wishing him a good and thorough recovery in hospital, how stressful for you you poor thing. You look utterly beautiful, no one would know you were having such a hard time. I hope it was a christmas of comfort and respite. My best wishes for a happier easier 2013 for you and your family.

  2. I hope beyond hope that the Phoenix gets better soon and that the health authorities do the right thing by him. Lily is a little poppet, it's always fun having a kitten about the place. Take care xxx

  3. Wishing a speedy recovery to the Phoenix! The pillows, the kitty, the kids, the lovely vintage underwear...all divine! I'd flip over that retro fabric too!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the health problems... It's never easy and I hope things are more stable now.
    I'mGlad you got some fabulousness coming your way- the new cushions are great! as for the dvd s, I think I want then too!
    I hope the new year is even better, I'm sending some positive vibes your way :)

  5. Oh no! I do hope your hubbie will be recovering soon! That is very nice of your kiddos to accept you for who you are! I love your bustier and that pretty, pretty skirt! Your throw pillows are just darling.

  6. Let's hope 2013 is a fantabularse year and that The Phoenix finally gets the help he deserves. I don't blame you for necking all those mince pies, desperate times call for desperate measures.
    Lily is adorable, the cushions rock and so does your new fancy pants underwear!
    Big love and positive vibes! xxxx

  7. First off I hope the Phoenix is feeling a lot better. Here I was feeling sorry for myself about my Christmas eve. (I got the flu Christmas eve morning) But I didn't have to go to the hospital like he did. so I suppose I should buck up huh???

    Little KITTEN is soooo cute omgoodness the stylist must be over the moon. And I sure do hope you took kitty out of the cage before placing Leon inside. ;) *beahahaha*
    Love yoru cushion and your undies. (hah)
    Your dinner looked DELICIOUS! I mean really i spotted the seafood within seconds. *mmmmm*

  8. Omg, thank you for posting such wonderful photos. Sorry to hear about all the problems you experienced during the holiday. Hope all is better for you in 2013. I love those wonderful cushions and your vintage underwear is too awesome. That necklace you are wearing is pure gorgeousness.

  9. It makes me so mad that people have to constantly fight just to get their fundamental human rights. I really hope the court order works. Wishing you and the Mr a merry Xmas. Mince pies were made for necking Im sure xxx

  10. Fighting the healthcare system (here pencil pushers who decide you no longer need therapy for an injury that hasn't healed, nice) is always stressful. Try to take it easy, you have a lot on your plate, but a loving supportive family to help you. And Lily is a dear! I wish Calliope would let me pick her up, we've realised she was on the streets longer than suspected due to certain behaviorurs (snaffling food before its even in the bowl, etc.) So it will take time. Love her though, no regrets -- and Fiona (our Westie) and Calliope played with Calliope's mouse together yesterday, too cute! Your "simple" dinner looks a feast. I would've called for Chinese take away after the amt of sleep you got! Do take it easy, love you! XXX PS those cushions are to die for!

  11. Oh Darling Desiree, it sounds like it was an up and down Christmas for you all, but it also looks like you're enjoying time spent with your precious family. I love that Debbie Harry cushion, Blondie are on tour in the UK next year, I'd love to go. You look divine, I hope all will be ok for New Year. Xx

    P.s. I replied to your email Xx

  12. Godspeed & Good Recovery to the Phoenix! Such beautiful things (& I'm certainly counting Christmas dinner in this equation!) u made out of such a rocky old time of it (((DESIREE))) Tits up!

  13. Oh poor darling Phoenix and poor frustrated, angry, frightened you... What a start to the holidays. Necking a load of mince pies seems a very mild reaction to the incredible stress of your situation. Thank goodness you have your fabulous family and that your lovely man is a trooper. The food, the cushions, gorgeous Lily, the vintage scanties, the amazing kids - now that's bound to make you feel a little better, right?
    Hang in there, Desiree, and let's all wish very very hard for a good year to come for you and yours. xxxxx

  14. I love your blue flower wreath! =)

  15. Aww, I hate when bad things happen to good people, hoping for a speedy recovery for your darling the pillows, 'specially that asian one, your undies are scandalously fabulous, and that dinner is killer - YUM! take care, sweetie...

  16. Well, poos to The Phoenix not being in good health, the darling.But YAY to the fabulous vintage film selection he got you!
    The cushions are, of course, fabularse, and you are just a thing from the dreamiest of sexy dreams! WOAH!!! I like it when you prance about in yer underwear, you know I do.I just wnat to grab those sexacious mounds of yours!
    Big love and Lustipops!

  17. Wow, sounds like Christmas has been very eventful for you guys! I hope everything is getting sorted with The Phoenix's health, and that you don't need to kick too many more asses to get things done.

    You look beautiful, and I would have loved to eat your simple homecooked meal - it looks delicious!

  18. I'm sorry you're going through stressful times. I hope everyone is alright soon.

    And now it seems tacky to say that I loved the cushions and vintage lingerie??? Oh, probably.

  19. First and foremost- sending healing thoughts to the Phoenix!! Your Christmas looks wonderful!!! Lily . is adorable!!!

  20. Whoa, you did indeed have your hands full this Christmas. Hope by now that the Phoenix is doing better. Our family too did entirely thrifted gifts this year. Love the brooches on the petticoat. You're always a font of fresh ideas.

