Thursday, April 21, 2011

Java Jive

There's so much more to Easter than chocolate and hot cross buns.
There are Easter bonnets!
As I write to you, The Ink Spots and Ella Fitzgerald are crooning to me, yes I'm still hooked on those gorgeous guys, and they're singing about topping up their cuppa in a swingin' speakeasy.
Making the most of today's jazzy mood, I thought the 1920s and a nice bit of a hat the order of the day.

My snazzy little Easter bonnet is a 1930s velvet skull cap that shows signs it once a veil, but I'm happy with it as is.  
I mean, it's green!!!
Look, the Easter bunny is disguised as The Stylist!

A bit more hat detail for you.
I had so many women sidle up to me today saying "I just love your hat".

Number three son snapped this today as I took a load off over a coffee at the end of a marathon day.
The 1950s beads had to be put away as they were in danger of breaking what with all the manic Easter crowds going nuts all around me.
Chill people, chill!

The rest of the outfit is a 1920s super-slippery silk slip with an ecru-coloured trim and ribbon straps.
VW wedges, Mona Lisa earrings, random metallic bangles and big green glass ring.
Oh and my floral knitting bag;).

Slow down and take it easy this Easter gorgeous gals.
Desiree xoxo


  1. I love your outfit and hat, bu I just love and want your Monalisa earrings, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    (sigh about to faint...heheh)

  2. There is NOTHING so becoming as a hat.
    Is the handsome boy in photo 2 yours?
    (Beautiful smile none-the-less).
    Happy Easter to you too!

  3. Oooo...that slip/dress is so fetching on you! Perfect with your little bonnet. And again, I love what you do with accessories! Seems to make the whole outfit! Happy Easter to you girly!! Hugs! ~Serene

  4. Your Easter bonnet and slip make me so happy.

    (Zombie I would get with- Fred Astaire. And when he sings that Easter Bonnet song! Much hearts!)

  5. I was reading your blog and noticing your love for vintage clothing.............Have you read the secret lives of dresses erin mckean? you'd enjoy it.

  6. oh my goodness
    the 20,s is my Favorite Era
    I love my flapper girl Louise Brooks and have read about her and watched some of her silent movies, she ended up growing her hair so long at one point, i saw a documentary on her. anyway I love the hat and it looks as if the child standing behind you on the 2nd picture does too. that ring i love and the green shoes (my fav shoes you have) would look good with it too. I think you should wear the green shoes with everything even if they dont match, giggle

  7. Gorgeous woman I think we need to bring hats back heck we need to bring style back

  8. So delicious,darl!!!
    You look so cool and laid back and SEXY!!!

  9. Oh, this looks so comfy. And just like Sacramento, the earrings caught my eye.

  10. Yay I found another Brisbane girl into vintage. You have some great hats there, have read a few of your posts and I can't believe you missed Mt Gravatt Fair, there were so many bargains! cheers to your style, Kitty.xx.

  11. Thanks for following, am following you back :) Re; Mt Gravatt, a-haaa, that explains it! I am car-less myself at the moment and its making life hard. I'll be selling at the Gold Coast Fair so yes I'll definitely be there.xx.

  12. you look stunning as always! can;t get over that ring!

  13. You look so good! Oh my God! I especially love the hat and your necklace. Happy Easter to you!

  14. God, those vivienne Westwood wedgies go with everything dont they? LOVE that hat--and in your fave color green too? We should add that veil back--how fetching would that be? Altho, you look fab without it GF!

  15. It really is a Blue Note outfit. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


  16. What a wonderful vintage hat!!!!
    I love the way you rock vintage slips!

  17. This entire outfit is just perfection Desiree! I love the super slippery slip with all of its lovely details. And the hat... the HAT! It's just divine. Also adore your necklace. It must still be very warm up there - you're wearing slips and I'm wearing long sleeved wool!

    Hope you and your lovelies are having a lovely break.

    Sarah xxx

  18. Spellbinding, that's that!
    The hat is 2 die 4 and the whole outfit
    exactly in accordance: U look gorgeous
    as ever. Have a wonderful Easter!

  19. Loving the Easter bonnet, if only your ensemble could fit into an easter egg and be sent over, the shoes may arouse suspicion but i'm willing to take the risk!
    Amazing ring too!
    Just me@
    pop by my love!

  20. The hat is delightful! I remember making Easter bonnets from cardboard and tissue paper as a kid - great fun!

  21. You are one of my favorite dressers, EVER. I love your style- how it just doesn't give up- I bet you could rock a pair of sweat pants, Desiree, because you'd figure some great accessory to go with. LOVE your bonnet, and the fact you are fine with it without the veil. I have some hats, that I worry they aren't proper, but you've inspired me to just go with it- if I like it, I'm wearing it as is. xo to you. Happy Easter!
    the Citizen Rosebud

  22. brilliant! you look stunning in this dress and bonnet.

  23. Oh, hello gorgeous! That hat is so much better than a traditional Easter bonnet. So... I just realized I missed a whole bunch of your posts, and I'm truly sorry about that. I need to see what's going on with my Google reader settings. Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family!

  24. This outfit looks so classy!


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