Sunday, July 7, 2013

Saturday's Child Works Hard for Her Living

Well helloooooo there darlings!
Now don't let the chronic bitch-face fool you.
Hunting for second-hand treasures and vintage bargains while meeting amazing wenches keen to find new homes for their wares, is jolly hard work.
All that excitement can be simply too much to bear even on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.
It was another boy-free excursion for The Stylist and I when we went to the monthly West End Vintage and Designer Market.
The lassie was tired after a trip to the Sunshine Coast hinterland with her brothers on Friday, visiting cousins and their animal tribe of dogs, ducks, guinea pigs, horses and a giant feral pig.
It was Mama's turn on Saturday.
We dragged ourselves out for a spot of rummaging and noodles, which tired the poor poppet out no end.
But Mamas need outings too.

1960s crimpolene frock - gift from lovely Louise
Pink star necklace - gift from gorgeous Krista
Tights - Sock Dreams
Demonia shoes - Dolls Kill sale
Earrings, bangles, 1950s handbag - op shops

The Stylist and I pounced on this gorgeous striped jacket upon spying it at our local Lifeline op shop on Thursday.
I didn't even have to think about it ... at $9.50, this soft jersey-knit jacket was a bargain with its lovely draping and plenty of length for those lanky arms.

Lucia's Good Gear was having a renovation sale, with everything in the shop for under $20.
I didn't buy anything though, what I really fancied wasn't even for sale ...


Very, very, very tired.
But lets not go there.
Lets look at some scary fish instead.

We didn't even know the fishmonger was waving to us until we uploaded the pics.
The Stylist was busy goggling at the enormous fish ...

And wondering why the octopi were marked $1299 - ha!

As for bargains, I fell in love with this incredible green cardi with its striped sleeves and heart-shaped buttons.
But it didn't come home with me.

I didn't get my cards read either.

But I did snaffle this gorgeous red 1980s half-skirt thingummy with its bow front and fabulous tulle lining - eeeeeeeep!!!

1940s rayon and sequin blouse - eBay
Purple velvet hot pants - Boodwah
Leggings - Black Milk
Bangles, earrings, sequin beret and 1950s handbag - op shops
Demonia shoes - second hand market

This 1980s mint-condition pleated frock screamed "take me!".
I couldn't resist.
The fabric is pleated and so soft and I simply cannot withstand a tiered skirt.
Really, I just can't!
Five bucks.

1950s headpiece and granny beads - Etsy
Bangles and earrings - op shops
Tights - Sock Dreams
VW Melissa shoes - Melissa sale

Ooooooh there's more.
I could have gone completely nuts at the same vendor's stall where everything was FIVE BUCKS!!!!
Yes I could have bought her entire stock, but as I'm trying to downsize my wardrobe ... yes well, not doing too good on that front am I?

Trick photography by The Stylist.

This teeth-gnashingly gorgeous 1970s patchwork-print cotton frock still had its original tag on it from Farmers.
I remember Farmers in the 1970s, a chain of department stores here in Australia and in New Zealand where I was born, as a most glamorous destination for a Kiwi country-bred lass.

Can I just do a saucy, hip-thrusting happy dance involving arse-squeezes?
I do so love a fluttery bell sleeve.
And patchwork.  
And green.
And cotton maxis in our ludicrously humid summers.
And loads of frills.
Yes I do.
Oh and it was another whopping five dollars.

Gosh that was exhausting, time for a lie-down.
I hope you've an utterly exhilerating weekend!
Desiree xoxo


  1. WooHoo FIRST!!!!!!!
    Lavishly gloriarse post darling! I still haven't made it to the WVDM. Totally on my list of things to do. The crimplene mini is spectacular. Oh & I love that green cardi too! And you had me at hello with that Farmers frock. Faux patchwork cotton does it to me every time. Xx

  2. Bugger, you'd have rocked that circus ringmaster (mistress) inspired outfit. Still you rock everything else you put on yer bod instead. You both look divine and my mum had that very same Farmers dress which I recall she bought in a boutique the like of which we don't really have in the UK anymore. It's so gorgeous. You look a dream in it. My mum's went long ago, I never wore it as she was two sizes smaller than me, but c'est la vie.
    Here's a couple of big kisses for being so bloody fabalicious.

