Monday, August 23, 2010

Run, run, run through grass -DAY 12

I've just finished watching Marie Antoinette (2006) and I'm feeling a little swishy.
I regret not seeing it years ago at the cinema, so every time I watch it on DVD I end up watching it twice just to lap up the film's incredible world of rich colour and design.
As a result of all that colourful eye-candy, my Edwardian silk petticoat has been pulled out for some spectacular floor-sweeping action.
Well I pretend it's spectacular.  I can pretend can't I?
I can't go the full regalia because 1. I'm not a costume department and 2. I could not bear the corsets.
Kirsten Dunst looks so fragile and about to break at any moment - she's such a convincing actor, loved her in Virgin Suicides.
How on earth did she survive those corsets?  Award-winning corset-wearing performance!
Instead of corsets, I'm going for a trained skirt and my contribution to swishy-ness is this cream, silk petticoat which is very fragile.
It's inset with lots of fine, silk lace and tiny ruffles and has a train which means walking very carefully ie. stop, pick up train, turn, drop train, walk.
I bought the skirt on eBay and the waistband had fallen to bits so I sewed on a very long satin ribbon which has saved the skirt from ripping away from what's left of the waistband.
I'm wearing it with black tights and platforms, plus the black, mesh bodysuit I wore in yesterday's post.
What do you wear when you feel a bit like playing princess dress-ups?;)


  1. Wow, I love the skirt! It's so swishy and gorgeous :)

  2. I love that princess skirt and the way you have style it, turning it into anybody´s dream.
    You are a great discovery to me!!!

  3. I love the outfit

  4. That skirt, as a friend of mine would say, is to die for and I love the way you've styled it!

    Have a great week, Bonnie

  5. Hm, I have a purple skirt with a hem 25+ feet. That's what I wear in the mood you're describing.

  6. Thank you all you gorgeous creatures! Oh wow Terri, that's what I'm talking about! xo


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