Saturday, October 24, 2015

Next Gen

Stumbled across a blog I used to read long ago before I decided to get my shit together and ditched blogging.
Sister Wolf always gives me a giggle with an "oh I knowwww" eye-roll and I thank her for ploughing ahead, harnessing her sadness and re-directing it into a general love-hate relationship with pop culture, online shopping and social media.
Her most recent posts explore ugly, dead-animal shoes and pubic hair oil.
I'm glad she's still going strong.

Late 1930s cocktail frock bargain from Adeline's Attic

After a spectacularly unsuccessful six-month job search, I returned to uni this semester to do a post-grad certificate.
Classes finished yesterday and I'm sitting here guzzling coffee and Coke to get me through the weekend and finish all these goddamn assignments.
I'll miss it though, I just will.

What else has been happening?  Well, the house I was renting sold in May and the new owners moved in.
I absolutely could not get a place to live and I'm now living in an ex's garage, the kids upstairs with their father.
I know right?
It's fine.  I'm grateful for the help until I get a job and can move out.
I miss my stuff.  What's left of it.
I gave away pretty much everything to charity in May: furniture, clothes, shoes, books, stuff.
I have a bed, fridge, sofa bed and washing machine left.
It's always nice to have a good clean out isn't it? haaaaa!

Instagram is my virtual home these days.  
No bollocks, empty platitudes and wasted breath - just brief snippets of fabulous.

As for Anto (The Phoenix)?  
He got extremely sick and was taken away exactly 12 months ago.
He's doing very well now, very stable and completely himself.
No longer prescribed palliative-levels of pain-killers (Fentanyl, Endone, Tramadol, codeine, Jurnista) along with anti-psychotics (Seroquel, Cymbalta, every benzo you know and more).
There are medical practitioners I would quite gladly run over - their actions and inaction destroyed a man, a marriage and a family.

Returning to uni has been a long, tall glass of water.
So has hot yoga. Ha!
I study, sleep, go to yoga.
That's it.  
Such simplicity and peace.
And the fat is starting to melt off my lardy arse. Yay!

How ya been?

Desiree xx

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Baby You're the Best

Look at #2 Son looking all flash and cool for his Year 12 formal.
We all know how many hundreds of dollars parents lay out for their daughters to look special on their big night out.
It's mind boggling how much cash and energy is spent on looking super-spesh.
But you know, I think it's way cooler how my son looked at his watch at 3pm and announced it was time for a shower, had a shave, got dressed and stepped out the door smelling amazing and looking a million bucks.
Later he told me all the girls were falling asleep by 8pm because they were exhausted ... gosh all that spray-tanning, hair-do's, makeup, nails, blah blah blah ... it takes it out of a girl.
All the boys looked fresh, cool, and proud to be looking good.
Mama was proud too.
So she wore a 1930s silk nightie.

Besties since preschool.  That's 13 out of 17 years folks, almost a lifetime.

It was treat time on Sunday and Advanced Style was a treat for the eyes and the soul.
We laughed, we cried.
It was wonderful.

On Monday, it was all business in the courtroom.
And in the bathroom.
And waiting for hours outside.

Hold your precious ones close my friends.
Love Desiree xoxo

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Polyester Girl

Forever drawn to the wild, psychedelic prints and saturated colours of clothes from the late 60s and 70s, it seemed natural to collect the polyester pleasures that made my heart soar.
However it wasn't long before I remembered my mother's words about man-made fabrics; they just don't breathe.
In cooler climates it didn't seem too much of a bother but here in Brisbane, my wardrobe was getting jammed with amazing gear, yet I had nothing to wear.
Nylon, crimplene, nylon-jersey, polyester of every weight and thickness in every colour under the sun greeted me merrily each morning: "pick me, pick me Desiree!"
It finally dawned on me why there was such an abundance of beaut maxis, flares and jackets in the op shops and markets ... they were an instant sauna in a bag and people in our sub-tropical climate simply couldn't abide them.
So I sold off and gave away a large portion of my polyester friends *sniff*.
I'm afraid I cannot bear to have clothes hanging in my wardrobe that I can't wear for comfort reasons, instead adhering to a cotton-only policy for 1970s gear and drawing on my life-long love and adoration of all things 1930s and 40s.
Rayon was an inexpensive, affordable and hard-wearing fabric during that era, and since it's a synthetic manufactured from wood pulp, it seems a more humidity-tolerant fabric.
What a relief!  I love the styles from the 30s and 40s ... the details are beautiful, the fabrics fare incredibly well for their age and I like the tailoring.
But if you've been popping over here for a while, you'll probably know I never, ever wear any era from top-to-toe ... not my scene.
Modern synthetics are still very dodgy in my opinion, but depending on the cut, they can be worn on days like today ... the last day of winter.
So today I chose a few bits and pieces that I can get away with before the sauna cranks up for six months of summer.
An ode to nylon in its many forms.

Earrings and FREEK necklace - Bones Couture
1940s slip, lace coat, Top Shop shoes, spiked headband, other jewellery, gold powder compact, feather hair clips, gold belt - all from op shops, markets, eBay

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's So Easy ... Sometimes

Wonderful, drenching rain means tea, crusty old movies, hot scones and sewing.
Thankfully we've had plenty of it all here so I'm feeling rather smug and happy.
And bloated.

This is one of the three-skirt bargains I picked up from the Red Cross op-shop last week where I bought three skirts for $10.
The waistband on this one was too small so I unpicked it, added some fabric to the waistband, re-did the gathering to fit my waist, then sewed it back on.
The next day I got a blood-bomb and my waist shrunk a couple of inches. 
WTF is that about?
So I unpicked the sodding thing, re-made the waistband, re-gathered the skirt and sewed the fucker back together.
This skirt is lucky I love it, despite it reminding me of the 80s when I didn't have a pre-menstrual waistline like saggy elastic.

These two don't have to worry about such news-dominating issues.

1970s Coffey movie t-shirt - Creative Markets
1950s tapestry handbag - gift from my beautiful sister, Merilyn
Fishnet t-shirt - online sale
Skirt - Red Cross
Shoes - vintage market
Jewellery - Camberwell Market and op shops
Tights - both from Sock Dreams

Getting as much wear out of this wee dear until my waistline explodes again.

Some skirts are kinder than others and there's really nothing more comfortable than a Franken-Skirt.
It's a t-shirt in a skirt and if you need to rustle one up in a flash, here's how:

Grab a guy's t-shirt (bloke's t-shirts are WAY cooler than chick's ones).
Cut the sleeves off.
Slice the top off.
Sew up what's left of the armholes.
Grab some stretch fabric and cut a rectangle that will fit around your waist and stretch over your hips.
Sew the ends together to make a circle.
Fold the circle in two, wrong sides together.
Zig-zag the waistband to the top of the t-shirt, stretching the band to fit the skirt.
Put the skirt on.
Do a dance.
Here's some music.

Sequin top, Marvel t-shirt - op shops
Gold lion necklace - gift from lovely Miss Ada
Boots - second hand from local boot maker
Leggings - Black Milk
You're welcome.
Love Desiree xox
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