Sunday, August 15, 2010

Go flapper go! DAY 5

My son paid us a surprise visit on this glorious Sunday, resulting in many mind-blowing, hilarious and futuristic discussions and plans.
The result?  Today's 1920s-meets-Star Trek outfit:).
The dress is an original late 20s silk chiffon number with creme lace inserts in the front and back.  I love the fit around the hips with its finely pleated flounces.
The dress is so incredibly old that the sleeves are starting to shred.  So why am I wearing it?  Because it's beautiful, old and has soul. 
The shredding makes it even more charming and accessible.
Plus it's my favourite colour - green.
I've married the dress with AA silver leggings and tried it with Docs, blood-red platforms and a black silk jacket.
I also added a 1940s velvet, veiled hat; then a vintage Liberty of London silk scarf.

Question: Do you think old, delicate clothing or accessories should be worn or saved for posterity?


  1. That frock is such a gorgeous colour and i love it with the leggings.
    Holes and stuff don't bother me, it's organic and shows it's been worn and loved. I have a few Victorian pieces that are more hole than fabric! x

  2. I love this outfit!
    The dress is glorious & I agree with Vixy the colour is sublime.
    If it was something really special, like great great great grannies wedding dress, I'd probably not wear it for a night out on the tiles but reserve it for photo shoots or maybe even put it in a glassed display frame, cause it's such a pity to just keep these wonderful things hidden away in boxes.

  3. I agree with both of you - I think old items should be worn or put on display - such a shame to put them away. Thank you both - I love this green too! xo


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