Sunday, July 1, 2012

Say Hello to my Little Friend

Looking a bit crumpled here I suppose.
But that's because I only just rediscovered this silky top hiding forlorn and crumpled in my wardrobe.
It's my favourite top ... I just forgot about it.
That's possible isn't it?
Forgetting about my favourite top?
The poor thing.

 After a very wet week, we had an incredibly beautiful day so The Stylist and I caught up on a stack of errands and had a wee break at our favourite coffee house.

I refashioned this long top quite some time ago, out of a 1930s button-crotch underwear thingy.
From very cute but silly and inconvenient undies, to lovely pointy-boobie satin top.
It's lovely to see you again my darling, trusty friend!

So what was I doing crawling about my dusty wardrobe?
Having a massive clear-out that's what.
Next Saturday I'll be doing my first market stall at the West End Vintage and Designer Market.
I'm hoping to flog beloved but unworn vintage clothing and shoes, as my stuff seems to be taking up way too much space at home.
The Phoenix says I should just buy more wardrobes (dear of him), but I'm feeling very weighed down by the clutter of all my unused gear.
Wish me luck?

 I made a massive floral headband to celebrate my de-cluttering venture.

Remember this grubby old beauty case I picked up at a market last Sunday?

Well, I took the advice of one of my sassy readers, Tralala (who doesn't have a blog yet!) and cleaned up the case with a shed-load of baby wipes.
Thank you lovely:)).

1930s refashioned knicker-top - eBay
JPG mesh and rubber top - Zambesi, NZ
Pink skull bracelet - gifted by hot tottie, Krista
Three other beaded bracelets - gifted by lovely Em of Vintage Sweetheart
Leggings - Black Milk
Doc Martens - retail
Frida earrings and red sunnies - shop in Fitzroy, Melbourne
So do you have any tips for a market newbie?
Any advice will get you a free arse-squeeze:)).
Lotsa love,
Desiree xo


  1. to bad I live a world away. Good luck at the market!

  2. Good luck with the sale, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    So gorgeous, my dear Desiree.

  3. Take some help with you, as one person has a hard time controlling all those vintage-crazed shoppers. And unless you can set up the booth in advance, leaving 30 minutes earlier than you think you will need. Have fun!!!

  4. To market, to market! Good luuuuck! I need to get my ass in to gear and and do a market/ebay day soon! That reminds me that I still need to find a bloody tape measure and send you my measurements! I promise to make that my mission for tomorrow, I'm so sorry! xx

  5. My advice? Bring water and a comfortable chair. You may also get cold just sitting there so bring something to drape over your legs. Sounds granny don't it? I've sat at too many markets aching because I was cold.
    To save time doing all that pricing I'd make a sign that lists flat rate prices on most stuff. Like one price for tops, another price for shorts, etc....(unless otherwise marked)Then you only need to price the specific items that are special or you want a bit more for them.
    You could even have a 50% off sale during the last hour! Wheeee!
    I wish I could visit the market you're selling at!

  6. my advice is don't buy more than you sell, cos that's what I'd be tempted to do. I love your top, you really suit all things 1930s. That bag looks 100 times better! xxx

  7. Your duds are so divine that it's a wonder you're not having to sell tickets for the privilege of getting to your stall first. Your presence at the booth will be the biggest attraction. The undies-turned-top is gorgeous! And your massive floral headband is loaded with beauty. Good luck!!

  8. Good luck with your market stall. I'm sure it'll be a huge success as you have amazing stuff!!! I wish I could go and grab a few things for myself!

  9. Amazing outfit, I have no words, it's awesome ...

  10. WANT. THAT. HEAD PIECE!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  11. Ah, if only I could attend what is likely to be THE vintage stall of the season and snap up up some of your wonderful wardrobe items. Lucky, lucky people who get to riffle through the lovely fruits of your de-cluttering.

  12. Ooh I wish I could come to your market stall! Have fun! That case cleaned up a treat, looks lovely, and I LOVE your pointy booby top. Looks kind of early 90's Courtney Love (except you managed to keep your boobies IN your top unlike poor old C.L!) xxx

  13. Baby wipes eh? I will most def try that. Looks like it worked like a charm. I wish I could shop your goodies! Best of luck!


  14. I wish I could come raid your booth! The new bag cleaned up beautifully.

  15. Button-crotch? WTF? LOL! Can you remember the drunken days of bodysuits? I would be so plastered I couldn't focus on the black press studs on my black bodysuit so eventually I would give up and just wander around with my bodysuit flapping outside my jeans. All class I was in the '90s.

    I am so jelly of your weather. It was NINE DEGREES TODAY. NINE!

  16. How could you forget about that divine top? It's fabulous with your leggings and groovy bag, which has come up a treat!
    Wishing you loads of luck with the sale, I wish I could come and have a rummage through what's guaranteed to be the most brilliant stall in all of Australia.
    Tips? Just turn up looking as gorgeous as you always do and you won't need to do much else, the buyers will be all over you like a rash. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  18. Gooooood luck! I've never done so. I cleaned out my closet with hopes to sell some of my clothes as well, but haven't done it so far. Woops. I love your cool floral headband a lot and that bag looks just like new now!

