Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Never, Ever, Ever Stop Dancing

Oh dear, don't look at the hair ... look at the frock darlings.
This was me last Thursday night, a bagful of cream sequins by my side, with the possibility of an all-nighter ahead of me stitching the buggers onto this 1950s lace and tulle frock.
Why oh why?
For the ballet of course ... I was going to the ballet for the first time in 32 years and I wanted it to be spesh.

So I cheated!
Yes, I whipped out the hot glue gun and glued some shiny magic onto the skirt (and my fingers).

It did cross my mind whether Valentino's beaders are ever tempted to do the same an hour before showtime;).
I'm sure they do. 

It was The Stylist's first visit to the ballet and what a night!
The story of Brisbane's Cloudland Ballroom's brief 42-year reign as Australia's most luxurious dance venue, was interpreted with the most amazing choreography, costumes and music.
Cloudland opened in 1940 and despite its heritage listing, in 1982 it was flattened, demolished, destroyed late one night by a rogue demolition company, at the order of property developers.

It was a packed performance and I sat next to a wonderful elderly gent who told me he used to go to every Cloudland dance he could and saw Bill Hayley and His Comets perform in the 50s.
He said the ballet's rendition of the massive WWII street brawls between Australian diggers and their allies, those glamourous visiting American fighters "who always had two women each", was spot on.
This is how my frock turned out, I like it much better with a bit of sparkle.
I wouldn't mind a bit of uniform at my side;).

The motif was already attached to the lace bodice ... it was lovely to see others make an effort to frock up for the one-night-only performance before Queensland Ballet took its glorious performance to regional towns.
If you're going, get ya frock on love!
Blurry pics ... sorry, we had our hands full.
But keep an eye on that huge white ring on my thumb if you can.

The Stylist took her bestie ... just look at those faces.
The leggy-one wore the frock and jacket she wore to our wedding last October and an amazing pair of shoes she picked out for herself on the same trip.
I gave her a pair of lace tights that are too short for me and she chose to curl her hair and wear the awesome harlequin feck-off bow from Em of Vintage Sweetheart.

These two have been inseparable since birth, wee bestie is three months older than The Stylist and they've never had a spat.
Shoe love.
We're exhilirated but tired after the eye-popping two-hour performance and oh no ... where's my ring?
No sign of it anywhere.
Later I found it down my leopard-print granny knickers while driving home of course ... where else?
The result of much suspender-glove-tulle grappling earlier in the loo, which I'm sure Lakota will appreciate on her Tah-Dah Tuesdays link;).

I hope you had a thoroughly disgraceful weekend my honeys.

Desiree xo


  1. Love the personal touch on the tutu! It looks fabulous with all those crystals on it - and you my dear look utterly sensational, as usual! Good for you dressing up for the ballet - too often people mooch into shows looking like they just crawled out of bed, even in London!

  2. I love the ballet, I've been lucky enough to see the Bolshoi in Russia, it was amazing and EVERYONE dressed up. I love your extra sparkle outfit and I am quite convinced that shortcuts get made all the time - there was probably someone with a tube of superglue backstage!

    The stylist and her mate look great too, love the mother and daughter matching furs.

    I usually find my jewellery nestled in my bra - pants is a new one but glad it turned up!

  3. Glueing your sequins on the night before, that is dedication to glitter and glamour. It paid off though because you looks simply stunning. I've only ever been to the ballet once, but it was magical. Some people were dressed up, but others hadn't really made the effort, which is unfortunate I think. That ballet sounds great though. Xx

  4. Glad you found your ring. Such a large ring to find down ones knick knacks! I'm new to reading your blog but my oh my your daughter is so like you! What a great sense of style! I'm your newest follower.

  5. Fabulous dahling! My son likes me taking him to dance shows - the tv stuff, like Strictly, but being a boy would have a fit if I tried frocking up.... a daughter is so much more fun in that department!

    Luuuuurrrrrvvve your daughter's yellow shoes.... they are awesome!

    The only accessories I find in odd places are hairslides in shoes - while I'm out wearing them. Thank you, cat;) Hope the car didn't veer too much when you found the ring! xx

  6. It goes without saying that you look every inch the ballet-audience-glamour-diva (and that trick with the glue gun paid off perfectly). But I have to say that the top billing of the evening has to go to the stylist. What an outfit. What style that girl has.

  7. Ooh the dress is DIVINE! And I love your hair like this - and The Besties are GORGEOUS (Stylist: I will happily chop off my toes to fit into those yellow shoes - they ROCK!!).

    My Mama sang at Cloudland many many times... she waxed lyrical about it's magnificent sprung dancefloor many times. How wonderful that it is still remembered.

    Sarah xxx

  8. You did an amazing sparkling frock! I'm sure that at Valentino's are still green with envy, the beaders usually sew their finger to the clothes! The missing ring story is brilliant, the suspance led me thrilled to the end! The stunning Besties are my new fashion icons for sure (and the fact that they never had a fight is a manner school for everyone)..thank you so much for sharing this glamorous evening with us!!
    Kisses xxxx

  9. What a bunch of styslish ladies in your house, ahhhhhhhhhhh.
    Brilliant mama.

  10. You look sparklycious and the stylist and her bezzie look stunning. Love your daughter's bow and shoes. Yipee for your granny knickers. I'm like Lakota, I found all sorts of bits and bobs and food in my bra - *sigh*. xx

  11. Your dress is perfect! And so glad your ring turned up, good old granny knickers saving the day like that.
    What a glamorous trio, love the pics of the Stylist & her bestie. I've never been to the ballet & I wish I could go to see this show. Sounds amazing.

