Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Girl Who Wanted to be God

It's cool enough here in Brisneyland to wear a cape - yippeeee!
I'll need to get a daytime shot of this one as I think it's pretty spesh.
Do you ever daydream about a piece of clothing you haven't worn for a while?
I've been thinking about my 1950s pink girdle and decided it was going to be friends with my Black Milk Galaxies.

It all came together for me tonight.
The blouse is from my local Salvos - 1960s in pure cotton for $1.
I still pinch myself whenever I reach for it.
The 1930s cape is a heart-stopper from Regina's eBay store.
Like most black clothing, it looks better in real life or in the daylight though.
It's an astrakhan fur in mint condition, with a massive collar that stands to attention when ordered to.

Now for those tut-tutting and whispering "she shouldn't be wearing a black bra", well I think it needs a non-beige colour to give the pastels some texture and oomph.
Or maybe I was just too lazy to change;))).

A surprise hit of colour with the bright red 1960s handbag (about $3 from memory) and my 1950s purple/blue gauze head band from Dandelion Vintage.

The necklace is a 1960s super-sparkly purple number.

Tsk, tsk, she's wearing her knickers on the outside again.
Today it's a 1950s girdle I bought from Etsy that I also wore here.
 It was about 4 sizes too big for me so I sewed a couple of side seams and voila instant skirt!
TIP:  If you're thinking about wearing a girdle as a skirt, get one a few sizes too big as there's more length so it feels more like you're wearing a skirt even though clearly you're not!  You can always adjust the width to suit you.

Sorry you can't really see the shoes all that well, they're Forever 21 stiletto-heeled lace-up booties.

I'm on a roll this week folks. 
Vedivi domani!
Desiree xo


  1. Dear Desiree,
    another triumphantly quirky outfit!
    I'm especially taken by the pretty headdress & the AWESOME Black Milk leggings!
    Take care luv,

  2. You look like a true angel, Desiree, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I love, love that blouse!!!!

  3. Desiree, this is GREAT! No one I know could pull this off and yet you do it beautifully! My favorite part is the necklace. I just love a big honking necklace! Hugs! ~Serene

  4. its the leggings of acenes again! that's their official name, did you know that?

  5. You just have the knack to pull anything you wear together and look great doing so

  6. Who is your photographer?
    they always take great pictures of you

  7. The necklace and headband are amazing.

    Who told you not to wear a black bra with that? I'll smack 'em for you. ^_~

  8. I cant even tell you how much I love this outfit from the astrakhan fur to the leggings and THAT GIRDLE IS AAMAZING. I need to make one for myself. Like now. as always your outfit post is inspiring!

  9. Fabulous outfit! My God that cape has me drooling with envy! I love what you did with the girdle!

  10. I want a fur cape so bad, i adorar your 50' s beige girdle.
    Your blue hat complestes this awesomely gorgeous outfit.

  11. Desiree leave it to you to turn the dreaded girdle into something chic! Who would have thought? Hated those damn things but yours looks so cute! Love it~

  12. LOVE this outfit.
    Girdle as a skirt - genius idea.



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