  19. How nice to find an old friend lurking at the back of the wardrobe! You look as fabulous as ever with your pointy boobies, leggings and DMs!
    A clear out, huh? There must be something in the air, I decided to put a load of stuff on Ebay in bundles last week, just to shift some volume. I have TOO MUCH STUFF. It's official.
    Good luck for your market next week. An inviting display, a range of reasonable prices, a rummage suitcase/basket with some smaller/cheaper bargains, and a friendly line in chat and flattery for all browsers - these are my top tips! Oh and take food and a flask, unless someone will be available to get you some lunch!
    I'd LOVE to browse among your goodies, darling!
    PS. Your bag came up great, good old baby wipes! They work on everything, I clean spills on the rugs with them, never fails! xxxxx

  20. Very brave of you to sell stuff especially as you have so much wonderful gear (I'm with Pheonix - buy more wardrobes)
    Wish I was there to rifle through your wares at the market though!

  21. I love your flower crown :)Best of luck for your 1st market...wish i could hop the ditch for it you find such awesome stuff!

  22. Oh I wish I could go to the market!!! You would have gorgeous things. Tip: take a mirror, make sure you have lots of change, bags and food. Good luck sweet, they can be lots of fun.
    I love the slip that's been hiding in the back of the wardrobe, gorgeous with the crown of fabulous flowers. Love v

  23. OOh luv I might have to pop down and see you, yay!!!

  24. Love your convertible pretty! I may steal the idea! As a flea market veteran here are my tips: Bring loads of change. Like $100 in different denominations, you'd be surprised how quickly the small change disappears. Bring a cooler with drinks and food! Or a thermos with tea or coffee if its chilly. But bring easy to eat food def, as you may not get a chance to get eats. Try to bring help, it really is a blessing to have someone watching as there are thieves in markets. Plus its nice to take a break every so often. Tagging ahead of time is easier, but you could also just do the one price thing; one price for tops, one for dresses etc. and make a huge sign saying "Unless otherwise marked" for the treasures you don't want to go cheaply. Also give yourself wiggle room with pricing, marking slightly higher than you want to get for an item as everyone at a market haggles! If they are polite about it, I always give them a deal, especially if they're buying more than one item. If they insult the merch don't bother, those kinds of hagglers are nasty and want something for nothing. If you see someone interested, but hesitant, you can always say "I can do a little better on price if you're interested" and that may seal the deal. If you're bringing tables, bring pretty tablecloths or fabric to cover them -- nothing looks more boring than tables unadorned, and turns people away. A chair! Make sure to bring a folding chair, you're gonna need that for sure! I think that's it, mostly have fun, sell like mad and make big bucks! Good luck! I'm having a yard sale in a week so I'm in the process of clearing out too -- gotta get that chi moving in the house again!
    XXX Love, Suzanne

  25. Baby wipes are magical do we even want to know what they put in them?? :O ...they work great on old book covers as well. Love your pointy refashioned top ~Looks Great and good luck with your sale!! Take lots of pictures so we can see :) Love Heather

  26. That sheer blouse is something else. I like the design it has on the front. The headband is just gorgeous too.
    I know that every 6 months or so I go through ALL of my clothes: socks, blouses, PJs, undies etc. and get rid of the things that are getting old or aren't being worn. I donate the things that are in good condition. My mom always told me that the more often you de-clutter your life the better and more simple things will be for you.

  27. You look great Des!
    And I am in love with that white bag. I think I am going to have to search for something big and boxy like that. I hate little piddley bags!

  28. Oh man alive, I wanna jump in my car right now and do the fifteen hour drive up there so I can rifle through your treasures!!

    You look SPLENDIFEROUS, as always - I LOOOVE that amazing skeleton top and all of your perfect accessories and of course, the floral headpiece.

    I think everyone has covered the good advice... can I just get the free squeeze?

    LOVE! Sarah xxx

  29. I wish i could go to your stall and rummage through all your glam treasures!
    You refashioned your slip beauitifully, love that unusual top, gold design is sounique. You know I am eyeing your blue headband. Did you list your marvelous headbands on Etsy?
    You should. I will be hitting you for an order soon. I feel naked without your divino flower creations. Only advice I got is prosti yourself up and take a blanket and junk food, chola radio.

  30. I swear you must keep that coffee shop in business all on your own, you go there so often haha. I know what you mean about feeling weighed down by too much stuff though. Even if I love it all, having it sit there unworn is kind of daunting and saddening all at once. It's much more fun knowing someone else will be enjoying it rather than have it collecting dust when it falls off a hanger to the bottom of the closet *cough*

  31. <3 the rubber and mesh top is fantastic !!! Im in LOVE


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