Friday, October 28, 2011

My Frock's in Tatters

Ever bought something that's damaged and just thought "meh, I ain't gonna fix it, I'll wear it just the way it is"?
Well it happens to me quite often, but today's Frock on a Friday is pretty spesh coz the hem makes it look like a total rag, plus it's the first thing I'm showing you from my Melbourne shopping madness.

The dress is one of my purchases from Melbourne's fabulous Camberwell Sunday Vintage Market - which is like stepping into gorgeous-old-treasure heaven.
It's hard to stop buying, so much of the stuff is super cheap, especially after the heavens opened and a freak storm flew through the place.
Only the hard-core sellers and buyers stayed on.
So I snapped up this delicious 1960s pink silk frock that was probably once a maxi for $5 and the white lizard-skin bag also for a fiver.

Look at that disgraceful tattered hem!
The Phoenix offered to "trim all the frilly stuff off" for me before we went out for his hospital appointment today,  but I politely declined.
It's actually much worse than it looks in this pic and I can't wait for a total stranger to tell me that I seem to be having a problem with my hem!

Why the bitch-face?
Well, we'd just returned from a rather confrontational appointment with one of The Phoenix's specialists who'd tried to give him shit for his multiple health issues.
All I can say is, we were dignified, strong and united - we stayed cool man, dead cool.

The enormous fuck-off white cocktail ring and Frida earrings were from the very cool indie shopping mecca that is Melb's Fitzroy.
The sequinned beret was six bucks and I'm wearing tights from Sock Dreams and Melissa Mary-Janes.
You want more?
Also from the Camberwell Market, this soft little embroidered and beaded cardi for a tenner, which I wore for nearly the whole fortnight we were there.

If anyone says green lurex flares are NOT a wardrobe staple, just send 'em over to me for a quiet word.
I wore these out to dinner to an Indian restaurant - spot on!

Could the flowers on this $5 cotton maxi get any bigger?
I took minimal clothing with me to Melbourne as I knew I would be in vintage paradise.
I wasn't wrong and I wore everything I purchased while I was still down there.

Lovin' this dress to bits, which is what will probably happen anyway:).
Plenty more trip pics to come.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your kind comments and well wishes on our wedding post.
We are both stunned at the response!
Desiree xo


  1. Swoon swoon drool drool The Divine Desirees back and giving us some vintage loving xxx

  2. Oh my goodness, I am trying to be nice and be very pleased for you regarding your purchases, but I am reeeaally envious of them all!!!!! Totally gorgeous!! I got married in a lovely rather motheaten 40s dress so I know where you are coming from! x

  3. Oh golly! Those lurex pants are fab-photos please!! Love your bitch-face...I need to practice mine for days like today. I have something I simply must send to you, could you please email me your postage deets?

    Xxx Claire

  4. aaaww, you got lots of gorgeous stuff, so glad you had lots of fun! I like the flowery skirt especially!

  5. Can't wait to see those trousers on!

  6. So if I tugged on that loose thread, would the whole frock just fall off, like some naughty cartoon?! Me? Obsessed with seeing your undies? Well, maybe just a little...
    OMG, Desiree, those FLARES!!!!! I am in love, they are spectacular! Can't resist the lure of lurex, and as we know, green is a neutral colour (Desiree's Law). And that flowery maxi should by rights be mine, but I'll let you keep it as you saw it first.
    Hope your session with The Phoenix' doctors yielded some positive results. Send him a big Sheffield hug from me! xxxxxxx

  7. Oh the lurex flares need to be with that glorious cardi so much.

    Arrogant medics - I think it's part of their training sometimes - but then it is funny when they are confronted by an assertive patient (this one has just chucked all her meds in the bin). Hope things had improved for you both by the time you left - so dispiriting.

    Love the frayed hem - I often wear an 30's kimono jacket made of silk so shattered I have had to slap some iron-on interfacing under it to keep it whole. It simply reeks of adventure to have had so much wear and tear before it came to me.

  8. So sorry to hear you both had a hard time with the docters this morning. They shound't be giving you grief for having lots of medical problems they should be helping and giving you advice. I hope things get better there soon. Loving your buys that cardi is sooooo dam gorgeous ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  9. Those green flares and that floral maxi are great! Awesome finds.

  10. So much yumminess! I love this silky shredded number only you could pull that off! I love all your scores from the recent vintage Fair but those green sparkly pants are my absolute fav! Can't wait to see you rock those!

