Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's actually winter here you know

Winters in Brisbane are short.  
I mean really short. 
Sometimes we don't even have them - just a few cold nights and mornings, followed by blindingly beautiful sunny days.
No complaints there, but for some strange reason my spare closet is rammed with wool, cashmere, leather, fur, suede, feathers, denim, faux fur and velvet winter goodies.
They don't see the light of day all that often but I try and play fair by giving them an airing at least once during the "season".
This year is just plain ridiculous though - I have more capes than I can shake a stick at, a long leather trench and a stack of vintage felt hats.
What is going on here?  
I feel the cold - I'm practically a reptile in winter - I go into semi-hibernation!
I cannot justify one more winter clothing purchase for a season that we rarely fully experience.
I have a love-hate relationship with the cold.
But I just love layering up.  
I love texture.
I love muted, wintery colours.
With our winter approaching its end, this post is in honour of that elegant, bare, exposed and bracing season where nature's beauty undergoes a renewal.
If not for winter, we would have no spring, no warmth, no colour or long, balmy evenings.

So here's to winter ... you beauty.

Above pix courtesy of Photobucket

Vintage Thierry Mugler coat dress from Olive Shoppe

Black Milk bandage leggings

Layered looks at Olive Shoppe

Spanish Moss Vintage


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