Thursday, August 19, 2010

Come along quietly now - DAY 10

I'm still tossing up whether animal prints only belong to throw cushions and shoes, or whether I can pull off the look in an item of clothing.  You know, keep it safe. Goodness knows I once rocked a pair of leopard-print faux fur hot pants about 20 years ago (Yep I thought they were hot!;D) but I haven't been game to wear the same print since.  
There's something about it today that evokes the following two words. 
Mutton and Lamb.
Still, a couple of months ago my hand reached out for this leopard print stretchy cotton dress in a thrift shop and I haven't worn it since.  I like the neckline, length and sleeves but there you go.
So I pulled out this vintage, maxi-length, cashmere kilt which I've been wearing as a cape this winter and decided the two would walk up the isle together and get hitched.
I'm not sure if it works, but I'm convinced that taking animal prints too seriously is just not the way to go.
Animal print = keep it fresh, don't try and sex it up, add something a little unexpected.
Have fun!

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