Friday, May 6, 2011

I Choose to Go Frock Myself

I've bid "au revoir" to my collection of jeans.
It's not forever, it's my latest challenge.
I don't normally wear them until the onset of cooler weather, then I leap into them as they're a novelty in this climate.
But I've just gone off jeans.
I want to be a frock-er.
I want to be frock-tastic.

"Oh but jeans are a must on frigidly cold days" I hear a little voice saying.
Well, yes they are and they can look booty-licious.
But they bore me.
I want to spend the winter in frocks, skirts and proper trousers.
I've been so inspired by Helga and her frocking good outfits and colourful legwear that jeans seem so ... so, so.
Should be some interesting times ahead considering I live in the draughtiest house in the southern hemisphere.

I'm basking in the morning sun on this lovely autumn day in my 1940s peach, rayon dress and fur cape, with a 1980s gold Whiting and Davis bag, leopard-print belt and VW Three-Straps.
I quickly snapped these pics off before flouncing off to a pre-op appointment at the hospital - they had a cancellation and I have my "lady bits" seen to next Friday.

Why yes, those ARE bags under my eyes!
I'm the walking dead today after Number One Son's 22nd birthday yesterday spent cooking, noshing and leaping about dancing 'til late with the kids AKA The Wild Ones.

So, my denim was packed up today and put away for winter.
You might know that Terri started her blog with the personal challenge to inject more colour into her outfits and limit the amount of grey in her wardrobe.  She's done an amazing job!
I feel the need for a autumn/winter challenge, so my denim ban begins today.

My self-imposed ban means I'll need to assemble some sort of tights collection to keep my pegs warm as it gets cooler.
Feel free to recommend any fabulous online hoisery stores!
Have you ever implemented any sartorial self-limits?


  1. That's a great resolution! I wore skirts through most of winter, it's entirely doable. Just invest in some good cotton tights, and if necessary wear two tights at a time.

  2. I've always hated denim so have never worn it. I too have been inspired by the likes of Helga, actually I went today to look for colourful tights and socks (to no avail in Sunnybank, btw, even the Asian shops had none) and had determined indepent of this post of yours to wear them myself, esp. with maryjanes, which I also need to buy. Lets see what we come up with!

  3. oh darling, you would look wonderful in Tartan.... go on get a Kilt. and nice wide pants from the 1950s.. with a couple of pair of tights under keep you really toasty warm.. You, of all people, DO NOT NEED Denim.

  4. You have a fantastic world of fantasy and joy in your dresses. So glad that you have put away the jean.

  5. You don't need tights - leggings do a sterling job under frocks - plus no wriggly get the right fit and holes/runs nonsense. Bonus - you are already halfway into another outfit if you get bored :) And anything maxi is great for being stately/ethereal whilst bundling up underneath. Eww that sounded gross - but you know what I mean, I hope!
    Hope your consultation went well xx

  6. A friend told me that she sews up flannel underskirts for winter. I thought that was interesting.

  7. Well I had a similar style epiphany last winter. After having spent the last 20+ Sydney winters in jeans, all of a sudden I felt an overwhelming desire to see the next one in long swishy skirts with boots. Well all I can say is thank goodness for eBay, as obviously long swishy skirts were out of favour with the mainstream fashion stores last winter. Interestingly enough they're back this year - so I am either 10 years behind or 1 years ahead of fashion trends - probably both. My favourite trick became sporting bare legs under the long swishy skirt and boots - as a way of stretching the boots season a bit longer in an essentially warm climate. I got so used to skirts I even wore a long stretchy Metalicus skirt as at-home wear.

    This winter I am branching out into longer boots with shorter dresses worn under a long cardigan for modesty at work. My jeans remain in storage.

    I absolutely love your blog and your whole persona as it comes through your posts. Please keep them up - I look forward to every one!

  8. If you like wearing skirts around that length but still like the look of naked legs underneath then I recommend getting some 3/4 length leggings or if I'm right in thinking you can even get cropped tights. You could even go Sarah's way of getting some fabulous ankle warmers!