  12. Lovely photos of you and the girls, your hair looks amazing in the ballet photos as well as the dress. the sparkly bits look amazing on it!

  13. Best Mom in the world award goes to you Desiree! I love the added adventure you gave your tulle skirt, you look beautiful as always! The Stylist and her bestie are the cutest sitting there chatting away eating popcorn, this is what life's about! I loved seeing any production with my Mom as a kid and in fact they are some of our best memories!

  14. Oh how very lovely. The sequins gives the dress the right amount of sparkle. The girls look lovely. They know how to rock their style just like you do.

  15. My gosh look at you all!!
    What an absolute delight - my goodness its an absolute style-a-polooza. I had to laugh at your jewellery caught in lingerie episode (been there done that lol). Thank you for this awesome post (and the wee clip on the end).

    And now I have to watch Miss Pettigrew and Bright Young Things on repeat all evening xx

  16. What a fantastic idea and how brilliant do you and the Stylist look in your matching furry ensembles? I love those yellow shoes!
    You'll have to glue that ring to your glove next time to avoid any lingerie related mishaps! x

  17. Fab sequins! Yes I'm sure they stick them on. I laughed so hard at your lost ring - at least it was safe!

  18. Looks like a wonderful time and you all look absolutely beautiful and you sparkle!!...I can't remember the last time I went to a show~ So glad you found your ring hehehe....xx Heather

  19. awwww I want to see that show!! It looks incredible. The stylist looks fabulous, goodness I would have died for yellow shoes, I didn't get any until I was 30!! And you look divine, just the kind of splendor that viewing the ballet requires. (Will also be stealing your glue gun cheat idea!! Genius) xxx

  20. I love going to the ballet (or any other kind of dance performance) and always get dressed up! Your dress is so pretty, especially with the added sparkle. You and the stylist are perfectly attired for a night out at the Ballet. I think it's marvelous that the stylist and her bestie have never had a squabble, of course, they have years ahead of them to argue!

  21. What a gorgeous sparkly skirt, you look fab, as do The Stylist and friend. The bow looks great in her hair! Your ring story, so funny x

  22. Oh, you and the stylist look perfect together. Kudos on your dedication to the sequins--it did indeed pay off.

  23. I remember the magic of my first big ballet night out. This looks like one of those nights for you and the girls. You are all stunningly gorgeous and I can feel the specialness in the air. Sadly, people wear khakis and "dressy" denim to the opera here. I'm glad you're doing your part not to let that happen there!!

  24. Love how you "dazzled" your skirt!
    It looks awesome, VERY AWESOME.
    You look PERFECT for going to the ballet.

    The Stylist and her friend look fabulous too.

  25. Looks like it was a lovely evening darl, the girls look like they were having a ball, so sweet to see.xx.

  26. Oh SPESH!!!!! You all are, just gorgeous. I love that you all dressed up for the ballet. I get so sad when you go to such a wonderful night and there are slob monster who make no effort at all.
    The sparkles on the tulle are well sparkly delightful!!!!Oh you wore the bracelet too!!!!! Yay!!!!!!
    Love v

  27. You look FREAKING FANTASTIC and the stylist looks pretty cute, herself.

    We went to the ballet and the wife forgot her glasses and couldn't see it! Kind of killed it a bit.

    I think you cute in the first pics. :)

  28. I would love to go and see the ballet with you and get really dressed up. I went to my first ever ballet performance just before Christmas (The Nutcracker) and I really loved it. The stylist and Bestie are adorable. I used to have legs like the Stylist, long gone now :(
    Your whole outfit is gorgeous, I can imagine you powdering your nose with an oversized powder puff and spritizing yourself from one of those old fashioned atomizers xx

  29. You, the Stylist and her bestie all look so lovely! What a fun night out~

  30. What a great night out! You, The Stylist and her mate are SO stylish, it hurts! I love your frock with its glued-on sequins, and your hair is a triumph! It's fabulous that you all got frocked up for the occasion.
    I particularly love the pic of the girls chatting away over their popcorn - adorable!
    Bling in your leopard print granny knickers? Ooh la la! Dontcha just HATE it when that happens?!!! xxxxx

  31. Fabulous skirt and what a fascinating story about the ballet. Love the stylist's shoes - I need yellow shoes in my life, pronto!

  32. What a wonderful evening. You look so beautiful and glamous and the girls look adorable its lovely they get on so well. You must have so much fun you 3 getting all dressed up brings a lump to my throat you just can't do that with boys ;-)) dee xxx

  33. You look absolutely gorgeous! I am very fond of gluing sequins rather than sewing, but maybe I'm just lazy. THe Stylist & her BFF are so adorable! And both so stylish!

  34. Bahaha that ole ring in the leopard print knickers. Happens to me all the time. Your efforts paid off. Your looked dazzling for the ballet. I like how people still respect the ballet and dress up. I remember my "nutcracker" dress from way back when. Thank you for voting for me! 9 days left. Im down by 25, keep up the fight.

  35. You exqusite glitzy prosti!
    I want to touch your sequins.
    I'm pretty sure all the show girls glue last minute shit.
    Everything goes down my chi chis, accesories,food.. you name it.
    I am still waiting to go to the ballet and Oprah.
    Bellita and her amiga looks so lindas.

  36. Ladies, you look lovely. All of you. :) I have never been to a ballet show and I bet I'll like it. :) Visiting from last weeks, Recycled Fashion. :)

  37. They styist has definitely inherited the fashion gene! You all look fabulous perfect for the ballet. The glitter touches you added makes your frock sing/dance. xxx


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