Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This Jubilee Thingy is a Circus!

It took inspiration by sweet Em of Vintage Sweetheart to make me feel some of the Jubilee lurve the Brits have been celebrating today.
She and I are swap partners in Lakota's Jubilee Swap Special and my parcel arrived today!

Darling Em certainly did her research and everything she sent me was circus-themed.

The fabric wrapping had circus teddies on it and she made a beautiful Union Jack card from felt.

Just look at all these goodies!
I nearly pee'd myself with excitement at discovering these amazing treasures ... 

Em had a lucky day at the opp shops and found this FANTASTIC thick cotton buttoned waistcoat, just in time for winter layering ... I LOVE it!!

Em's lovely Mum made this beautiful circus pony brooch from white leather ... thank you mama, it's beautiful:)).

Red, white and blue star earrings.

A lovely heart-shaped floral ring.

A huge fuck-off harlequin bow - my first one ever!!!!

ROOOOAAAAAWWWWWW ... a vintage suspender belt ... come to mama!

She even remembered The Stylist and sent her these beautiful teapot earrings:)).

Time to limber up for an immediate dress-up session, pronto!

Can you tell I love my fuck-off bow?

Bloomers - BOODWAH
Leggings - Black Milk
Vintage dancing shoes - thrifted
It's impossible not to get in a party mood when the circus is in town ... I hope those of you out celebrating the Jubilee are having a wickedly wonderful time:)).
Desiree xoxo


  1. Oh wow! How could you not burst with excitement at receiving such a parcel of joy?? I think my favourite things are the bow and the waistcoat, or maybe your stripey leggings.. or the shoes... ah, why by choosey, I love everything here!

  2. I love your blog so much! The whole parcel is fabulous, but serious envy over that bow! x


  3. Bloody fab... a parcel of joy if ever there was one. I'm very much enjoying yer legs in those leggings!xxxxx

  4. That vest looks like something a majorette would wear, love me a marching band! Oh and I'm checking out how you've got your hats displayed, mine are all in boxes and I always forget what's in em...have a marvelous day, thanks for the post!

  5. aahh what wonderful gifts. Bless Emma. Love the little horse brooch and that ring there lovely. And you look as amazing as always. dee xx

  6. Life is a show and we should dress appropriately! You are awesome!

  7. First off, love the waistcoat. I have never seen anything like that in an OP shop. Will keep my eyes out. Your swap partner really went all out! What an exciting parcel. I want to dress circus like too. Next year for sure.

  8. That vest is just so AMAZING!!!! I LOVE it!! You look luscious gorgeous!! Hugs! ~Serene Btw, so tickled to be following you on Instagram! Don't you love it???

  9. I absolutely adore the heart ring and hair bow! Love your blog you always look a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

  10. You look awesome!! What a great loot!

  11. You look great! What a great surprise package. I remember wearing bows like that when I was a little girl.

  12. Oh wow, what a fabulous outfit and amazing parcel. You look absolutely glamorous and just wonderful. You are definitely the ringmaster. (especially with that ring) And teapot earrings! How amazing that Em found and send them for the Stylist.

    Thank you very much for your lovely comments and even following, I'm feeling very honored.

    Have a great week.

  13. Love this fabulous bunch of goodies especially the horse brooch and your new waist coat. I'd totally join your circus baby!

  14. Since the birth of this waistcoat it's finally being worn the way it was meant to be worn. That poor thing, never being able to express itself until NOW!! It's obviously making up for lost time. You look gulp-worthy in this outfit, ready to lead the Queen's flotilla from the prow of a Viking ship, with that great huge divinely named(!) bow in your hair. Priceless treasures all!

  15. Oh, yes! What a lovely bunch o' goodies! That waistcoat looks amazeballs on you--and what a fantabulous fuck-off bow! Gah, you're so gorgeous! XOXO

    p.s. You've totally inspired me again; bought my first pair of Black Milk Leggings! Can't wait for them to get herrrrre!

  16. WOWSERS!! How much fabulousness can be contained in one package? Apparently, as this post demonstrates, a whole lot! Love the waistcoat, the perfect thing to top off striped tights and green bloomers. That is one helluva bow - the two of you were meant for each other. Your posts always give me a smile - thank you! If you have any spots in your circus for a snake charmer, let me know.

  17. You've hit the jackpot! I love the waistcoat and the harlequin bow. I think it is time we started a Kickstarter campaign for your first trapeeze.

  18. How FARKING glorious!!! That Em, she's a treasure, and she's done you PROUD!!!That waistcoat is especially sublime!
    Circus MINX,you can ride my pony ANYTIME!!!

    Love and Lustipops!

  19. Oh you gorgeous woman, your Circus outfits just get better and better! I LOVE the little jacket Em found for you, and the harlequin bow, they are just perfect for you. (Now I'm panicking about my Jubilee swap parcel, Em's sent hers and mine's not even half ready yet... Better get a wriggle on!)
    That little horsey brooch is too cute, as are the teapots for the Stylist.
    Best of all is seeing you with your leg up in the air - it's how I think of you, Desiree, leg(s) in the air or flashing your pants/bloomers! Now THAT'S what I call a jubilee celebration! xxxxxxx

  20. Oh this is the BESTEST circus outfit ever!!!!!! I just love the waistcoat with the stripe tights. Em you wee poppet, she has done so well!!!!!!!!
    Love v

  21. The ring and the tights are amazing. Looking fab as always x

  22. The circus brooch has stolen my heart.

  23. Yay you look absolutley gorgeous!! You even managed to get all on at once! If I didn't have the circus theme I would of be lost. :) xxxx

  24. Oh how cool is that?! Excellent swap work from Em - this is the first one I have seen so far and I love it!

    Love the waistcoat and bow combo - very circus indeed, and the little horse is so cute! I have the butterfly version of that ring which Kylie sent me (I think she and Em live near each other)

    I still want to see you on a real pony!

  25. You are a dancer! And in the perfect performance ensemble. Lovely package from someone who knows you well.

  26. Oh you hermosa Desireeita!
    I love your circus get up soldier vest.
    Oh that feathery hat is lush.
    Look at all the delights of circusy love. little carousel horsey and fuck me bow is my fave and ofcourse you with your sexy prosti leg up high.

  27. What fantastic gifts from Em! You look MAGNIFICENT!! As any proper circus women should.

  28. oh I love it all!! so gorgeous! I want a white horse brooch too! I have seen a dress in a charity shop which I think I might grab for you... let me know ASAP if you think a mint green lacy and satin prom/bridesmaids dress is up your street

  29. What a great parcel of goodies you received - and so right for you! The waistcoat is so fabulous and the bow suits you down to the ground. Aren't we lucky?!

  30. You look absolutely stunning! GORGEOUS! What an ace parcel, haven't we all done well out of Lakota!


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