Sunday, August 15, 2010

Get Up Sister - DAY 6

Yes I am wearing a nightie.
Now we've got that out of the way I can truthfully say that after styling this 1930s lacy treasure I'm ready to wear it anywhere.
Gorgeous fabric - tick.  Beautiful colour - tick.  Tiny puffed sleeves and lace details - tick.
Add black tights, Docs, pearls and feather hair-comb and I'm off out.
This nighty's far too yummy for bed I'm afraid:).


  1. Wow, that's a gorgeous ensemble!
    This whole look is very reminiscent of Courtney Love when she was at her grunge meets glamour best.

  2. Very chic, You look gorgeous.
    And those shoes great with the outfit!

  3. Jem's right, a classier Courtney Love vibe! Just beautiful and far too gorgeous to be relegated to bed wear! xxx

  4. CJ & VV - my god you're right! Never thought of CL - thanks so much for your lovely comments:) xo
    MM - I wasn't sure about the boots but I wanted to tone things down.
    Sold - I'm wearing it out again! xo


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