    It's nice having you back too :) We missed you!

  11. If it works just as it is, then there's no point in fixing it....and it does! I love your shoes as well x

  12. Such wonderful finds, I'm swooning over that cardi...

  13. Those green flares are the things dreams are made of and that stringy hemmed frock is so mad it's genius.
    As always you look phenomenal.
    Doctors, experts, physicians, carers, that's my life at the moment. Conflicting information, phone calls at inopportune moments, big decisions. Sometimes being an adult is a killer. xxx

  14. Sorry to hear about the nastiness with the specialist. Medical people can be so arrogant!

    I love your loot!

  15. Im having total shoe envy, just adore that blue pair you are rocking - beautiful! Scarlett x

  16. *Ohhh* Look at you!
    I adore the items you purchased *WAAA WAAA WE WOOOWWW* LOL
    I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN THE GREEN LUREX FLARES. (Sorry for yelling but it is true.)

  17. Those earrings are too cool....and of course I love the bold tights!!!

    SOOOO nice to see you!!!

    Enter my Shabby Apple Fab Frock Giveaway!!

  18. I LOVE that cardy.

    I am feeling inspired to add to my shoe collection. They are such cute Melissas. I recently did a post where I was wearing a pair and noted shoes - Melissas. Someone commented "The shoes are really nice,I hope Melissa lets you keep them". Too cute!

  19. OMG I want to gobble you up!Fecking LOVE this outfit,the tattered hem makes it!Every detail makes me feel all gooey and warm....and as for those other delicious little goodies you picked up?!ARGH!Fabulousness!Can't wait to see you styling them up,and I'm desperate to see the lurex trousers on!!!Lurex is god.You are Goddess!pure and simple!Love and LUSTXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  20. I am loving that print on that dress. I only have one word for the sweater "Squeeeel!!! Well done! -T

  21. I didn't have a chance to offer my congratulations on the previous post, so I shall do so now! Congratulations on your wedding day, it seemed to suit you and The Phoenix perfectly - just close family and not too fussy. Perfect!

    Much like you, I think the frayed hem makes this dress something special - it clearly has a story to tell :-)

  22. Congratulations. Agreeing with Kerry, nothing is more perfectly romantic than a small family wedding.

    I could never pull of that unfinished hem but on you it looks great.

    I had my share of health problems and dealing with the people supposed to help is sometimes like dealing with a pack of wolves. As you say, stay cool!

  23. to answer your first question: hells yeah! sometimes a dress is so awesome, who cares if it's... seen better days.

  24. Dearest Desiree,
    I love that frock, the raw hem is brill & the print is sublime...I wouldn't touch it either, it's PERFECT just the way it is! I also love those green flares, they are bonkers cool, I'm sure you'll serve up some fanfriggingtastico outfits incorporating those beauts!
    Lot's of love,

  25. Oh that frock is fabulous and I LOOOOVE the green flares!! Loving your jewellery too, as usual!

    Sarah xxx

  26. Oh I just love the cardigan, nice to see you back and in fine form.

  27. Oh my Gawd the lurex trousers! I MUST see them modelled properly soon. And I am getting ever more obsessed with the idea of visiting Melbourne, it sounds amazing. You look fabulous and just suited to fighting it out with arrogant medical types. Am sorry to learn this is necessary however.

  28. You look glorious! That is some pretty divine swag you bagged there in Melbourne and I love the dress with the unfinished hem and chinese script print.

  29. tattered hem frock is gorgeous, just the way it is. you can pull off wearing anything amor.
    eyeing your melissa shoes and lizard bag. you got lots of bargains..cant wait to see you in them fab lurex trousers. I hate doctors they dont know shit!

  30. green tights, blue shoes, geniously!this is sooo YOU!

  31. Hello bridal beauty! I've been catching up on your amazing posts. This dress hem is rather fabulous decadent actually and loving the colour block legs with it. I LOVE your panache! xxxxx

  32. Ouh, ouh Desiree wonderful finds, the green shinny skirt is fabulous and the cardi wow! and cool you have Frida earrings! Excellent look you got there! forget the damaged dress Desiree you have attitude lady!

    Ariane xxxxx

  33. Vintage is so picked-over and over-priced here it's a joke! I love your shredded dress, though I would probably hem it, or more likely pay someone to hem it for me. (I'm lazy.) Thanks for the great photos!


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