  21. I think if I were in your shoes (incredibly fabulous ones!) I'd be wearing my underwear on my head. You have done a tremendous tremendous job whipping up a family Christmas for everyone when the sky has been pelting lemons. Huge hugs to you and voodoo healing magic for The Phoenix so that he recovers quickly with the proper care he deserves and luckily you demand!! Good work!! Time for huge naps with The Stylist's baby on sumptuous cushions.

  22. I am so sorry to hear about The Phoenix's health scare, I hope he is doing much better by now. Your Christmas looks lovely and filled with family and joy nonetheless! Gorgeous cushions and that KITTEN is too cute!!! Wishing you and your family & loved ones a joyful and healthy year for 2013! xx

  23. Well done to you Desiree, for fighting to get the Phoenix the health care he needs, I hope he is feeling much better, the sight of you in your vintage undies must have done him a world of good I'm sure. You look beautiful despite all your stresses and I love the look of your Christmas meal, it's making me hungry looking at it! Lily is such a cutie, as is the Stylist and I love all your cushions. It sounds like you really made a happy time of everything despite very difficult circumstances and I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year. xx

  24. You are so fantastic! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  25. Hope you are both ok. Big hugs to you all.
    Your Christmas looks like a lovely family affair and that's my idea of a Chrimbo dinner. Yummy.
    Take care and stay fabulous.

  26. You've clearly been through a particularly stressful time, but you and your family are all sticking tight and loving each other. Very best wishes for 2013 xx

  27. I lam digging these holiday pictures! The happiness and love that comes from them is the best part! Your new Blonde pillow would give me rapturous dreams, next to you it's the prettiest thing on that sofa. The turquoise jewels draped around you neck, why I remember when you got that necklace because I wanted it :) It's looks killer! Your meal shared together, and the new edition Lily all warm me from the inside out. Merry friggin everything to you girl and your super cute family!

  28. Cute kitty! Aw, I love budgies. I miss when we had some. :)

    Thank you, Desiree, for the nice comments. You're too sweet!


  29. Oh darlin', I am so sorry to hear about the Phoenix's Christmas eve ambulance trip and that you have had to fight tooth and nail to get him the care he needs! The fact that with all of that and you were still able to come up with a tasty meal, and set up bird cages, etc. is beyond me. I adore those pillows and your naughty movies. I'm sure the stylist will take excellent care of her new baby - this has been an animal-centred Christmas for me too - I now have a little pet rat!

  30. Sorry to hear about The Phoenix, hoping that he gets the care he needs to get better and that you and the family can stay strong through it all x You're looking wonderful anyway and you've scored some great things. Christmas dinner looks yummy - I could barely manage that on a good day!

  31. Healing Energies being sent your way for The Phoenix from just outside of Phoenix, Arizona in the Westside Desert. So very sorry the Stress has been tormenting you... I too eat and shop when overstressed, it's my way of coping and not going off the deep end! The Man has been battling serious health problems for over a decade now and my Mum was in Hospital again Christmas Eve... but she's tough as Old Boots and still givin' them Hell at the Hospital and Nursing Home. They probably don't let her wear all her Jewels and Gypsy Gal Wear *Winks*. Take good care of yourself, so Wonderful you had the Family over for the Holidays and 'scored' such a bounty of great Treasures... it certainly does take the edge off... but now after reading your Post I'm suddenly Craving Mince Pies! *LOL*

    Ah well... Thanks for coming by for a Bloggy Visit and Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  32. You and your family are spit swallowing gorgeous- and I am sorry to hear Xmas had anxiety added to it because of the P-man's health- wishing him a speedy recovery and a very improved New Year full of happiness and healthiness. Wishing you a worry free year where you can delight us with your sparkles and be delighted by your wonderful family's growth.

    Love to you oh goddess of delights.

  33. Im so deeply sorry to read that your lovely husband is still so poorly i hope so much that the new year brings relief and good health his way. I wish i could give you a huge hug and wave a magic wand and make everything alright. Just know that i am thinking of you and sending you warm and positive thoughts from across the pond. Little Lily is gorgeous i bet she will bring you all so much fun with her antics. You have a beautiful family and your christmas lunch looked delicious and so full of love simply the best kind. Heres to a much better and brighter 2013 for you all. Sending you much love, dee xxx

  34. What shines so incredibly through this post is your strength - and not in a tragic heroic way, but in your focus on all the really important things. How true that Christmas can be awesome 'if everyone understands it's time together...' Absolutely.
    Now that fingers have been forcibly removed from arses, I do so hope that the Phoenix is receiving the treatment he needs and that 2013 brings improved health.

  35. Really curious, D, about how the budgie is going to get on with the pussy-cat ;)

    Much love to you and yours, ma belle - So sorry to hear you have to threaten court action in order for the Phoenix to get his just desserts, health-wise. I hope the very best for you both in 2013, you are such a beautiful and loving family and I love to hear how things are with you, always real, always brave, not always conscious, of course, but long rests are indeed very recuperative... Those fab cushions will make your pit even more inviting, I'll bet.

    Much, much love <3

  36. It is a fact that "pies " and kittens make things much better.
    You poor poppet, I am so sorry the Phoenix has had to be in hospital.
    Thank you for all the truly gorgeous comments you have made in our world and for sharing yours!!! You have made me smile, laugh and maybe even a few wee tears.
    There are only a few people who are so wonderfully amazing as you.
    Happy happy new year.
    Love Vanessa

  37. What a yummy looking table. Looks like the fam is ready to have at it.

    Your Lily is so sweet.

    Those red shoes are my favorites.

  38. Best wishes to you and your fam this Christmas. Prayers of health and peace are being sent your way right this minute!


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