Friday, August 8, 2014

There's A Hole in my Bucket

The title says it all.
Except the bucket has so many holes, there's just a handle left.
Last week, Number One Son stepped in and swept Bella and I off for some respite from the insanity.
We flew to Melbourne where he took care of all the details and allowed us the break we needed.
One must eventually return to routine, but briefly resting under the wing of that wonderful son and brother for a few days certainly helped. 
I may have even smiled again.
An hour before setting off for the airport, I decided my hair needed some zing.
It helped.
We stayed two nights at #1 Son's quaint, old, inner-city, worker's cottage, then he put us up in a beautiful old heritage-listed hotel, Warwillah, a beautiful Queen Anne-style mansion built in 1896, which was once home to Governor-General Issacs.
We felt very spoiled.

Just one of the beautiful, original stained glass windows at Warwillah.

It was wonderful to rug up in our coats and hats; here I'm wearing a 70s velvet skirt that rarely gets worn in Brisbane.  The parrot brooch was a gift from sweet Vintage Bird Girl, while the 1950s coat was ten bucks from a Brisbane market.

A mish-mash of brooches (who can stop at just one?), including the Anti-Joyce badge Clare (formerly Miss Simmonds Says) made me.

Number One Son took us to the historic St Kilda Pier, where we saw three Little Penguins nesting among the rocks.
What a treat!  We'd never seen wild penguins before.

I love wearing this enormous brooch Helga made for me and decided to flaunt it on my turban.
The Tiki Tour continued with a visit to Brighton Beach, where the brightly-painted huts draw tourists even on the coldest, yet sunny days.
We searched for Miss Fisher, but she was probably putting some fine young boxer or dancer through his paces with a fan dance.

Sundays mean a very late start, coffee, breakfast, then Camberwell Markets.
We arrived 40 minutes before closing time so there was no time for pics, but we perfected the art of vintage shopping on the run.

Bella picked up fab leather boots for five bucks, plus a glut of clothes for her, scored for a dollar or two.
The girl is rapidly outgrowing her wardrobe, luckily she adores the hunt for second-hand treasures.
Long may it last!
I found her chic, warm coat at an op shop in Canungra during our school holiday adventure.
On Monday it was breakfast at Balaclava, where Bella discovered she had a taste for Yo-Chi frozen yogurt and sourdough toast with smashed avocado and feta. Yum!

Lucky I had a second cup of espresso.
It meant I had to make a run for the nearest public building, where the delectable Miss Tallulah Porkchop, spotted us sprinting for the loo!

What are the chances?
As you can see I nearly suffocated the poor wee dear in excitement. 
Melbourne's a big city, so we couldn't believe our luck!

From there, Miss Porkchop directed us just a few meters down the road where we sprung upon gorgeous Clare of Stitching Purple Blooms.
Holy feck!
I couldn't stop myself from beaming with joy at finally meeting, by chance, both of these two stunning wenches.
You can tell I'm happy from all my chins.

Then it was off to St Kilda Pier and boardwalk again, stopping off for a look at Luna Park, then we spent some time with huge, native black swans.  They look so elegant in the water, yet so clumsy waddling about on the sand don't they?
What a glorious day.

The embroidered cotton blouse from the Philipines was a dollar and the shell cross was fifty cents, both from Camberwell Market the previous day.

 I've nicknamed Melbourne the City of Coats, Boots and All-Age Stunning Wenches.

 On our final day we snapped more beautiful buildings: Flinders Street Station and the Royal Exhibition Centre, before spending a leisurely afternoon exploring Melbourne Museum.

A majestic blue whale, a locally-themed ocean exhibit and volcanoes were some of the features of our "school day".
Then there were the art lessons.

Looking ahead, I realise being a full-time carer to my husband isn't viable and we will have to work with any and every agency to get the help he needs.  It's an incredibly taxing job and after four years, I feel my kids and I are the ones that need some care.
Hopefully I can find a way to fill the holes in the non-existent bucket.
Please, no sympathy.  
Hugs, D xo


  1. Melbourne is awesome, I was over there earlier this year.

    Contact Silver Chain for advice on getting some assistance with care for the Phoenix.

