Thursday, June 7, 2012

Early One Morning While Makin' the Rounds, I Took a Shot'a Cocaine an' I Shot My Woman Down.

Unwelcome phone call at 7am: "Hello this is pathology and we need to take some more blood".
Thanks for that.
I wasn't gonna just roll out of bed and drive down there straight away, those persistent vampires could jolly well wait until I got myself suitably tarted up for the occasion.

 Such inconveniences require comfort, colour and enough layers to make it interesting for the blood suckers ... "oops I dropped my hanky, oh there goes my glove, darn the clip on this bag, hang on a sec I need to fix my lippy, no they're not tattoos they're leggings."

 I adore my leather pony brooch from Em of Vintage Sweetheart as part of Lakota's Jubilee Special Swap:).

 Frilly cotton bloomers ... just because.

 Vintage hat - gifted by lovely Nelly
1950s coat - eBay
Men's t-shirt - Kmart
Bloomers - cheap online shop
Van Gogh-print Leggings - Black Milk
Shoes, bag, gloves - thrifted
Earrings - gifted by Queen Helga
Johnny Cash cameo necklace - gifted by my beautiful Phoenix

 I have a photo of The Phoenix aged 23 and he looks just like this ... Johnny's doppleganger.
It's interesting how my hubby ages very similar to the way Cash did ... raaaooooowwwwwwww!!!

Oh yeah, I'm hooked on Instagram ... come and say hello at desireedares if you're really bored and have nothing better to do.
Desiree xoxo


  1. Way to make it interesting for your phlebotomists! Your leggings are of my husband's favorite painting!

  2. I honestly though that necklace was Johnny Cash . That is pretty cool.
    I had the same thing happen except for me was my Pap exam. Yeah. I hate them. Luckily, here in the states, if you've had a clean exam for the last two years you can go every other year. That's a lot easier on me.
    Hope all goes well with the blood suckers.

  3. Exquisitely beautiful, as always... the hat is a fave, of course, the red coat is sublime, I LOOOOVE the fab pony brooch (DId Em make it?), the leggings are the bomb and I ADORE the necklace, bag, sunnies and gloves... well, that's EVERYTHING isn't it!? Fabularsehole! Sarah xxx

  4. If I was a phlebotomist and you came to me for your blood draw lookin' like this I would have wanted MORE than your blood my dear!! With respect of course. ;)
    I really thought that was Johnny Cash too. Very handsome, that Phoenix.

  5. The bloomers are wicked and I really love the brooch looking fab as always x

  6. Even heading to the vampires you look delish! I followed you on Instagram, I'm PunkGlamQueen. Do keep us posted, I worry about you so my lovely!
    XXX Love, Suzanne

  7. No doubt you've made the bloodsuckers' day!

  8. I am definitely dressing up like this next time I have to give blood. Love it!! Especially the hat perched at a jaunty angle! xxx

  9. OMG I want that entire outfit.

    Do you think Em made that brooch, if so would make me one of those brooches, and finally would you mind if I had one similar?


  10. How do you do it? Putting together the most daring outfits and they totally work for you. It's as if you shouldn't be wearing anything else. You look fantastic. Totally awesome.

    Hopefully the blood tests turn out fine. Have a great day. Greetings from the other side of the world. (G.. I love the internet!)

  11. Oh could that jacket be more fabulous, I think not!!!!!
    Just amazing today Miss Desiree!!!! Yay
    The little leopard pill box hat is super cute.
    I love Johnny Cash, the pendant is perfect.
    Love v

  12. I hope everything went well. You look fab as always, dee xx

  13. I thought that was Johnny Cash too! Very dreamy I must say! It's too bad you couldn't fake green blood - that would make their eyes really pop. And is that a hanky in your hand? Lovely. The problem with looking so fabulous is they might jab you in the wrong place from distraction - you'll have to tell them how to do it.

  14. Sorry to hear you're being prodded and poked by vampires, I'm guessing they're not the sexy 1000 year old viking kind? You look awesome and ready for anything though, and the circus horse looks brilliant prancing across a coat - complete win from Em's mum, we all LOVE it!

    My husband bears an uncanny resemblance to Joseph Fiennes when he was in 'Shakespeare in Love'. (He doesn't wear tights though)

    Hope it all goes well.

  15. Oh amor,
    I am drooling over your red coat and leopard pill box hat.
    Circus horsey standing out in the crowd of vampires.
    Those tight are out of this world!
    You must show us a pic of your Phoenix at that age amor.

