Friday, August 27, 2010

A Mind of its Own - DAY 15

I'm halfway through my pledge to Stop Buying More Shit! and yet it's only now I'm feeling the bite of the challenge.
My lounge is starting to look like a thrift store as I have pieces of clothing and accessories draped over chairs and tables, so as to help me figure out new combinations.
I'm pulling out all sorts of weird bits and bobs that have never been worn, or just admired from a distance.
Now I know this sounds weird and no, I don't need to change my meds, but I think the clothes are starting to talk to me.
OK, OK, don't run off, but this is the conversation I'm sure I had last night with a black leather 80s dress I bought off Etsy but have never worn.

Me:  I think you're gorgeous an' all, but you're kind of scary in a Dynasty kind of way.
Dynasty Dress:  Don't worry darling, you're clearly just way to scatty for this level of glamour.
Me: Oh. OK. I just thought that maybe I could jazz you up a bit with a scarf or maybe *sotto voce* some layering?
DD:  WHAT?  Layering?  You want to cover me up?  Now I realise the irony of this statement darling, given that I'm crafted from soft, buttery leather but, OVER MY DEAD BODY!
Me: Oh I'm sorry.  You must feel very strongly about this.  Maybe a scarf for some colour?  Just a little one.
DD:  No way.  Earrings and heels.  Or you're a dead woman.
Me: K.

Fifteen days to go ...


  1. Wow, you look amazin in that dress, and sooooooooo thin. I think that with some gold earrings would look even mor stunning.

  2. Thank you you gorgeous girl! You think gold earrings? Not a problem:).

  3. Woah! Debbie Harry eat your heart out! You are hot! I adore that dress on you, it fits you a treat. I'd love to see some statement black and silver studded jewellery with this baby. xxx

  4. Thank you lovely:). I didn't even think of Queen Debbie - but the comparison is such a compliment! OK so you think some studs huh? Oooh me likey!!

  5. Love them shoes girl! and that dress left me without words. stunning.

  6. This is a killer dress! Reminds me of Emma Peal (sp.) from the Avengers!!

  7. Hilarious conversation...and not weird at understand! Love the look...leather is back in a big way this season :)


  8. You are flippin gorgeous and look so much like Debbie Harry it's surreal !
    You soooooo Rock and I'm so glad I found women like you, Vix, Beth and so many more !!!
    We should do a group post or something.
    Like a dress alike day ;)

  9. Hello, I enjoyed your blog and I'll be following you. Hugs

  10. How awesome do you look in that dress! You should definitely wear that dress out!! I nearly bought a dress very very much like yours last year but backed out (it wasn't vintage and thus quite expensive) and I just didn't have the money at the time. But I have deeply regretted it ever since! I'm with Vix - maybe try a statement necklace with it for a evening out.

  11. Emma Peel! Oh I love her! Thanks so much guys, I've never worn it coz I thought it might be a bit "too much" - this from someone who normally looks insane in public:D! I will def wear it out - promise!!


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