Friday, June 22, 2012

How the Frock Are Ya?

You wanna see some recent outfits?
Let's start off with a 1940s frock for Frock on a Friday eh?
I'm about to bombard you ...

The plasters are covering up a couple of icky bites that I couldn't stop scratching - all better now:).
1940s rayon frock and fur cape, feather hair clips, - eBay
Purple earrings - gifted by yummy Miss V of Two Squirrels Vintage
Heart ring - gifted by lovely Em of Vintage Sweetheart
1950s gloves - Etsy
VW Melissa Croc Mary Janes - Amazon
Snakeskin clutch, 1950s bead necklace, belt - thrifted
Two-tone tights - ummmm, they were a gift but I can't remember who ... sorry!

 Surprise!!  It's not a frock!

 Oi!  Tu mi guard? - You lookin' at me?

 Yeah I'm packin' heat ... gotta problem with that? ;))

 Tuxedo, 1950s bustier and earrings - eBay
Long glass bead necklace - gifted by Miss Danni-Long-Legs
Purple ring - gifted by Super Vix
Blue scarab ring - gifted by Hot Helga
Glitter shoes - DIY'd
1940s necklace - De Mille Vintage, Melbourne

 Gizz a kiss!
Molti baci,
Desiree xoxo


  1. Oh, oh, oh, the tux is dynamite with your blond bob!

  2. That first outfit is FREAKIN' AMAZING! Top to toe perfection. I want to wear the entire outfit just like that - but I fear it wouldn't fit me :(

    The second one - Madonna-Express-Yourself-Fantastical!!!


  3. Like Dietrich but with a more surprising color palette!! As always, I freak out everytime I see how you combine things to make THE LIVING END of outfits. I can't decide if the fur cape or the corset is my favorite piece...THEY'RE BOTH MY FAVORITE PIECE. You look gorgeous!

  4. I love the tux with the bustier! Sexy and classic!

  5. That tuxedo is some kind of awesome, great outfits, thanks for sharing doll!

  6. Ha your gorgeous...I am not sure if I had a chance to post about it but I love the glitter and what you did with those shoes... They look amazing!! Love the dress and tights I thrifted a fur vest the other day can't wait to wear it this fall :) ...and the black suit looks fabulous LOVE IT!! I so need you to give me a makeup lesson I do not know how to put it on. My mother would not let me wear it growing up so I am clueless...;) Have a great weekend Love Heather

  7. The second outfit reminds me of the one Madonna wore in her "vogue" video. You look great. Sexy and alluring.
    Love the neckline detail on the dress.

  8. I love that tux on you!!! Mafia Queen!
    What a beautiful smile too. ;)

  9. Crikey, you are one hot potato in that tux - fabulous!

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  10. You have just cheered me up on yet another wet and dull day ;-)) You look brilliant i love it when you dress up in full fur etc you just do the whole glamour to perfection. dee xxx

  11. Love, love your pink frock, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. I adore these two brilliant outfit, as I read above the 'Dietrich' name already comes naturally out, but you brilliantly reinvented her with an ultramodern twist!! How I love the pink frock with the fur stole and the two tones tights!!! Brava!! Chapeau!

  13. Oh Miss Desiree the earrings look so happy to be playing with you, especially when you wear such divine and super gorgeous things with them. Mr foxy fur the perfect accessory to such a fabulous dress.
    Then knock my knitted bed socks off you look so amazing in the tux!!!!!!! You are a star in every way!!!!! Gorgeous.
    Ok the squirrel is going to sleep now with cold feet.
    But happy to be smiling at your fabulous post. Tee hee
    Squirrel hugs
    Love v

  14. OMG OMG OMG! Marlene poses are AWESOME! Girl you are always lovely and you put out such positive vibes that I can feel them all the way over here. kissy kissy darlin!

  15. Well I was impressed and delighted by your 1940s frock and fur cape, you look like a movie star, but then POW! You are killing me with that tux! It's just the sexiest, most glorious outfit ever! And with the beads and the glitter shoes, and the bustier... I'm a little overcome! I so would give you a kiss! xxxx

  16. Love the full on black with the lace! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ look !!
    F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s !! BOO! kiss

  17. Love the outfits - I just adore your style.

  18. Oh such deliciousness Desiree!! I love the 40's frock with those stripy tights and little bits of purple. Your gangster suit reminds me of Madonna back in the day ah I loved her then. You look tough and sexy biatch all the gold and your blue shadow just adds to your snarkiness!

    What the hell is in your mouth?! Me love you long time!

  19. Gorgeous pinky dress. Luuuurve that outfit. I have serious outfit envy. I want to wear that right now!!!!
    Tux - hot look. very Madonna - in a good way xx oooh you do inspire me :)

  20. I love both outfits, it's hard to pick a favourite, I must say.
    I remember that Chanel had similar two tone tights a few years ago and I have been lusting over something similar but never found it! They look great with that pink dress, it sort of brings the whole outfit to the modern age! that is something I like to do when wearing vintage clothes- mixing old and new otherwise it can look a bit costume-y.

    On the second one I can't decide if you're channeling Madonna or Marlene Dietrich.... Amazing!

  21. I'm Frockin' awesome- thanks for asking! And that pant suit ROCKS.

  22. I love the dress and the tux is fab, very Dietrich!

  23. I love all the outfits but the pink one is best and the two-tone tights. Gorgeous!

  24. Just GAWJUS, as ever!! I adore that colour of pink on you and you put Marlene Dietrich to shame in that tux!!!

  25. You're an absolute doll. Love the attitude in the tuxedo pics. Your curled hair is flappertastic. xxx

  26. O

    Could you possibly be any more frickin spectacular??! NO!

    I want to clone you and then send your first self on a date with your second self, so I can see those outfits on a date with each other! That makes perfect sense in my head.

    You are FRICKIN AMAZING in that tux. FABULARSEHOLE!!!

    Big hugs for you and Mi Bella, Sarah xxx

  27. You better than Marlene Dietrich puta!
    Two glam outfits in one post? You know how to spoil us and flip us off.
    Your make up slap is looking prostilcious.
    Oh yeah!! I'm eyeing you up and down and all around. Croc Melissa shoes are killing me oh my cholesterol heart is aching for those specktacular gold accesories and shoes.


  28. 1940's and 1950's glamour at it's best! You do both looks with equal aplomb!


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