Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Le-le-leatherrrrrr - DAY 14

I've taken to my backlog of fash-mags for a bit of a visual feast and as always, I'm drawn by the fall/winter issues of my favourite titles.
For a city that gets about 2-3 months of "winter" each year, I try and cram in as much boot-stomping and skin-wearing as possible.
This week has been c-c-c-cold and Brisbane houses are NOT prepared for temperature drops.
So there's much dashing between cold rooms to don capes, gloves and finally these 80s leather pants I picked up on eBay for $2!!
I've popped on a lemon silk pussy-bow blouse and blood-red platforms to satisfy the stirrings created by five-year back-issues of Russh and UK Vogue.
OK can I put a coat on now please?

If you're about to embark on a new fall season,  what's inspiring your sartorial choices?


  1. That golden skirt(?) hanging back there looks rather fabulous -- looking forward to seeing it in an ensemble soon! (Or did I already miss one?)

    I find myself mentally rebelling against the neutrals dominating this fall. They're everywhere and my eyes are fatigued. I have too many already. I'm looking at richly colored bags, shoes, tees, and possibly a piece of cashmere. Burgundy, plum, deep teal, midnight blue...

  2. Totally amazing hat! One of my many fashion addictions...


  3. Yeah, Have I missed that beautiful skit behind you??. My weakest point are skirts, many skirts, how do I love them...followed by boots.

  4. Great pairing, love your outfit. I am especially loving your bracelet. I have a thing for charm bracelets!

    I keep forgetting that it is winter where you are now because it is so HOT here...90s and threatening to hit three digits!


  5. What a beautiful blouse!

  6. Love love love leather trousers - what a great pair too! Like the rolled up cuffs - you should add a furry coat too - very Isabel Marant.


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