Monday, August 30, 2010

Researching the 80s - DAY 17

This thrifted mini kilt from the 70s (short coz it's a kids one) has been lurking about in my closet for about a year.
It just would not work with anything!
But I had a bit of a brain-storming session over it and decided to put it with something very non-kilt, non-Scottish-like.
That's when the vintage 60s gold wool and silk sequinned shell top jumped out and begged for mercy.
Then my thrifted Etro blazer got all primadonna on me and wanted in on the action.
That's the thing about pledging to quit shopping; it's the time when those little gems decide it's time to hook up and be seen in public together.
All three items were purchased long ago with the best intentions, only to be ignored in my closet until today.
But no more.  I love how this little three-way is working - I would have worn this in the 80s for sure.
I've added an AA mesh dress, some vintage brooches and 1930s hat, plus Forever 21 booties and 400-year-old tights;P.


  1. Fabulous outfit & that kilt is killer...I love how you've teamed it with sequins, yay!
    Tartan, plaid & tweed is autumn/winter perennial style staples in my book.
    Is that a tartan mohair cape/coat I spy on your rail?
    I just tried to win one of those on eBay but lost out in the dying seconds of the auction, Quel dommage!

  2. I never looked that good in the 1980's! xxx

  3. I love what you have done with that kilt. I aldo have a tartan skirt that needs something doing to it. There is nothing better than be inspired and inspire others. You have done just that.
    Un abrazo.

  4. I don't know why or how this works, but I really really love it.

    Frances x

  5. CJ - Yes that certainly is a mohair tartan cape my lovely:) I've worn it a lot this winter - what a total bummer about the auction! gggggrrrrrr I HATE it when that happens!!
    Vix - I'll betcha you did you gorgeous creature!
    Sacramento - oh wow that's so nice of you! So lovely to hear that it's given you some fresh ideas:).
    Corpulent - Thank you! It's got me stumped too:) xo

  6. Love this entire look :)
    It suits you well and the hat is perfect.
    You are giving me wonderful ideas ;)
    I must pull out my sequins as well. I am loving wearing my shiny brooches again, too!

  7. I love your brooches Reva - we are brooch twins;). Oh yes please get those sequins an airing!

  8. We need a close up of the lapel!


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