  16. More like they'd be giving you blood out of sheer overexcitement rather than taking it, with an outfit like that, LOL! Best thrill they've had all year for sure!!

  17. Love that you wore a red coat to get blood drawn :)

    That Johnny Cash necklace is so cool!

  18. Bah to blood work - honestly I have as much in lab bottles as is circulating. Hope all is well - you look beautiful xx

  19. I bet you were the best dressed patient! Loving the coat and leopard hat! Mr horsey looks very happy. xx

  20. Hi Desiree!

    Great that you are on Instagram, i will look you up for sure!

    This indeed a great outfit for the blook sucking vampires!

    Nice gift from your hubby

    Ariane xxx

  21. Momma mia if we don't have the same wonderful taste....I just picked up some shorts like that in turquoise. Let's do cart wheels together. Great outfit for the vampires I do hope your sweet Phoenix is hanging tough and what a hunk to be aging like Cash. I bet he loves you as much as Cash loved June....what a love story they had. I love you sweetie!!!

  22. How the hell can anyone look that fabulous after a 7am wake-up call? It's beyond belief! I love those leggings and the pendant is just stunning. I bet you blew everyone at the surgery away with your fabulousness! Hope everything's okay. xxxx

  23. You look "Bloody" Gorgeous Des!
    Love your leopard hat and red coat.
    The brooch from Em is so sweet.

  24. Oooh, Desiree, that is one fecking fabulous Johnny Cash pendant - you would definitely love the one made by Mallory Knox (from my blog). That is definitely a suitably tarty outfit to wear when being forced to give up one's blood. Hope all is well....

  25. Oh my darling Desiree, you look so good in that red coat and leopard print hat, and then you go and make it even more fabulous by wearing leggings, frilly pants, Em's mum's brooch, and having Mr Cash around your neck. Doesn't get any better.
    I think we HAVE to see that pic of The Phoenix-as-Johnny. I love Krista's comment about you and Mr P being like Johnny and June.
    Thinking about you, babe, and sending all good wishes and love in abundance. xxxxx

  26. Damn vampires, grrr. How lovely is that brooch? Fabulous. Also, a hubby resembling Johnny Cash? Can't be bad. X

  27. Johnny Cash! Salt of the Earth... Rock & Roll...

  28. Love your instagram pics!! I really like the Lumiance app as well it doesn't crop the pictures square which is sometimes handy...Everything looks better in instagram it is so funny isn't it!! You look fabulous for your vampire meeting...I am not a big fan of getting blood drawn they never find my veins and poke me like a millions times and then I come out wearing like 20 bandaids and everyone in the waiting room looks horrified hehehehe!! A Johnny Cash look a like you lucky girl!!! I listen to Johnny all the time my hubby and I love his music. ~That is one cute necklace you have!! Enjoy your weekend xx Heather

  29. Straight away from the post title, I know you were a Johnny Cash fan!!! I am so jealous of the photo pendant. As always you look stunning, and I like what you have done to your blog, very cool. The photo on the header is really awesome.

  30. you are so yummy! I vant your bloooood!

  31. Really like those leggings. Definitely need to dress up for doctors appointments - I'm sure you gave them something to talk about for the day!

  32. Those leggins are amazing - my favorite Van Gogh painting)))
    You look incredible, as always) Such a great combination of red and that cute leopard hat! And Johnny Cash pendant - wow)))

  33. Adorable!!!!!! <3 So elegant my lovely DesireƩ

  34. You are a constant source of joy for me. Thank you for the endless inspiration, you GODDESS! (I think I'm officially obsessed with Black Milk; bought both Van Gogh's--he's my favorite--and can't stop thinking about the Great Wave leggings! I wish they'd make a Frida pair!) This is a PERFECT ensemble of FABULOUS. ::sigh:: Cash is yum scrum..and so is this hat!

    I hope everything was a-ok at the pathologist. Sending love&sunshine. XOXOXO

  35. You're my bloomer mentor!! Make those path lab buggers wait, if you get a dodgy vampire you often end up with a huge bruise anyway!

    You look stunning, I love it all, especially the hat!!

  36. Dressing up is the only way to make a visit to pathology bearable. And if (like me) you feel a little faint at the sight of a needle, you can always strike up a convo with the nurse about your incredible gloves/sunglasses/unicorn brooch.

  37. Gaaaa, You have such cool stuff. The Johhny Cash cameo...who'd a thunk?


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