Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why Yes I Did Cut My Own Hair!

I can't even admit to having pondered over cutting my fringe.
It was more of a reflex action when I decided my crooked hair could do with a tidy up.
Oh dear.
But look at my frock.  Look, look, look the frock!
I pounced on it in the Salvos yesterday, eight bucks with original tags and it's the most delicious pure silk.
I can only guess at the text accompanying the lovely teapots, yet the dress makes me feel very early-30s film star.
Mmmmmmm ... I've almost forgotten about my accident with the scissors.

Lily gets all frisky and playful whenever we're outside.
We're on her patch and she's showing us around.
And she doesn't get too judge-y when I make poor hair decisions.  BFF.

Yup, I'm having a super bad hair day and I ventured out sans paper bag.
Points for trying.

Silk frock - Salvos
All jewellery and 1960s beauty case - assorted op shops
Tights - Sock Dreams
Shoes - some online sale

Friends, thank you for your kind comments on my last post.
Actually, thank you for even popping over here!
I'm so very grateful and chuffed with your visits and I love to read your thoughts and visit you as often as possible.
Are your buns burning?  
That's coz I just gave you a MASSIVE arse-squeeze.
Desiree x


  1. magic teapots! What a dress. Hair grows back. I know this from cutting my own bangs. A snip here to even them out, and a snip there and an oh crap!

  2. Hair mishap or no, you still look fabulous Desiree.
    The way I see it, that shit grows back out and if something really drastic happens then there's always wigs and vintage hats to fall back on.
    The only time I've shed a tear after a hair incident was when twelve year old me went armed with a picture of True Blue Madonna and said to the local purple rinse and perm salon "give me some of that please" only to emerge three hours later with the tightest poodle perm that the world has ever seen and to make matters worse the very next day was the dreaded school photo day. I was totally gutted and haven't liked going to the hairdressers since.
    Any road I think you look awesome and as for that teapot extravaganza, it is spectacular! xxx

  3. The way I see it, the shorter the fringe, the more we see of your gorgeous face! Looks fine to me, honest! If you want to see a tragically bad haircut, I should show you Owen's; NOT by me, but courtesy a barber who clearly didn't listen to a word I said and did the exact opposite of what I asked for. Hence, Owen looks like Paul Weller, c1978. Or Paul Weller now, since his hair hasn't change much. Anyway, looking like a Mod wasn't quite what we had in mind, but hey ho, it'll grow. (That rhymes!)
    Back to you and that fab silk dress - it's beautiful! Add pink tights and a 1960s vanity case, and you've got yourself a killer outfit! xxx

  4. The hair cut is elfinesque, dear Desiree, and count yourself fortunate you've got the cheek bones and eyes to wear it with grace. (That light-hearted silken tunic with pink tights helps!)

  5. The dramatic fringe looks fab on you. I used to wear mine like that until I'd had one too many serial killer comparisons.
    Love that dress - what a find! t looks brilliant with the pink tights and the vanity case.
    could d with an arse squeeze - I'm bastard freezing, might warm me up! xxx

  6. Ow! You didn't have to pinch *that* hard (now you're just enjoying yourself ;))

    I like your hair. If you pull the bottom back (or chop the rest off) you get a Jean Seberg in Breathless thing going with the miniscule fringe (or as we call 'em, "Bangs" which does sound more dramatic).

    The Universe obviously wanted you to find that dress as it is clearly made for you.

    I really do think the hair works for you, for what it is worth.

  7. SO what if it's a bit wonky you are BRAVE for even trying and that's all that matters. I think it's playful just like this beauty of a dress. Feeling pretty means different things to us blogging girls, but we all agree that its necessary to battle life.
    Love you!

  8. Love, love, love the dress. I agree the hair looks cute but I also understand why you think the bangs are too short. As others have said, it does grow back. I've been there too. Sometimes I think I need to wrap the scissors in a note that says, "are you sure?" But other times it works out great and I end up with a haircut I adore. Sometimes you win sometimes you don't but almost always worth the risk. Tanks for the squeeze, I needed it today.

  9. I cut my hair just yesterday (at least it's curly so the inevitable wonkiness doesn't show) Yours is cute -- such a pretty colour! The dress is great too. I need a green silk dress.