  3. I am just loving all your finds my dear. My niece who is 15 comes up for a visit soon, I can't wait to take her thrifting, I so hope we find her some good stuff and she gets the thrifting bug. Your gold prom dress is fantastic, shall we dance?:). I need to make you another necklace, I love seeing this one on your neck.
    Lots of love

  4. What a fun filled time you've had, and such fantastic buys too. That patchwork maxi is just beautiful, I could imagine lazing around fields in the sunshine in that, well, if I was ever going to be lazing around fields. That 60s dress never fails to look amazeballs on you. Xxx

  5. Desiree Desiree. You look so wonderful! You have the ability to wear anything and make it your own. Love the red over skirt and the '80's dress.

  6. Looks like you two had a lovely, but tiring outing! And I love love that first outfit, a short sixties dress with those leggings - I'm wondering how I can 'steal' and re-create that! You're such an inspiration!! ~LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  7. Amazing finds- and so cheap, it would have been criminal to leave them behind!

  8. OMG those outfits are crazy awesome. I love them all.

  9. oh gosh you look so adorable! I love it all but seriously that gold tiered skirt dress and that last patchwork number is just swoon worthy! You look so scrummy xxxxx

  10. too bad the ballet costume wasn't on sale, wonder what ones it's from?

    Besides the fishmonger waving at you, in the photo under the tutu one, there's part of a sign that says "psycho......"

  11. Wow, I'm pooped, too, and all I had to do was look!

    I love that tiered one-shoulder dress. I think that's my favorite, but the striped jacket on the Stylist comes in a very close second. She's adorable!

  12. I'm knocked over by your shopping finds, including the ones that got away : > The red semi-skirt is so saucy and so very Desiree! Thanks for sharing all the goodness with Visible Monday xoxoxo

  13. I'm exhausted too! Overwhelmed by coolness!!! $5 ??!!! Those dresses are all absolutely gobsmackingly jaw droppingly fabulous on you!!
    I believe'Osti' was a Farmers dress brand back in the day too!

    Great shopping!

  14. I can just see you in that Majorette/ringmaster/ballerina dress! Too bad it wasn't up for grabs. I am very impressed with your $5 dresses; shiny and body hugging, and patchwork floaty-ness! Sounds like even though you were both a bit knackered, you still had a good day.

  15. So many pretties! I love that red not quite a skirt thingee and from our instagram chats you know how I feel about THAT headpiece. You and the stylist have the bestest days out!

  16. You in that patchwork dress is heavenly. What design! And with your pink hair; it just looks so relaxed, lovely and like the true RAD vintage it is. Plus, the tiered skirt-dress. Fab. That bodice is a beauty!

    As always, looking forward to seeing more. xo xo

  17. Always so enjoy a peek into your creative and exuberant world my dear! Thanks for sharing your beauty!

  18. You've just taken me on an around-the-world trip in the space of a blog post. How do you do it? Fabulousness from take-off to landing. But then again, we never really land. Every single piece is a unique destination. The Stylist's trick photography made me laugh. So clever! The best things are never for sale. Why is that?

  19. Lavish and Gorgeous, all of it! And I had to Smile that you wore the Wee Poppet out... these Youngsters have trouble hanging when it comes to Marathon Shopping... and they're so YOUNG! I often leave the G-Kid Force in my dust when we're on a 'Pick', tho' I must say they are good Lil 'Pickers' and know the Good Stuff already... they're just much more worn out than I after a day at it! *Winks* But having Fun with Gramma is it's own Reward... they tell me they like doing things with me because I don't 'act' or 'look' OLD like most other Grammas, ah, Bless their Hearts, they know JUST what to say! Did I mention they're also Lil Con Artists?! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  20. Your outfits and the color of your hair are SO crazy!!
    I love it!!

    Dana, Germany

  21. That patchwork maxi is Hollie Hobbie-tastic! Looks wonderful on you.

  22. What a fab trip out- you and that gorgeous Stylist of yours must have turned more than a few heads with your combined kick-ass coolness! What a shame that circus frock wasn't for sale, it must have been torturous to view it from afar!
    Love that 1980s skirt and crazy cocktail frock and the patchwork number is the most perfect frock ever! xxxxxx

  23. What a lovely day! The market is great and you and your beautiful daughter are always the most glamorous of the world!I love all your clothes, especially the red skirt, the golden frock and the maxi dress, it's my favourite!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Baci xxxxx

  24. What a fabulous (exotic) shopping experience. So glad I was able to join in the easy way, thanks to your wonderful posts. Your tights are too much, I could put those on right this second as well as your black and white stripe funky shoes.

  25. Some amazing finds! I love your style. I wish I was more daring and could try some of the outfits you wear. I love the tights!

  26. Hi Desiree!

    Dying your hair pink is one of the best thing you did! suits you so well!
    Love your ingenious styling, it's fresh, amusing, makes you happy and smile!