  2. Oh I do love reading your posts you write so beautifully

  3. It looks like such a beautiful trip and it seems like a very well-deserved one too. I've always wanted to visit Melbourne so it's lovely to get a glimpse into the amazing markets, art and people! XX

  4. No sympathy, but empathy. I love your powder blue coat! How nice to run into other bloggers. Melbourne always looks great, but those big-eyed staring street art works are a bit freaky!

  5. Mlle. Bella is a joy to behold! Not only does she display her mum's outer and inner beauty, but also her vintage shopping smarts! Those coats, with those pins!, are wonderful.

    No sympathy, but a pat of approval: first, plug up the holes in the bucket; next, fill the bucket with any and all resources on offer. Well done!

  6. What a great trip to a beautiful city!
    thank you for sharing your pictures - sadly I may not make it to Australia (unless the book I'm writing becomes a best-seller) so I'm imagining being there through you.
    You and your daughter are gorgeous and always inspiring.

  7. What a wonderful wee getaway. Just what the doctor ordered I'm sure. A visit to Melbourne is always good for the soul. Sending my love to you & I hope everything sorts out for Anto's care needs. Chronic illness is hard on everyone involved that's for sure. Xx

  8. What a stunning city! It looks like so much fun.

    Good luck!

  9. Glad to see you are looking after yourself. Me who has no clue about your life! Enjoyed the visit to Melbournian haunts. Here's hoping you can find some help so you can plug those leaks and start filling your bucket again.
    My best wishes to you and Anto at this taxing time.
    XO JJ

  10. Ewwww, whatever those things are floating in the water next to your cherrypie look sickening! They make my toes curl!!
    I want to go to Melbourne now. Looks like a great trip and lots of sunshine. You are full of joy and exuberance as always. That's what keeps me coming back! See you on IG.

  11. Wow! It seems like you guys always have great holidays. It's great the your kids take after you and have a sense of adventure. I doubt I could get my husband to do anything like that. I can barely get him into a thrift store.

  12. You need support not sympathy :) Here's hoping you get it soon. Looking sublime as always - take care of you too xxxxxxxx


  13. Melbourne looks fabulous, and just what you and darling Bella needed. How cool of Number One Son to treat you, he's a good boy! That hotel looks very smart - and so dwarfed by the new buildings all around it.
    You both look beautifully warm and cosy in your coats and brooches! Markets and piers and friends and penguins and black swans and beaches and museums - all my favourite things, and good for the soul, I reckon.
    You know, life is HARD. None of us can do it without help, in its various forms. Hope you can get what you and Anto need, Des. Rooting for ya! xxxx

  14. you're just Fabulous Ladies rocking the city with all your wild fabulousness!!, love your coats, particularly that blue one with lots of pins!, love you've got some refreshing days so your smiles become wider than ever!!
    besos & fabulousness!!!

  15. Beautiful girls, what a treat! xoxo

  16. I think it is a very good thing that you have realized you can't do it all yourself, and are seeking assistance with the caregiver duties. That was so nice of Number 1 son to give you a lovely break by the sea. It's such a delight to see you and Bella enjoying a girls excursion. I love the look of joy you have while squeezing Ms. Tallulah!

  17. What a fabulous life-injecting trip - the colours, the grins, the flitting about, happy circumstances meeting cool people, yummy treats. We all need a Number One Son!
    You look radiant. So does Bella.

  18. What are the chances to meet two bloggers just like that in a big city!! Amazing! You all look beautiful and so happy.

    I don't know a lot about you and your life, but I see that you are a unique and super creative soul. I also know what it feels like to care of people for a long time (and 4 years is just about what it was for me) - and feeling completely drained. I don't think we are meant to only give, there should be a mutual simultaneous process of giving and receiving all at the same time. Only then life is healthy... It's been a year for me, and I am still trying to heal from my own drain and figure my life out. Wishing you all the best with yours!

