Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anyone seen my ironing board? DAY 13

All I see in this pic is the stack of ironing spilling onto the floor, so forlorn and forgotten.
But my son was playing with the camera in the afternoon, the light was right and he started snapping.
Hey who am I to stop anyone reacting to the call of their muse?
Anyway I can't help it if the ironing board is dead;).
Actually, secretly in this shot, I like how the light hits those Black Milk Liquids - they appeal to my shiny-shiny magpie instincts.
I'm wearing them with my Docs of course and a vintage pink, silk kimono from eBay.
I keep wearing it!
Can you name one item in your closet that just makes everything feel pulled together and just right?

I think I'll start wearing the kimono inside out.


  1. I am loving your kimono, I think you can pair it up with just about anything...or nothing! I'd also like to add that I'm glad someone can wear those black milk liquids??? what are they, tights? Anyway, you look FAB!


  2. Gorgeous, despite the ironing!
    There's so much in my wardrobe(s)I'm struggling to pick a fave. xxx

  3. You look flippin awesome and just gave me an idea on how to wear a kimono i thrifted ;)

  4. Hi gorgeous women!
    Bonnie - Oh yes I think you're right about the kimono - fits anyone and flashes just enough of one's outfit beneath. The Black Milk Liquids are leggings - I love them coz they have a two-way stretch so they feel like skin:)
    Vix - It's no wonder you can't decide with your fabulous collection!
    Reva - Thanks lovely, do we get to see pix of you in your kimono? I'm kimono-mad and would love to see how you do it! xo


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