Wednesday, July 31, 2013

She Didn't Sweep Under the Chairs

I've become "Her Indoors" in merely a week.
Blame the workmen playing with their diggers and bulldozers in the giant clay pit next door.
Once a verdant, overgrown, secret adventure playground, the wonderland was a place for The Stylist and I to play hooky and shoot some wild outfit posts.
But good secrets don't stay secrets for long though do they?

Day One: If Her Indoors had net curtains, she'd be twitching them while bothering the council about the wretched noise coming from next door and sharing a blow-by-blow account of the conundrum with her chums.

Day Nine: Her Indoors considered asking the polite yet noisy lads to keep it down, but she's realised the social networking opportunities down at the Over-50s centre.

She hasn't had time to put her face on, but Her Indoors would be naked without her lippy.

Speaking of lippy, pink lipstick.
How do we feel about that?
On me.
As opposed to my beloved reds.
Those gorgeous wenches Vix and Krista are just two of countless babes who rock the HELL out of pink and I thought I might give it a go.
The last time I wore pink lipstick was in the mid-80s when Wendy James of Transvision Vamp and Bill Wyman's under-age squeeze, Mandy Smith, were steaming up the tabloids.
They wore white-pink lippy, very pale.
So of course I did too.
Not a good look on me.
This one's brighter - Fluorescent Contessa, by Lime Crime.
I'll give it time.
Or a wide berth.

At least Wendy could sing.

What was Mandy's excuse?
Oh that's right, she was 16, so I can't blame the poor wee deluded pet.
Amazing what a Rolling Stone and a controlling mother can get away with.
Oh god, I swapped fire engine red lipstick, oh so briefly at age 19, because of this?
Madonna, I am so sorry I betrayed you.
Will you ever forgive my indiscretion?

Snap, snap ... back to the now people.
I made this headband, named her Bet Does Barbados, put her in the Sassy Vamps shop yesterday and she sold in five minutes.
That's never happened to me until now ... thank you Phillipa!

When you get down to floor-level everything looks crap.
Except for bright and shiny things.
Her Indoors should know better.

1950s cardigan, Mighty Mouse t-shirt, gold skirt, bilum bag - all secondhand
Earrings - Etsy shop, Bones Couture
PInk sparkle necklace - made by mermaid heroine, Krista
Green skull necklace - craft market
Legging-tights - Black Milk

Men's vintage hat and military blazer, leather shorts - second hand
Amy Winehouse rosary - custom made by Etsy shop, Berndt Offerings

 Pics are a bit wobbly as it was nearly dark and we were dashing to get The Stylist to ballet.

The same pink lippy again, see I don't give up easily!

Jeans, t-shirt, kid's headband - second hand
1980s jacket - Vintage Junkyard
Earrings - Etsy shop, Bones Couture

Miss Camel Toe has always been rather opinionated and invariably orders one to just "rock that shit HARD", even a two-dollar pair of jeans I've had in deep storage for two years.

Pink kisses to you darlinks!!
Desiree xxxx


  1. I wore pale pink lippy! I loved it, but I am a sad 80s child. Loving the hot pink on you!

  2. I wore pink lippy & still do from time to time... I think it looks great on you but you do always rock the red!
    loveeeeee your earrings & those bright creepers soo much! I need more funky shoes in my life (unfortunately i'm cursed with akwardly skinny feet that are soo annoying to find shoes to fit!)

  3. I can't get over your shiny skirt and amy winehouse rosary! I might have to get something for myself from that shop. The pink lipstick looks pretty good on you too! I bet a bright pink that matches your hair would look great.

  4. Yes yes Miss her indoors.......the pink lippy is fantastic......just love a candy pink kisser.
    Oh I am so in love with the little cardy......the colour is simply wonderful.
    Oh poor hidden playground it will never be the same, what are you and the stylist going to do??????
    Love V
    PS: Is Sassy-Vamps going to have some more fabulous floral crowns soon........with little flowers, for the little bit shy, who would love one??????.

