Sunday, August 8, 2010

So here's the challenge ...

It's no secret I've been strapped for cash for most of my life.  
I don't miss what I've not had or known ... a new car, a new and/or designer wardrobe, new house, a decent primary and secondary education, overseas holidays, regular shopping trips for the latest gadgets, solid parental support.
Never had them, so never missed them.
But I think good things have resulted in not having everything I needed or wanted.
It's given me an appreciation of anything handmade or the refashioning of old items into new.
I respect people who have had to drag themselves out of poverty-stricken backgrounds or escaped from lives of abuse and control.
I'm proud of the standard of living I've carved out for myself - with little or no reddies.
Fast-forward to this week and life has taken another turn.
My darling man, the Phoenix, has entrusted me as his full-time carer and accordingly, to my surprise, his doctor and the government seem to think I can fulfil the role.
I feel both honoured and nervous about my responsibilities, but I think it will work out OK.

So with the change in circumstances, I've decided the occasion calls for a full turnaround of my spending habits and I'm going to embark on Shopping my Closet!!
"Woohoo - so what you say, it's been done before".
Well, I just think I've got enough stuff that I've thrifted, handmade or bought online to last me through a 10-year siege so it's time to call on my skills learned through desperation and necessity.
I'm starting by going 30 days without shopping for clothes, knickers, socks, shoes - everything.
Even thrifting isn't allowed.
I just have to make do.
Case in point, my everyday flats have fallen apart. 
But I have a wardrobe full of boots and heels - so what's my excuse?  I have shoes - so I must wear them.
I have skirts, t-shirts, jeans - blah, blah, blah - I have no reason to shop.  
Yeah sure most of my clothes cost under ten bucks but I really don't NEED to go shopping.
We're going to be pretty skint for a while so why not try and turn it to into something positive?
I know of other bloggers who have decided to undertake a similar challenge, but I'm not sure how many of them were doing it for purely economic reasons.
I hate wastage on cheap, nasty clothing as much as many others do, but I simply cannot afford more stuff and I don't think I really NEED anymore.
So I think some outfit posts with (hand-on-heart) me wearing only existing wardrobe items are needed from here-in.
I've been thinking about it for a while and I'm really looking forward to the challenge.
So here goes!

***I pledge not to shop for clothes, accessories and any kind of fabric or adornment that can be used to fashion new clothing items.  
I will only wear what I already have or make new garments from stashed fabrics or existing items in my wardrobe.
I promise that I will post a daily outfit consisting of the above for my pledge duration of 30 days***


  1. Love this idea, empathise with your situation,i am in much the same position and things just got worse. I am so pleased i found your lovely blog and will watch with interest.
    Good luck with your new venture
    hugs June xxxx

  2. Hi June,
    Sorry to hear things aren't so good for you right now - I truly hope you can get some positives out of the situation. I'm a bit nervous about the challenge but I've made my commitment and am determined! xo


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