    Great finds for 5$



  27. Such an array of delights, especially the sight of you beautiful Desiree and your gorgeous Stylist! Each and every outfit is a decadent and heavenly winner! Most impressed by your shopping until your dropping, and showcasing those incredible pins. Your incredible pink 'do goes with every single colour and style, and I particularly love the pink/red/black mix with that 80s showgirl skirt you sexy mama! Sorry to read you're having a tiring time, it doesn't show but I do hope you can get some rest too. I know from experience in my family that it's exhausting work caring for a loved one (I help my mum look after my severely disabled father regularly).
    Thanks so much for your sweet words on my latest post, I feel just the same dear friend, I don't know what I'd do without my Desiree fix!

  28. The stylis is adorable in her new striped cardigan!!
    Sigh--i could just see you in that tutued frock with Black milk Leggings!!

    All of your new goodies are divine but the patchwork frock is just amazing!

  29. ``hello**** !!! I've already sent you an email !! Please reply!!!**

  30. Love the shadow photo and that half skirt reminds me of an outfit Audrey Hepburn wore in Roman Holiday!

  31. Take me with you to heaven, dear Desiree, aHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    I see the stilysht is growing more beautiful everyday, just like mama.
    I love and WANT it allllllllllllllllll

  32. Is your darling Stylist growing fast, like my big girl? I am having to replace most of her wardrobe, she's having a major growth spurt and nothing fits anymore!
    Anyway, she, and you, look beautiful. So many gorgeous looks, but you are really rocking the 80s at the moment. What a shame that circu tutu dress wasn't for sale, but you have a half-skirt-hot-pant-flashing thingummy and a goldtastic disco frock and a glorious patchwork beauty. So all is very well!
    Hope you and yours are doing OK, my dear. xxxxx

  33. I used own a half purple taffeta skirt. It was part of a bridesmaids dress.
    You have to stop tempting me with all your lushest buys, repeat after me "Julie, you are not spending any money on new clothes this year".

    ps love watching the relationship between you and the stylist evolve. Reminds me so much of Tamika and I when she was that age.

  34. I had a black and red ballet costume just like that I wore for my last dance recital when I was 16. Fringe shoulder and all! Only there was a fringe overlay over the tutu and the front was corset laced. MAN I wish I could still wear that now!

  35. Where to begin! Your hair is fab - I often wear purple in mine - and I'm seriously coveting those Demonia shoes! I'll read your cards anytime you like ;-)


  36. A half skirt! Just amazing! And in red, no less. And I cannot resist a hat with veil. You look tantalizing and divine!

  37. Your half skirt, I just love that! x

  38. Oh DAMN - even though your finds are all fabulous, what a pity you couldn't buy that black and red circus number! It was made for you! That red half skirt looks to me like something worn by a brothel Madame in the... er, old days. Not sure which era! Whenever old Western films are set. Over a full skirt and bustle it would be perfect. Ooh with that corset tshirt you have it would look great! Not that I've memorised your wardrobe or anything. .. ok I think I have to go and make one for myself now.

  39. Desiree! I love that 1980s frock! It is lovely on you, too! I am also crazy about the shoes you've put it with. Looks like you had loads of fun, even if tired (you don't look it), and the Little Stylist is a little doll!


  40. wow!! that 80s dress is madness but I love it. I also love the patchwork one. oh but those leggings with that wonderful half skirt thingy with the vintage rayon top both look stunning on you! Did I already say I love your new header? and that fishmonger photo is hilarious - rather cute isn't he? xxxx

  41. Oh I just love that red half-skirt thingie! And the stylist is a talented at photoshop, I got a kick out f that! XXX

  42. so much gorgeousness in one post, I can't take it!
    The 80's half skirt is my favourite. I want something like that too!

  43. Colour glorious colour. That blue dress with your pink hair and the leggings was a gorgeous start to this post, but then you went on to the amazing black swan tutu, then the red-half-skirt-extravaganza then that rather wonderful shiny dress which I would never have looked at but which looks fantastic on you, and finally onto the piece de resistance, that amazing fake patchwork dress, which I just love. I'm exhausted, but in a good way. I think I will have really brightly coloured dreams now because of you. Sweet dreams lovely lady. xxxxxx

  44. Amor,
    What a great day out.So many beautiful outfits to perv at amor!You looking gorgeous in delicate baby blue dress.that red skirt is so Carmen Miranda wonderful. Oooo 80's gold dress dream. Bella always cracks me up.Why didn't you get your cards read? patch work dress reminds of Sally's Nightmare Before Xmas dress.



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