Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello Darlinks!!

Rewind to March.
There was a lot of talk about body image and feminism here in blogland during the IWD centenary celebrations.
And a hell of a lot of discussion about ageing.
I noticed specifically, many posts about how important it is to many that the over-40s bracket of women should age gracefully.
I think I know what ageing gracefully means, but I choose not to.
Some of you may know that I've born four children, now aged between 21and eight.
I'm the biggest know-it-all on stretch marks, saggy tits, mile-a-minute cellulite and abdominal scaring resembling a 3D roadmap; never mind the "joys" of drug-free childbirth and sleep deprivation.
And that's just the stuff mums go through.
Many women who haven't had children are grossly maligned and endlessly interrogated about their personal choices.
It seems that everywhere I go, women young and old are criticised for the most incredibly mundane things: eyebrows too thick, eyebrows too plucked; too many grey hairs, or over-dyed hair; too many kids, no kids.
I kept schtum during many of the feminist-related topics during March, but read and commented on age-related issues.
And (head hung) ... I held back some pics I took of a swimsuit The Phoenix bought me for Valentine's Day, with a lovely print of Gustav Klimt's Der Kuss.
I'd be a hypocrite if I don't share these pics simply because I don't think my thighs look their best, or my skin is looking patchy.
So here I am, child-bearing hips, cellulite and all.
My belated contribution to IWD and a thank you to the great goddess in the sky for making me a woman.
Here's to growing old disgracefully!

Swimsuit: Black Milk; men's wing-collar shirt - flea market; bangles, earrings and Indian anklet - thrifted; scars - courtesy of local mosquitoes.

Have a wonderful weekend all you gorgeous women out there in your natural glory.
Desiree xo


  1. Desiree--this is a most excellent suit and I think you look great in it! And I'm not noticing the flaws you pointed out...

  2. Great suit! And you model it beautifully

  3. You look wonderful and what a gorgeous gift from the man.I have some swimmers that belonged to my mum as a teen a(50s) and have been wanting to put them on for a pic session white legs and all I will do it soon so stay tuned.
    I was wondering where you were noticed no post for a day or so nearly sent you a message.

  4. My dear Desiree, you are my idol. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You have a killer figure and a powerful heart and mind.So proud of calling myself your friend.
    Much love always.

  5. "I noticed specifically, many posts about how important it is to many that the over-40s bracket of women should age gracefully"
    Pah phooey I say to that! That is always going to be just pandering to someone else's idea of what ageing gracefully should be rather than something that we should have the right to define ourselves so I personally reject all that crap. Very glad to see you post this picture of the wonderful bathing suit because you look amazing head to toe and are proof in the pudding that women look beautiful even bearing the battle scars of life.

  6. Thank you for this post.
    I admire your courage and strength and you helping me feel good about myself as a women and what you said about all women is so true.
    We are uner such pressure arent we?
    Love the swimsuit and of course the HEADWRAP!
    If you have ever watched the movie The Notebook,I love the scene where they are at the beach because of her swimming attire and awesome head covering. I have a picture of my great grandma wearing a swimsuit almost exactly like it but no headwear.

  7. The Kiss on a swimsuit? No way... how on earth do you find such unique, cool things and then wear them so wonderfully!?

  8. You look great! And thank you for standing up for our right to age however we damn well please.

  9. You look amazing, and I totally covet that swimsuit. I love Klimt, and I also love stuff with reproductions of paintings on it.

  10. I hope I look this awesomely beautiful, when I have kids.
    you have a hot body amor.
    that bathing suit is so art deco cool.
    my fave foto is the first pic of your back,kive the pose and your bangles too.
    I will send you a three card reading to your email,see what comes out.

  11. Hate to tell you Desiree, but somehow this IS ageing as gracefully as I would want! There are no flaws on your figure that I can see, and love the art as clothing bathing suit. aND I love Klimt! Paula

  12. This swimsuit is incredible, I am in love with it. Thank you so much for sharing pictures of it! You had no need to worry, you have a cracking figure.

    I think we should all stop judging people based on how they are dressed. Whether you like wearing comfy old track pants or fabulous feathered headresses, or plain cotton shirts or heavy metal tee shirts... why do we all feel the need to judge others on something so unimportant? Dressing up should be fun, not a way to make people feel bad about themselves xx

  13. ahhhh I ADORE you!! Absolutely positively glowing looking at this post... at YOU!! You are BEAUTIFUL!

    No. Do not point any so called faults. These are not faults. These are our stamps of experience. I cannot see anything other than an amazing, beautiful woman with looooooong , wicked legs and a lovely smile and lots of sassitude!!

    Sarah, Helga and I talked about how amazing you are, how gorgeous and eclectic and the genius pairing you do, stylistically.

  14. That swimsuit is awesome! And you look great! I agree, women do get over-criticized, and it sucks, but let's try to just ignore it, then maybe it will change :) I love how you said you "kept schtum" - is that Australian colloquial speech? Because it sure is borrowed from German (my first language) or Yiddish (the absolutely cutest language), and that makes me very happy!!

  15. That is the coolest bathing suit EVER! I love Klimt. You look gorgeous!

  16. You look stunning!! And just because you pointed out your 'flaws' I did look for them and still couldn't see them - you are gorgeous and all I noticed was that and that mischievous look in your eye you always have! Beautiful. Catherine x

  17. I second Dusk's comment and it's true - we discussed your fabulousness AT LENGTH!!

    And this swimsuit post is a perfect example of WHY you are so fabulous. The swimsuit is amazing, yes, but on its own it is just a bit of fabric. On YOU, with your turban, bangles, shirt, attitude, expression... it becomes something more. You are so stylish and unique and wonderful.

    To me it's got nothing to do with your age or your body - it's the twinkle in your eyes and the angle of your shoulder and your poise and humour and expression. You are FABULOUS.

    Sarah xxx

  18. beautiful outfit- I love that swimsuit.

    I was in line at a stripper store this weekend (scoring some hot tights!) and behind me I hear this girl repeating "I is so fat, I is so fat" and her boyfriend replying "No you ain't, you ain't fat", so I turn around and

    she's like a size two! I mean, if she's fat, am I a damn cow?? I wanted to smack her with a sandwich.

  19. Holy macaroni!!!! You look far better than some 20 years olds post 1 child!!! You look HOT,baby! I'm bloody jealous!!!
    Yeah,Sarah,Dusk and I were dribbling over you quite a bit! You're a fave!! Would have been the BESTEST to have you with us....
    I adore Klimt,and LOVE this swimsuit!!!
    And I love that you've posted yourself in it-you may call it warts and all,but I call it FOXY!

  20. O,and ageing disgracefully is where it's at!!!

  21. Desiree, you have truly fabulous style!

    A Gustav Klimt swimsuit? I never knew such a sartorial wonder existed!

    Perhaps you came to my blog through All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, but if not then you *MUST* check it out:

    I'm just about to drop you a quick email about it.


  22. Desiree, you are my HERO! I, also, have born 4 kids (age 20 - 14). I'm 44 years old and occasionally feel a bit of a pang of insecurity when i see these gorgeous young and thin girls wearing their lovely clothes. But then, I think of the many blessings that are in my life, I look in the mirror and think, "Girl, you are just too cute!" and ping those pangs away. Sure, there are prettier, thinner, wealthier, etc..women than I. But I want to be their cheerleader not their competition!

    YOU look so great!! What a beautiful swimsuit and it suits you so well! ~Serene

  23. You look beautiful! And as the biggest turban fan in the world (Seriously, check my blog!) this definitely gets the thumbs up from me. I loves the tones as well :)

    Very glad Dusk introduced me to you!



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