    Love that dress on you and I was admiring that gorgeous ring of yours in the third to last picture. xxx

  9. Dear Desiree,
    YAY, to that my love!
    In my eyes you are already a supreme frocker, you rock frocks with style, grace & individual panache. I've been planning to do a number of posts listing my top ten frockers on my frocktasia blog and I'd dearly love it for you to be first up, please tell me if it's OK for me to use some of your wonderful outfit pics in the post?!
    Have a grand ol' weekend doll!
    Take care luv,

  10. You stunning movie star,looks like your going to accept an award amor.
    I have noticed, I havent packed any jeans on my trip,I wear petal pushers in the summer ,but dress them up with nice top and accesories.
    take care

  11. Brisbane is warm enough even in winter that you can just wear tights and it won't be an issue. Dresses rule, jeans drool.

    ps Frock you!

  12. You and Terri were actually my inspiration with this whole high waisted skirt thing. Luckily for me it started in Spring here, not winter!

    I've heard awesome things about we love colors and sock dreams - I hope to buy from them when it gets cold again here. Also, on wardrobe refashion a LONG time ago, someone took stretchy PJ bottoms and refashioned them into leggings by pegging the outer seam. That would be pretty awesome if you did that.

  13. love the dress! I wear skirts even in the coldest scottish winter - boots are the secret.

    Topshop do the best tights, IMO! they have three different denier levels for their opaques too, which is good.

  14. I only buy tights with lycra or similar in them - I cannot stand a saggy crotch! I have been known, in fact, to abandon a saggy tight while walking down the footpath, such is my disgust with them!

    You look AMAZING in that divine frock - what a beautiful colour and always, you have styled it to perfection!

    Sarah xxx

    Have you ever seen the movies "meet the Fockers"very funny movies.
    ao yes them green shoes can go with anything, did you wear them for me?giggle
    I wear the leggins uner my dresses or long shirt type clothing to keep my legs warm. you might look for some of those in different colors, they are perfect.
    have a happy MOMMYS Day on Sunday!

  16. I've actually spent the last 2 winters not wearing pants at all. I rocked skirts and dresses through the whole winter. I find that jeans are terrible for cold weather though, they get stiff and don't trap warmth very well. Layers of tights, leg warmers and long skirts are muuuch warmer!

    I love the colour of the shoes with all the accessories you have on, I love green and gold.

  17. 22????????????????? Wow.

    I agree. Jeans are boring. Unless they're in rainbow colours.

    Have I mentioned that you're magic?

  18. What a fabulously glam look!

  19. went to a huge huge antique store and saw so many things that you would have loved. wish I was rich id buy it and send it to you.

  20. As a life-long veteran of harsh winters I wear leather pants a lot as they're waterproof & trap warmth so well. Dresses are my go-to option year round & this past winter I discovered Wolford merino wool hold-ups. Yes, hold-ups (!) kept me so toasty even on the coldest days! They're quite dear, IMO worth it for their warmth, durability & opacity. is a friend who discounts Wolford & Longchamp cheaper than the outlets! When you visit (done deal in my mind!) I'll take you to one of her shops as she often has different stock in-store. There's also an outlet at the designer outlet centre I mentioned I'd take you to (ha not too transparent!)

    I LOVE that dress! It looks fantastic with the green VW shoes (those are the ones the PGP now fits, she's thrilled but at 11 I'm not so keen!) Every time I see another of your fab vintage frocks I think what a frockalicious babe you are! How do you manage to look so gorge after a long night? Gosh you must've had #1 son when you were just a young lass yourself!

    Good luck with the op! If you need anything I can help with promise you'll let me know!

  21. Dear D i sent an email but it bounced back to me.

  22. Just resent was right email tho maybe junk ?

  23. I love your style and that dress is just fabulous! I gave up on jeans about four years ago and haven't looked back. I survive Canadian winters in brightly coloured tights (I prefer Hue's super opaque ones) and long fur coats and have found that this combination is actually warmer then jeans.