  5. Hee hee, the name Miss Camel Toe makes me snigger very childishly. I've been wearing pink lippy and ripped jeans lately too, wasn't sure if I was a total fashion don't but now I see you in the same I know I am just feeling the 80's love and there's nothing wrong with that. Must admit it took me ages to write this comment because I got lost yet again reading loads of your old posts, they do brighten my day, and I found out on my wanderings through them what bogan meant so thank you for my bit of education for the day! I finally got around to reading 'The Slap' this weekend and kept thinking I must look that word up then forgot as usual, but the Encyclopedia of Desiree came to my rescue. xx

  6. How the feck do you remain so gorgeous and put together with all that chaos outside your window? The noise alone would drive me mental!
    I love you in pink lippie - I'd forgotten all about Wendy James - a fellow pink lipstick and 1966 born twin - I'm going to be signing "Baby, I don't care" all day.
    You rock the shit out of those jeans,baby. The cardi is sublime and the new Sassy Vamps creation is beyond gorgeous - just like you! xxxxx

  7. lovely pink lipstick, it matches your haircolor so delightfully!!, love your new headpiece, and love your gloriously shiny shoes and arcoiris skirt!, but my heart beats faster when watchin' you in shorts and striped jackets!, fabulous bijouterie indeed, that Amy Winehouse piece is absolutely covetable!, and your earrings!!, and your sequined jacket!!, dear lady, you rock my world!!
    besos & fabulousness

  8. ahhh look at you looking as gorgeous as always, you suit pink lipstick and you rock those jeans. So sorry next door are digging up your wonderful playland that is just pants. And talking of pants there is nothing pants about you you lighten and brighten up a dull day. Hugs,dee xx

  9. Wendy James and Mandy Smith - wonder what they are doing now? The pale pink lipstick look reminds me of 60s chicks, but it's still not a look I could pull off! The darker pink is great on you, though I still say red has more oomph!
    Ugh, all that noise and upheaval next door, and the loss of your bit of wild land for photos, what a shame. Oh well, Her Indoors isn't letting it get her down, or affect her sartorial brilliance, I'm glad to see! Loving the ripped jeans and sequins, Miss Camel Toe and devil's horns.And the leather shorts with the striped blazer look fabulous. Oh the embroidery on that cardigan... Delicious. As are you! xxxxx

  10. Damn those diggers, ruining your fun. I think the pink looks lovely on you. Personally I think you are so vivacious that any vibrant colour would look good on you, I couldn't imagine you in neutrals though.

    As for the teetotalness, it's going well. I didn't drink a lot anyway but I do feel less like I'm toxifying my body on a regular basis. I've been the pub and had only fruit juice. In almost 3 weeks there was only one really hot day when I fancied a beer, but I didn't have one. Xx

  11. I turned into a curtain twitcher a while ago, I think its contagious as my neighbours opposite are serial twitchers - gutted for you and your special green hooky home - and I love the pink lippy - I pinched some of my daughter recently - I also love your purple sparkly jacket, Miss camel toe is majestic x

  12. I was going to say that PINK is your color but in truth COLOR is your color!! Those shoes are awesome but then so are YOU.

  13. The pink lippy is well saucy - see if you can find a really pigmented matte one (my holy grail). That sequinned flower jacket is stunning and you look DIVOOOON .... will the builders not let you have a photo shoot with their digger? Wear one of your Sassy Vamps on a hard hat?

  14. Those bulldozers are a common site in our city and always make big holes and leave huge new homes in their wake. I'm sorry the peace of the surrounding green is being ripped up like that.

    You on the other hand with you pink lippie are looking like you have no fucks to give:). Believe it or not I was wearing lavender until I went to the UK to visit Vix and that's when she got me hooked on the Barry M pink! I love that we share our secrets here:). Glad to see you found comfort in these old jeans.


  15. I quite like the pink lipstick on you! Love your 1950s sweater and all the glitzy clothes.

    Not many women can pull it off without looking like they're stuck in the 80's. My aunt only wears pink lipstick. That really shimmery shiny cheap crap that looks bad.

  16. I've been experimenting with pink lippy- have 3 of 'em: a coral, a bright hot pink, and a demure pale. Still love the red, but a girl has got to paint outside the box. Her Indoors has great sparkly creepers! Me likey.

  17. You look your amazing self in each outfit... but is that amazing headpiece you made that has me fixated...Just FABULOUS!!

