Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Snip in Space

If I'm going to sign-up for a two-month Wardrobe Refashion pledge, I'd better show the goods at some stage.
Or actually get around to doing some DIY for that matter.
I've had this silver 1970s dress for a few years now and never worn it.
You can see why.

I look like a wannabe extra of the Triple Rock Church Spiritual Choir in The Blues Brothers.
Mind you, I would have worn anything to witness the choir wail along with James Brown!

No, despite the Phoenix muttering something about looking lovely like a fairy (he was half-asleep), I was convinced the dress needed some inches removed, lose it's hippy-ness and go for a trip into space.
So I got a bit of sleeve action happening a la Blake's 7.
With me?

I think I belong in The Twilight Zone actually.

Now this is something that I'll be wearing for sure.  

I've added alien-proof, wet-look leggings; a metal 1980s stretchy belt that doubles as a dialect interpreter; jewellery with special laser powers and space boots by Doc Marten.
I'm now ready to battle any urban aliens you wanna steer my way.

Like this little murderous Lego fella made by my son.

An accessory close-up for you, which I think I might do more often.


  1. Hilarious post! This is such a glamourous dress! Where did you get it? Thanks for the close up on the accessories too. I love how you picked it up with the belt to totally change its feel and make it more wearable but you know I think (references to choirs aside) you could also leave it belted but long too for uber glam nights out.

  2. I snaffled it at my local Salvos store for about $5. Thanks lovely! My son and I had fun doing this post:) xo

  3. Genuis! I love how you've totally transformed your hippy dress into something far more Blake's Seven and totally fabulous. xxx

  4. Looks the jewelry pics!!! (of course Id say that, right, lol?)

    Statements in Fashion Blog

  5. now this is such a classy look with a bit of Space Troopers thrown in. amazing! thank you for the award too! :)

  6. It really looks so good once you finish with it.
    Yes, I am going to have a meniscus operation soon.
    I know it is not very much, but going through all the tests is a bit trying.
    I wish the operation was over.
    Thank you for caring, and carry on your super creations. you do inspire me...

  7. I think you should wear it to a big sci fi convention. It would drive the other attendees wild to have such a hot, leggy lady in their midst, and it would drive them mad trying to figure out which episode of which series your outfit was inspired by. ;-)

  8. sweet! I like what you've done with it and just hear you humming hymns as you worked. :)

  9. your comments really mean a lot to me :) think you´re such a nice person
    and beautiful outfit i love the silver especialy with the belt its great.

    and lovely video ^^ used to love playing with lego when i was small, how old is your son and how old are you ?

    Hug sunbeam :)

  10. Your outfit "before" reminds me of an old episode of Dr. Who with these horrible angels on the Titanic! Your "after" photos are simply INSPIRING and BRILLIANT! You managed to totally transform that dress.

    Your son did the video? Loved it! He should come out here to Legoland and have some fun!



  11. I love what you've done with this! It's all about the top which makes it not look too "over the top". FABULOUS! I can't wait to see what you do next!


  12. It's really fabulous! I'm posting about wardrobe refashioning over at in a few days, and I'm linking to this project. :)


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