Monday, August 25, 2014

It's So Easy ... Sometimes

Wonderful, drenching rain means tea, crusty old movies, hot scones and sewing.
Thankfully we've had plenty of it all here so I'm feeling rather smug and happy.
And bloated.

This is one of the three-skirt bargains I picked up from the Red Cross op-shop last week where I bought three skirts for $10.
The waistband on this one was too small so I unpicked it, added some fabric to the waistband, re-did the gathering to fit my waist, then sewed it back on.
The next day I got a blood-bomb and my waist shrunk a couple of inches. 
WTF is that about?
So I unpicked the sodding thing, re-made the waistband, re-gathered the skirt and sewed the fucker back together.
This skirt is lucky I love it, despite it reminding me of the 80s when I didn't have a pre-menstrual waistline like saggy elastic.

These two don't have to worry about such news-dominating issues.

1970s Coffey movie t-shirt - Creative Markets
1950s tapestry handbag - gift from my beautiful sister, Merilyn
Fishnet t-shirt - online sale
Skirt - Red Cross
Shoes - vintage market
Jewellery - Camberwell Market and op shops
Tights - both from Sock Dreams

Getting as much wear out of this wee dear until my waistline explodes again.

Some skirts are kinder than others and there's really nothing more comfortable than a Franken-Skirt.
It's a t-shirt in a skirt and if you need to rustle one up in a flash, here's how:

Grab a guy's t-shirt (bloke's t-shirts are WAY cooler than chick's ones).
Cut the sleeves off.
Slice the top off.
Sew up what's left of the armholes.
Grab some stretch fabric and cut a rectangle that will fit around your waist and stretch over your hips.
Sew the ends together to make a circle.
Fold the circle in two, wrong sides together.
Zig-zag the waistband to the top of the t-shirt, stretching the band to fit the skirt.
Put the skirt on.
Do a dance.
Here's some music.

Sequin top, Marvel t-shirt - op shops
Gold lion necklace - gift from lovely Miss Ada
Boots - second hand from local boot maker
Leggings - Black Milk
You're welcome.
Love Desiree xox


  1. I love the skirt, the bag, the pink tights, and the t-shirt. Bloating is a real issue for me uggghhhhh You should sell those t-shirt skirts on Etsy. Very cool.

  2. I wanna Tshirt skirt! I will definitely be making one. My waistline needs some stretchy forgiveness :-)
    Don't you just love the rain when you get to be all snuggly and crafty and booky. We lived under a tin roof in PNG, and when the rain started we would run to our beds with a book, hoping it didn't stop before we were all snuggled in and reading...ahhh! xo JJ

  3. Blood Bomb! What a brilliant name for such a shitty thing. Glad mine are done and dusted. Love the t-shirt skirt, very inspired.

  4. Awesome idea to make a skirt from t-shirt!
    That monthly waistline explosion is a bummer (also gives me a migrain). But thankfully loose dresses and jersey takes care of that problem :D

  5. You dear lady have the patience of saint :-) Looking Fabulous. Its raining here today to typical as its a bank holiday weekend. Enjoy your week lovely, dee xx

  6. Well done for keeping your patience with the waistband - was there swearing involved? There would have been here! It looks lovely with the leggings and embroidered cardigan, and that fantastic little beret.
    Nice job with the t-shirt skirt, clever you. Yes, I will do a little dance, thanks for the offer.
    PS. Top photo bombing by Bella and Lily! xxxx

  7. Well, in London right now we've got the torrential rain and I've got the tea and sewing going on, but now I *need* scones and I don't have any. I see a date with the oven later...

    I do love that taffeta skirt, and the Coffy tee reminds me of when I used to buy loads of cheap tees from the Vintage Magazine shop in Soho back in the 90s, I had all the Planet of the Apes ones and a few others. Actually, I still have a Bettie Page one waiting to be sewn into a cushion! Maybe I'll finally sew it today... :)

  8. Thanks for sharing all the beauty and creativity with Visible Monday! You're gorgeous. xox

  9. You've sewn up two fabulous skirts there. Nice work. You've inspired me to crack on with a bit of sewing this afternoon.
    How effing annoying about the waistband but at least you'll know exactly how to do it next time.

