Saturday, August 14, 2010

This week's Independent Fashion Bloggers update

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Jealousy, Race, and Summer Jackets

Edited by: Thom Wong of The Sunday Best.
A  veritable cornucopia of stylish reading awaits you in this week's list.  You'll get taken on a tour of (rarely mentioned) downtown Halifax,  discuss again whether any role model should be based on image, and look  into doing the impossible with a dying medium. Along the way discover  what tips men might have for women's style, whether a closet can be  perfectly unisex,  and what Mormons might know about minimalism.

Links à la Mode: August 5th


  1. Hello, you fabulous creature. Just spotted a comment you'd left on Reva's blog and thought you sounded like my kinda woman. You are totally fab with an amazing wardrobe to boot, come over and play drunken dress-up with me sometime.
    Vix xxx

  2. Hehehe! Thanks lovely, I'll stop by for sure:) xo

  3. Hi there, lovely !!!
    I adore your blog and really like it when other's do the work of picking out great topics for me to read ;). I just noticed Vix is following you as well. She is soo awesome! As u get to know me, you might think I'm a bit scattered and sometimes downright nuts! One day my goal is to post only one photo on my blog, and be featured on Weardrobe as the first woman over 40(ish) o>K> 46 ;) Great to meet ya!

  4. Hiya RR,
    Love your blog - there's so much to read, look at and digest:). I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and other bloggers. Downright nuts is better for me! Hey I love your Weardrobe goal - I'm 42 so you have a fellow campaigner cheering you on! Thanks so much for dropping in:D xo


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