Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stop Buying More Shit - DAY 2

Well that's a jolly grand start isn't it?  Days two and three were a total cock up - torrential rain and I never stepped out of the house.  BUT. I didn't shop so that's a good thing eh?

Which brings me to why I'm doing this.
I follow a lot of blogs and I respect and admire many, many, many artists and creators of fashion and design.
I especially love sharing the thrill of a new purchase and how a blogger incorporates new items into their wardrobe.
But surely there comes a point when we have enough stuff?
Sure, sell a bit on etsy or eBay, consign things and send clothing and shoes to thrift stores.
It's a bit of joke really though isn't it?
Our closets soon fill up with more shit we don't wear.

Which is why I have renamed my pledge from Shop My Closet to Stop Buying More Shit!
Has a bit more weight to it when you think of the true cost of that new yet unnecessary shredded t-shirt, studded belt, or another pair of cheap, crappy platforms ("but so cute I couldn't resist"!).
That $30 could be used to buy a couple of blankets, some healthy tinned food, or a pair of school shoes for a kid that needs an education.
Try and make do with what's already in the closet.
So stop. Just stop and think.
And Stop Buying More Shit!!!

Black Milk Geisha leggings; vintage mens tuxedo shirt; Forever 21 feather cape; Doc Marten boots

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