  18. Is that an Amy Winehouse rosary? HOly hotness! I like the hot pink lippy - it does match the hair, and it's nice to switch it up now and then, but I agree with Curtise that the red has more "Omph!". I am swooning over the sequinned purple jacket.

    I'm so glad your headpieces have a global fan base!

  19. Every picture of you just made me grin ear to ear!! Desireee you are a treasure!!
    I adore you in the pink lipstick!!
    As a redhead (natural or otherwise) i always wore peaches and earth-tones. With the silver and pink hair they just do not work!! i see a tube of pink lipstick in my future!!

  20. Oh bummer for you, I loved looking at your fieldy outdoors photos, but is it really going to be a 50+ center, I just happened to watch the Seinfeld last night where Kramer moves to Florida to be with Jerry's folks and he's all 'don't I look more relaxed' and he's just having a ball ping-ponging and fox-trotting up a storm. As far as pink lipstick goes, love it on other people, but on myself, I can only wear pink gloss - it's definitely a good look on you though, looks great with your hair, and your wearing my favorite of all time sweater - have a great day, and put on some loud music!

  21. The pink lippy looks great! I also wear it occasionally :)
    I am super in love with the sequins jacket. I need something like that in my life, I've decided.
    Do you know what's being built on the clay pit?

  22. The pink works!! If I were more into brighter colors (and we had better thrift store), the outfit with the tattered jeans and sequined jacket would TOTALLY be something I would wear. I love that outfit so much I HAD to put it on Pinterest!

  23. I love that pink on you! Looks great! As a teen we had this strange pearlised pinky-mauve called 'heather shimmer' that EVERYONE wore but it suited NO ONE. What were we all thinking?

  24. i LOVE the pink lipstick on you! love love love it! i'm toying with the idea of pink lippy meself - it just takes a little courage to leap over the chasm from red to pink!

    good luck with the diggers - have you tried planting fake dinosaur bones? there's nothin' like a fake archaeological site to make progress stop and give you a half day's break!

  25. Oh I'm a total bitch when they do work around here as its usually without a permit & they're trying to sneak. Not with me -- I go out yelling like a loon (oh wait I am one) & calling the village to come & investigate. That got it stopped, no permit of course, plus starting at 7.30, half an hour before the noise ordinances during the week! How you manage to still look gorgeous with all that noise (and destruction, boo!) is beyond me. I always switch between red & pink. LOVE pink lipstick, favs: Mac "Girl About Town" & MUFE Rouge Artiste Intense #36 Fuchsia Satin, both have nice staying power, not too light, just right! Love yours! XXX

  26. I am a pink lippy gal, so I vote for the pink but you do RED so well!! Sad your wilderness is going, hope you get some seriously good fun neighbors when all the faffing and digging has been done.

  27. I'm thinking that pink lippy suits Her Indoors, you wear pink just as well as red you scrumptious vixen! Also sending particular love to that green cardie which looks so pretty on you.

  28. I'm not a fan of red lipstick, so I am lovin' the pink. Amazing pics!

  29. I've been admiring ladies in pink lippy on ladies at the moment too - your pink lipstick is so awesome!

  30. Reading your posts always fills me with so much joy, all the colours and patterns LOVE LOVE LOVE

    I feel your pain about the noise, they are demolishing/ rebuilding the high-rise next door and start work at 7:00am SATURDAY MORNINGS!!! xxx

  31. I'm still listening to Wendy James and Transvision Vamp...
    You look super fab, as usual! Love the over-the-top 80s sequin jacket!! ~ LittleMissPlump (Sara)

  32. so much to love here! The sequin jacket and ripped jeans is 80-tastic and I love it! I'm sorry you've lost your secret garden, I had one up the road, with a dilapidated gypsy caravan style cart, but it's now a hideous housing estate. I think pink looks great on you, forget Mandy, just focus on your other pink ladies, Wendy is pretty cool, listening to her now.
    Love the boating blazer, it's wonderful punked up with teeny hot pants and the Amy rosary! Also really love that cardigan, it's really pretty but given Desiree edge with shiny shiny skirtage xxxxx

  33. your shiny rainbow skirt makes my heart palpitate and your sexy bod in jeans is off the scale in awesome! Oh how i missed you my gorgeous goddess whilst in computer sickness tragedy! Now i struggle with red but can do pink...go could do any colour! x


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