Monday, August 9, 2010

Shop My Closet: DAY 1

Welcome to the first day of Shop My Closet:). I've pledged to go 30 days without shopping for any fashion items and instead dig through my wardrobe and come up with hopefully interesting outfits that make me smile.

Today I chose a vintage 1920s dress that I bought on eBay about two months ago but hadn't worn.  It fastens up with eight tiny, fiddly buttons up the left side and lots of little self-covered buttons at the back of the neck.
It has lots of fringing around the skirt, but a big chunk of fringing missing at the left-front side.  
Now you might think I'm nuts to have bought it with that flaw but I have recently been buying up Edwardian and 1920s bits and pieces with shredding and other flaws deliberately.
I love these beautiful clothes that have been danced in, hugged, drinks spilt on and generally loved by their original owners.
To me, those flaws give the clothes some soul.

I added a rickety old velvet leopard-print hat, chunky bracelets, teal tights and blood-red platforms and my beloved Mona Lisa earrings.

A detail shot of the fringing, tights and shoes.

(Must mop that floor tomorrow:P)

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