  24. you look gorgeous!
    so right about the jeans...i think i worn them like 10 times...all year round:)) spent all winter in shorts and dresses...and long coats :D

  25. Funnily enough I donated my trusty TopShop skinnies only last week, jeans can look hot but skirt and dresses are so much for fun.
    You look like a slinky 1940's movie star today, I can't see any eye bags I'm just blown away by your gorgeousness and those awesome green shoes.

  26. Ha ha, Desiree, I've just done the reverse. I NEVER wear jeans and a friend challenged me to wear them more. But I love dresses too much. So I am very much looking forward to more of you in more of your frocks. A frock-fest, so to speak. And tights, over the knee socks and leggings are essential. Looking forward to your dressier you. (PS: you are this month's featured +40 blogger on my +40 blog roll.) LOVE your style!

  27. Hi D again.Sent email again and got the this email delivery has been delayed again.So maybe you can email me otherwise I was trying to share this droolworthy place with you

  28. Love this! The fur is just awesome and I looovve the title of this post :)

  29. *sigh* I love the shape, drape, and color of that dress on you, and especially with the gold and tawny accents.

    I went for many years without wearing jeans and slacks. Lots of knee and calf-length dresses and skirts, usually black. I didn't feel any sort of trouser would fit my lower half well.

    But then...around 2005, maybe? I got brave and found a jean style that fit, and I realized how sexy and easygoing I felt, and I haven't looked back. I lost weight in 2008, and found jeans and suiting slacks that fit even better, and I'm so glad. I don't think I'll ever give up jeans and slacks now, although I do feel the urge to wear day dresses (frocks!) more often as my kids get a little easier to keep up with.

    Has no one mentioned fashion blogger favorite We Love Colors tights yet in the comments? Such a huge array of colors, and I was very pleased with the fit, softness and opacity of the $12.50 US Nylon/Lycra Solid Color tights. Shipping to Australia is $15 USD, not thrifty but not shocking.

  30. I'm with you kiddo! There are times when only a jean will do, but for the most part, go frock! I wear lots of stockings with my skirts, and love fishnets for the 'tween seasons. (just did a post on it) That is really the trick--stockings. Love your look today!

  31. You're frocking my world,baby,especially when you cite me as inspiration!!
    I'm waaaay flattered!
    But you,you inspire me to be more adventurous in my frocking up!How marvellous is THAT?!
    Well done,putting away the denim.Long may colourful tights covered legs live over winter!

  32. Now why would anyone choose jeans over this utterly fabulous ensemble? And don't you just love the word frock? This is definitely a proper frock, perfectly set off by the shoes.

  33. I am horribly addicted to wearing jeans. I must stop and you've inspired me to look for something else in my closet. Love the W&D bag, I'm on the hunt for one myself. And I adore the shoes and fur wrap. You look like a 40's film star!

  34. this outfit is so glamourous! love it

  35. When you look that good in a frock I would never wear jeans again!! What a beautiful outfit, so glam! Hope all goes well at the hospital xx

  36. First of all, I'm in total disbelief that you have a 22-year-old son. Aren't you, like, 32? Second, I'm completely bored with jeans, too, especially after such a long winter here. I'm so glad it's finally warming up and I can break out some dresses and skirts.

  37. Dear Desiree, you look fantastic. Good on you for staying up. I love your whole look, especially the fabulous shoes!

    I almost exclusively wear dresses and jumpsuits. I haven't worn jeans for years. I've dressed up and I much prefer to be overdressed but I need to wear more colour.

    I'm inspired by Vix, Sacramento, Sarah, Helga and you of course! I'm making an effort to wear more colour since I started blogging xx

  38. You look so glamourous. I love we love colors for solid tights. And target and celseste stein are good for fun tights.

  39. Oh so beautiful! And a 22yo son??? Really??? Do you get mistaken for his sister? Girlfriend??

    I too have a large collection of jeans but very rarely wear them. Except for my coloured skinnies.

    Try Target and Kmart for fabulous tights! I'm serious! Also in shopping centres everywhere... the stalls in the middle... truly fabulous items to be found!

  40. This has to be one of my favourite outfits on you! You look utterly gorgeous - like some 20's or 30's starlet - I know it must be nippy but it's worth it to look that glam! What a great challenge!


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