Monday, December 3, 2012

Take It Easy

There's no point getting your knickers in a knot over Christmas shopping.
Especially on a 33-degree weekend.
For many, there's the temptation to flee to the nearest shopping mall, seek sanctuary from the heat and tick some crap off the Christmas list.
Shopping mall?  You must be bleedin' kidding!
I'm not giving those thieves my precious pennies.
These days, there are far more interesting and entertaining choices.
A market or two, op shops and local craft markets are more my style this Christmas.
The key is to pace yourself, stop for a well-earned cool drink, count the pennies you're saving and keep your sanity.

The Stylist and I visited the West End Vintage and Designer Markets on Saturday afternoon and picked up a few bits and pieces for some special people.
And for each other.
It must have been quite an entertaining sight for stallholders to watch these two customers doing some covert shopping for one another.
Of course, I can't put any pics up here until after Santa's visit, but I can show you a couple of things.

I bought myself this skull necklace with a silky tassel from Hattie ...

and this cute badge probably made from a 1970s tea towel.

The Stylist found some bargains for special people with these delicate and tiny cactus plants.

Swimsuit - Black Milk
1970s shorts - vintage market
Shoes - Solestruck sale
1970s bag - gifted by Erica Louise of Recycled Fashion
Bangles, rings, metal pendant and earrings - thrifted and craft market
Shades - Etsy shop, Mysteres Masquerades

We joined the sensible people cooling off under the shade of an ancient and beautiful Moreton Bay fig tree.

This lovely lady brought all her glorious 1970s stock with her from LA, where she lives six months of the year.

I fell deeply and passionately in love with this 1950s cotton swimsuit which was far too small for me ... wah!!!

Yesterday we braved the heat again and went to a flea market where I spotted this print on hardboard.
Although I was tempted to buy it, the print was very faded and this is the best pic I could get of it.
Any ideas on who I think it looks like?
I'm linking to Visible Monday this week.
Desiree xo


  1. The print is VIX, hands down!

  2. Ah, yes - the heat! Right now I'm contemplating whether or not I should grab a bag of ice, empty it's contents into the bathtub and sit in it.

    Those markets look wonderful! I'll have to visit them next time I go to Brisbane!

  3. I agree with Terri, it's Vix or her twin! I like the way you and the Stylist shop, staying away from the ghastly malls and enjoying the fig tree. Thanks for sharing all the beauty with Visible Monday.

  4. your sunglasses are so cute! you have such an interesting sense of style, it's neat!

    lindsey louise

  5. Vix is way hotter but I can see what you see:). Your warm weather and summer attire would make christmas shopping impossible, I'd just wanna play! You both look chill even though its hot and I love your green skull necklace!
    Big love baby

  6. Shopping at malls is horrific! I'm all about markets and locally owned stores (and perhaps the odd esty seller). I love that tasseled skull you bought - how fun!!

  7. Shopping at malls is horrific! I'm all about markets and locally owned stores (and perhaps the odd esty seller). I love that tasseled skull you bought - how fun!!

  8. I LOVE that print - no idea who she is but to me she is a cross between a young Elizabeth Taylor and Cher. I might have stuck my foot in it if it is in fact either of those two.

  9. Looks like Vix!

    That skull necklace is really cool!

  10. How wonderful it would be to see you and The Stylist motoring down the highway in a top-down convertible, matching sunglasses, music on full-blast, swigging your wonderful drinks. Your approach to Christmas shopping is the only sane one. Ah, the mystery of the Vix painting...

  11. Yes, the print is most definitely like our dear Vix! i too adore that 50s swimsuit!!

  12. Oh to have some heat, our Christmas shopping is taking place in temperatures under 10 degress lol. I really should check out Etsy more because you get some really gorgeous stuff there, you and the stylist looking great as always. X

  13. I love Black Milk clothing- your top is awesome and those red,white, and blue shoes-amazing.

  14. That's the way to Christmas shop for sure. I don't hold with this running around in a pancic buying expensive shit for people. Where's the fun in that.
    I also love that you look as laid back as you do whilst shopping. Fab.
    Vix, innit?