  10. Your dress reminds me of a printed tea towel I did referencing the Boston Tea Party. I had little teacups that looked like boats higglepiggledy across it. Do you think the centre of the dress looks like a map? Maybe this dress is a tourist dress! Silk is ALWAYS good in my book.
    You look so jaunty in that hair style, esp with the knobs on side extending the line of the mini fringe! The knobs make the whole look quite Japanese.
    Thanks for your comment re my stylish family. Means a lot coming from super stylish you! XO JJ
    PS I SHAVED the back of my hair, so I can't see a thing wrong with yours ;-D

  11. Your hair is pretty fantastic actually :-)

  12. Oh my goodness you're posts give me life! Only somebody as FABULOUS as you could make that fringe cut look totally awesome. <3

  13. mwahaha, as a huge fan of cutting my own fringe, you've got my support (and hugs!), oh yes, sometimes we can fail, but that's not going to stop us!!, anyway, you're gorgeous and cute enough to cheer up any bad hair day!!, and your new 30's style dress is making my mouth water!! such a delightful piece and such a gorgeous lady you're!!
    besos & abrazos

  14. I do appreciate a firm arse squeeze, my arse thanks you! I like your fringe, I like them short, I'd have one myself but have a ginormous cowlick (which my Mum used to Sellotape down before special occasions when I was little)so I always appreciate them - the dress is just utterly gorgeous, and so beautiful on you, it does have a massive 30's feel to it, it's film star perfect x x x

  15. Look at you, you fecking goddess. Hurrah for the dramatic fringe the shorter the better. You rock it spinning on yer wotsit.
    I hacked mine back this morning and feel much better for it!
    Now you mention it, my arse is tingling. Oooooer..

  16. I likes the choppy fringe - at least you didn't use nail scissors or the kitchen scissors reserved for cutting the rind off bacon. Ahem.

    I have a dress thing like that! I've got to go find it now and try to make it look as groovy as yours (mine has a 'uge dragon on it but no teacups).

    Aww look at grown-up LilyPuss - she wouldn't judge - only hateful joy killers do that. You look absolutely charming - come and cut my fringe any time :))

  17. I think your hair looks fab. You're being to harsh on yourself, missus.
    And that dress? Perfection. I'm so pleased it found its way into your closet.

  18. I think your hair looks great, I would have never known the mishap if you hadn't said. You always look great to me :) Love the design on what you're wearing. And of course the bright pink tights are marvellous :))) A doll you are. I hope your weekend is bliss xoxo

  19. Your you-chopped hair looks fab, you have the face and bone structure to carry pretty much anything you could to to your hair off with aplomb. Love that dress so much, no wonder you pounced. Add pink tights and the vanity case and you just look divine. xx

  20. Thanks for the arse squeeze, it's made me come over all flighty, which is perfect for a Saturday night which has been far too sedate up until now. I LOVE the fringe! You look so cute! I'd love a short fringe but him indoors doesn't like them. Fantastic dress and pink tights too, you've ticked all the boxes today! As for Lilly, she's adorable and perfect BFF material. Sorted. Xxxxxx

  21. I love this look so much ! I can't see the fail on your hair, I love the 2 little buns you made and the color is soooo perfect !
    I cut my hair myself too, and I'm very used to fail the cuts !!!

  22. Silk dress is adorable ,for Queensland summer perfect.Every women needs a lot of silk dresses.

    You blog is La Dolce Vita for me.Thanks.

  23. That dress is almost as awesome as you are!

  24. I think your short bangs are cute. Unlike when I cut my own bangs freakishly short and crooked and it was horrifying hah. So I just shave the side of my head now, that's much safer :p

  25. Are your buns burning? You crack me up! I think the fringe looks pretty great - you really rock the short fringe, I couldn't pull that off at all (my hair is so out of control). Also I can't believe you bought that at an op shop - WOW! You win at op shopping!!

  26. I haven't been to a hairdresser since.... umm I think I have been twice since I left hairdressing in the 80s. Both times I got the shittest haircuts. I thought I am better off saving my money and doing my own shitty haircuts.
    ps your hair always looks amazing

  27. I have been lying low and out of social media for months now, but I had to come out long enough to say your hair looks amazing. You make anything look smashing!

    Sending much love and virtual hugz,


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