  19. Oh my gosh I want to come on holiday with you it all looks amazing. Talking of amazing, how amazing is your son?

    Here's to good things in the future. x

  20. Yay I missed ya! Obsessed with that 1950's coat, YUM. The brooches are a nice touch. This is a great post...smiles, beach, graffiti!

    OMG! Starlady added me as a friend on Facebook today and it made me SO excited! Thanks for linking me up!

  21. Not sympathy, but a good shoulder squeeze that says, "I understand." Respite from the full time caring for a loved one is necessary, even if it is difficult convincing yourself you need it.

    You have great kids.

    How cool to have an unplanned meet-up in the city. Whatever red lippy you're wearing these days-you should stock up in case they discontinue it. Perfection.

  22. What a beautiful get-away. And how lucky you are that your daughter likes to treasure hunt with you. My son just rolls his eyes. The powder blue coat is spectacular! You look recharged and ready to tackle whatever life throws your way.

  23. What a fabulous trip to Melbourne. Love the blue coat with the collection of badges/brooches, the stained glass window, the beach huts and just everything really. It's a long time since I was in Melbourne so it was lovely to see your photos. Bella looks lovely in her coat and great leather boots she found at the market. Big hug to you both xx

  24. That's one hell of a thoughtful son you've got there! Pat on the back mum! X

  25. I'm so happy your son saved the day! It's a great feeling helping your folks. Bella is looking beautiful as are you my dear, the trip did you well. I only took care of my Dad for a short while but it was so emotionally draining I can't imagine 4 years! I really do hope you guys all get the help you need, life's too short, it really is.
    Stay beautiful!

  26. Sometimes it's great to have weather cold enough for boots and coats … and Melbourne does usually supply that … luckily it doesn't look as if it supplied rain as well.
    Hooray for Number One Son … sounds like he's a keeper.
    No sympathy … just an affirmation that it's only sensible to accept all the help you can possibly get … it's a sign of strength not weakness to be able to admit when you need it.

  27. So much awesome in one post! I adooooore your embroidered Filipino shirt!

  28. Thank you for an inspiring post.

    Good luck!

  29. You and Bella are certainly flourishing in Melbourne. I love your powder blue coat and her bargain boots. What a considerate son you brought up! xxxxx

  30. Now I understand what you meant by the insanity. I've been there. Take the help, take it all before you break. I just hope there is some to be had? Thank goodness for life's little highlights, sometimes they are the only things that keep us going. Number 1 son came up trumps! Melbourne looks wonderful and so do you and as for Bella? Well, she's certainly living up to her name! Xxxxx

  31. Melbourne looks wonderful and it is lovely to get the cosy clothes out and worn. Bella and you look refreshed and relaxed in the city of 'Coats, boots and all-age stunning wenches' - No 1 Son is a good lad, and good luck getting the help you need x x x

  32. I love this view of my beautiful city from somebody else's eyes! And I see amazing style runs in the family. You cuties :) I wish I have bumped into you, I would've squealed so hard!! x

  33. Bless son number one! What a wonderful break for you and Bella, I love all the costume changes. But I also love seeing Melbourne through your eyes. You like to do many of the same things I like to do when I visit :) I am hoping to go there again this year, but it will all really depend on my annual leave. Fingers crossed. I am going to Auckland in a few weeks though - so I do have my own mini-break to look forward too :)

  34. Looks like you and yours had a really groovy visit. Sometimes one just needs a breather from reality, eh?

  35. im generally a lurker here but oh my gosh the buttons on that blue coat swoon!!! you look lovely

    retro rover

  36. My dear friend, we had fallen out of touch - I'm so, so happy to re-find your blog, and 'ketchup' - your daughter has really grown-up, wow!

    Ach, I see, I see ... one question: what in the hell is wrong w/ sympathy?! Caregiving is the hardest job in the world, bar none - I've done it for both my parents, and other loved ones. I'll send you a hug (((DESIREE)))


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