  15. I love living outside normal society, popping to Boots to pick up my hair dye whilst the dead eyed masses pile their baskets full of nasty smells and boxes of crap!
    I wish we had a couple of degree of your heat so I could swan around looking half as fabulous as you, the Stylist and that gorgeous vintage seller rather than shuffle around in mittens and granny socks!!!!
    That neon necklace rocks and I love that lady, I'm very flattered by the comments! xxxx

  16. Yep, that's our Vix. This time of the year malls are full of rude people. Shouldn't shopping for your loved ones bring out the best in people? Guess not.

  17. Yes, the lady has the raven locks of our Vix, but add a fringe and there's a look of sexy Sarah Misfit too!
    Oh look at you, swanning about in your cossie and short shorts, flashing those fabulous legs... And I'm all layered up in hat and coat and boots... Not fair!
    You and The Stylist always look fabulous on your trips out together, and I agree, shopping for gifts at markets, charity shops, or with individual makers/sellers is SO much better for the soul than mall shopping.

  18. Good for you Desirae--only shopping small business is far better in so many ways! I love that polka dot swimsuit too! Too bad it didn't fit. I could see you rocking the bejesus out of it!

  19. Oh boy that last pic yes Vix, right!
    Xmas at 33 degrees oh yes would love it, no problem!
    I hate X-mas shopping, especially malls they are a your worse nightmare- like you i prefer small shops, fairs, find much prettier stuff -

    The vintage lady from LA seemed to have so pretty fab items

    Ariane xxx

  20. Looks like so much fun! Gosh that ruffle suit was so sweet. But if it was too small for you I don't have the slightest clue who could fit into the darn thing.
    I totally seen Vix in that pic!!! *WOW*

  21. The skull! The American flag platforms! Love the outfit and the glimpses of the market!

  22. Vix, Vix, it looks like Vix!

    Do you know how long it takes to un-knot knickers?

    I'm guessing it's a heckuva lot warmer in your neck o' the woods, although we are having this freaky 70-degree day but the heat's on in the office, and I'd give anything to be dressed like you. Well, usually I always would, but even more so today.

    I do not do malls. Ugh.

  23. My new favorite quote from you "I'm not giving those thieves my precious pennies." Eff the mall! I agree! You are killing it in those black milk suits. And dont tell me you have my dream shoe!!! Is that the carmen? Ohhh I wanted it so bad.

  24. The Vix lookalike is stunning and has the same taste as the original, I can easily imagine her wearing that beautiful floral dress!I'd love to experience the Christmas shopping dressed in shorts, here the first snow has fallen on the top of the mountains and it's so funny to see you and our other friends enjoying the arrive of the summer!
    I'm sure that Santa wears a Black Milk swimsuit too! The skull necklace is wonderful and the LA lady's stall seems full of great pieces, I hope you bring something at home, I'm sorry that the swimsuit was small because it was perfect!
    Love and moltissimi bacixxxx

  25. That painting is Vintage Vix all over!
    Look at you rocking those hot pants and platforms lady! The first picture looks like a Hollywood starlet on Sunset Boulevard with all the palm trees behind you.

  26. that is our darling Vix in that picture!
    Love your shopping attire-and the Stylist looks adorable!!
    Malls are one of Dante's outer rings of hell as far as I'm concerned!

  27. I love Melanie's description of you and the Stylist cruising along the highway Desiree, you two always seem to have so much fun together. Meanwhile, here it's started snowing, there were open air stalls here last week for the Christmas lights going on, but I felt so sorry for the stall holders because it was freezing and windy. The stalls look gorgeous over there, so cool that girl from LA bringing over lots of fresh stock to add to the pool, and I love her shop sign made of twigs. I've done a lot of shopping online this year but I keep a look out in the charity shops too for any nice bits and pieces as they're more personal than yet another gift set, and cheaper too. Riley always ends up using old gift sets to make concoctions and experiments anyway. xx

  28. You look stunning! Lots of juicy thigh on show, best way to keep cool obviously. Love the swimsuit and those stunning shoes. Also in love with the cacti, they make such great presents. I thought you were in a convertible at first, you'd look great motoring around in a 1959 Cadillac.
    Looks a lot like our Vix to me! xxxx

  29. I need more vintage stores here.... you are so lucky!!!


  30. Completely forgot about that bag! I just love your shoes. Agree, boo to shopping malls and their plastic monstrosity xx


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