Sunday, August 29, 2010

Softly, softly - DAY 16

Oh this is so typical of what happens to me.
I get dressed, go to the supermarket/post office/library/hospital/specialist/accountant, blah, blah, blah.
Minding my own business, I'm asked if I'm on my way to a fancy dress party.
It's when there's clearly no sarcasm intended, that I have to hide my face to cover the smirk and imminent laughing fit and get the hell out of there.
Sorry general public I can't help it - it's always more fun when my seven y.o. daughter and I go all out in capes and what have you, just coz we're bored, and order fish and chips.
Love her sense of humour, the little darling, she thinks it's hilarious when dolled up in her giant, black, frothy pettiskirt, with mother in tow in god knows what, she tells the cashier that no, we came out to eat!
It's not to show-off, shock or make a statement.
It's a mix of sublime comfort and wanting to feel fabulous.
Here I've put together a normal everyday little something that I'd wear just about anywhere.
Black Milk have done it again with their Wave leggings and I've added a thrifted, white, Metallicus t-shirt (first wearing here); 1930s peach silk camisole (underwear) type thing that I wear as a top and a 1940s fur cape that always makes me feel like Barbara Stanwyck or Joan Crawford.  Plus a mix of vintage rhinestone necklaces, fake and real pearls.
Oh and Docs.  Just so I know I can run for a bus.
Some of you have asked me about the huge, bronze skirt that is always being a show-off in some of my interior shots.
Yes the little darling got her 15 minutes HERE!
I know you magnificent creatures love to play dress ups, but how far will you splash out with what you wear just to do your everyday errands, or even work?


  1. well, you are making a real statement here and I love it. Love your leggings, silky top and faux fur. I do believe that you got all the trends of the season in one go. Well done.
    When I get dressed in the mornings I do it to like myself, to comunicate with those who speak my clothe language, and to inpire the ones who need a little push.

  2. Utterly fabulous! I bet you brighten up everyone else's day when they see you and baby girl in capes and generally looking fabulous. Keep up the good work, gorgeous! xxx

  3. I would *love* to see a mom and daughter having fun with their clothes. I'd totally want to be friends so I could play, too -- dress up and get cheeseburgers or something. Does (or did) your daughter like the "Fancy Nancy" series of books? I'm not sure they're readily available in Australia, but they're about a little girl who looooves fancy dress up (and fancy words) amid a very plain family.

    I love the blonde fur, blush camisole, and pearls. You need to recline on a cream velvet sofa with a glass of golden champagne.

  4. I love this look and do play dress-up with my grown daughters! Let them ask questions...

    oh, and I'm honey72 at chictopia

  5. Well we may be on other sides of the planet, but I swear your pistes rewd as if you're writing about me and my daughter who is almost 11! You look fab, and as one who has gone to do groceries in head to toe finery, I definitely relate. The best is when people "get it" and there are compliments galore! Keep it up,nyiu have a kindred soul on the opposite side ofbthe world also keeping the glamour alive!

  6. That should read your "posts read", and after the Keep it up comment it should say "you". Sorry, first day of school, and since Mum was up writing and working all night, I opted to just stay up to get my Punk Glam Princess off to school, and it shows in my writing!


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