  10. Anna loves your skirt what a great idea with the T :) and you look fabulous you just know how to mix it up!! ~Love Heather

  11. Love your T-shirt skirt! What an ace idea.

  12. pre-menstrual waistline... I know everything about that too :( the skirt is awesome! xxx

  13. Geepers lady, you're a fucking genius! The t-shirt skirt is brilliant. (A million times better than those awful sweater pants.) I've been there with the waistline mood-swings.

  14. Love your attitude to waist changes and how cool is the tee shirt skirt! Love it. Great photobomb with the stylist holding the cat too :-) xx

  15. I hear you on the bloody size change depending on what of the month. I also need to own two different size bras depending on where I am in my cycle.

  16. beautiful look, plenty of creative inspiration ! I love the rain too !

  17. The vivid Rousseau greens and blues become you, Desiree. Do try the blue sequin top with this chic skirt and perhaps a clever cocktail hat.

    The variable waist nuisance calls for hidden remedies. I used a loop of elastic sewn into the button-hole tab as a device to catch the waist button "further out." A more skillful friend concealed elastic waistband inserts under belt loops. * Much to be said for menopause...

  18. Oh yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about! My boobs blow up so big it's a miracle I don't fall over! Ten out of ten for perseverance, and wasn't it worth it? Looks fabulous, as does your 90s frankenskirt. I love both looks on you. You've just reminded me I need a hot drink, it's blooming freezing here! Xxxxx

  19. I am SO making one of those skirts!!

  20. Cute skirt and fantastic bag! Kisses.

  21. I will be reexamining Mr. ETB's collection of tee shirts with thoughts of skirtmaking. Oooh, I feel so inspired.

    I've given up on waistlines that aren't elastic as I can gain a couple inches from a glass of water these days(which is bad when you diet is limited to liquids, but eventually the old kidneys kick into gear and my clothes (sorta) fit again). That is a great skirt, and I can see why you'd make the effort fixing it. The diamond/harlequin-esque tights are THE BEST.

  22. I need your DIY superhero shirt for the comic convention this Saturday. I could never do that with one of my husband's shirts as he is as big around as one of my thighs!! I adore your beaded necklace in the first photos!

  23. I was going to ask you how you made the t-shirt skirt, so thanks for the instructions. I've been having a huge issue with bloating over the past year or so, and was sent for an ultrasound and a colonoscopy to make sure it wasn't anything serious. My skirts and pants are now divided into ones I wear on "flat-stomach" days, and ones for "bloated-stomach" days.

  24. oh yeah, you're right about that pre-menstrual huge waist and the problems of taking it for your usual waist when sewing!, but your cute plaid skirt is cool and shiny and love your tights and t-shirt and bijouterie, you look adorable particularly when photobombed by girl&cat!, cute!
    And you're also right about those pretty guy's t-shirts, we don't have so cool t-shirts!, but your skirt is the solution!! obviously, some striped tights and cute sequins are the perfection!!
    besos & fabulousness

  25. What a post!!!
    Loads of info, great outfits and a laugh!!!
    Thanks once again!!!

  26. Oh my gosh, you're a genius. Finally, something to do with my ex-boyfriends awesome tees. Instead of looking wistfully at them, I'm going to wrap them around my butt and hit the town!

  27. I love that frankenskirt!! I have an old tee of Rich's in my stash I have been meaning to do SOMETHING with for the LONGEST time. Maybe I can make a skirt. Also lady bodies are SO annoying!!

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  29. Somehow I missed this one.
    BLOODY HELL that Frankenskirt is so cool! Something I have to try.
    And, blood-bomb. HA.

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