Sunday, September 5, 2010

Them Chains Gonna Drag Me Down - DAY 21

The first time I ever saw a woman of a certain age in her underwear was when my grandmother discovered Weight Watchers in the 1970s and lost about 20kg.
She was only about 5ft tall so it was quite a bit for a little lady to lose.
Nana was so proud of her success that she insisted my mother take a photo of her in front of the house.
In her all-in-one girdle.
At age eight, all I could do was stand frozen in horror at her audacity, and at the strange, strangling contraption which held her "new" figure in a vice.
I realised with sadness that Holly Hobbie days-of-the-week knickers were not an option for old ladies; or maybe they just didn't come in old-lady sizes?
So if one old lady can wear her girdle on the outside, I figure one more old lady can't cause too much ruckus.
I love this 60s pink girdle I bought off Etsy ages ago, yet styling it was quite a challenge.
(Little voice says: "That's coz it's UNDERwear!")
I'm wearing it with black wet-look leggings, Etro blazer, 1940s snakeskin handbag and a Jean Paul Gaultier mesh and latex long-sleeved t-shirt I bought at Zambesi while holidaying in Auckland in 1996.
The t-shirt is insane - it has a body shape on it, front and back - the back has a spine and hips on it.
I'll need better light to get better front and back pics.
Some lovely readers wanted a close-up of my vintage brooches, so here they are.
I think I can safely say that Nana would have liked my bag, but the rest would have met with frosty disapproval.
Oh how I love this growing old disgracefully lark more and more each day!


  1. Love and approved of everything,especially the bag and the colour of your nails, soooooooooo lovely.

  2. Im a new follower of yours...and let me just look FABULOUS in this all the extra little details...and of course the hair flower:)

    Great styling!

  3. oh my gosh. I think I love you. Fab outfit.


  4. The image of poor horrified little you watching your grandmother photographed in her girdle has me laughing aloud. :-D

    The combination of the Gaultier shirt and girdle is perfect! You look ready to see one of the Shows at Fashion Week.

    I'm going to copy here a response I made to you in my blog; I want to be sure you get it:

    I'm glad you enjoyed the dose of autumn! I've been wondering: is it odd to see the northern hemisphere's September issues when (IIRC) it's spring in Australia? Do you have your own seasonal issues of Vogue, Elle, etc? I'm going to copy this over into your blog, because I really want to know.

    As for Gaudy Night - I read that one first of all the Peter Wimsey mysteries when I was a teen, because my parents knew I was fascinated by Oxford. Some of the references (academic and cultural, as well as to characters and their histories) were a bit hard to follow, but I persevered and it has become one of my favorite books of all time. I would perhaps recomend reading Strong Poison first -- it's shorter, and introduces Gaudy Night's protagonist Harriett, and lays the groundwork for her relationship with Peter Wimsey. I'd recommend the Wikipedia entries on all of the above, but there are plot spoilers.

  5. Oh my goodness even with your girdle exposed I'm sure Granny would have thoroughly approved. You look utterly wonderful, I can't pick out a favourite piece, it's all bloody fabulous! xxx

  6. You look amaaaaazing !!!!
    Grandma would definitely approve :)
    You can copy any look I have, darling!
    It's flattering (double turbin headband thingys).
    You Rock !!!


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