Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Swing High, Swing Low

Nancy has been screaming at me from the back of the closet for the past two weeks.
She's been banished to the dark as I'm terrified she'll fade away to nothing if I have her on show.
From the condition of Nancy I'd say she's been around the block once or twice.
An original 1920s silk cocktail dress, she's got more than a few champagne stains and one of her sleeves has a tear in the elbow from all the wild table top dancing to hot jazz on long, sizzling nights.
I saved her from herself and she's been in rehab for nearly a year.

I love Nancy's sheer-ness and don't want to spoil it with a slip.
Hello AA silver leggings.

Just the right ensemble for a windy day;).
I've popped on my 1950s purple/blue head piece, Miss Rockabilly red feather earrings and my darling green Vivienne Westwood shoes.

Check out the ecru-coloured lace.  
It looks like a bow, but it's sewn on.
How about that pleated silk detail?

Still mulling over how I'll mend the small tear in the front ruffle.

More lace and pleated ruffles at the back.

Yes, Nancy's got her flaws but she's my swingin' ole gal and I adore her.

Have you ever bought a flawed vintage piece but worn and loved it anyway?


  1. Wow!! Nancy is gorgeous I love all the detail, Especially the pleated ruffles.
    The shoes you are rockin are great also, they would jazz up any outfit!

  2. JAYSUS!!!!
    That is HOT and immensely covetable!!!!
    I love it,I love the way you're wearing it!!!
    ooo,I used to have few old,old pices that were knackered and I wore them to death; a 40's frock that was ripped to bits,and an Edwardian velvet skirt that I am ashamed to say I had no respect for........such i life!!better to wear them a intended and have a ball doing it!!!

  3. Wow, what an awesome dress! I would absolutely buy such a dress, no matter how flawed! (I have a muslin dress from the 1970s, made in India, that is coming apart, but I wouldn't toss it either...)

  4. Loving Nancy tell me was she an opshop find?

  5. Such a beautiful dress! I love that you don't let a garments flaws deter you from wearing it. You have a great spirit in that way.xx.

  6. Dear Desiree,
    I'm so in love with Nancy, she's beautiful!
    What an amazing find.
    If they were giving our awards for brilliance at mixing vintage & new, you'd definitely win one, this outfit is stunning.
    Take care luv,

  7. Nancy is so stinkin' FABULOUS! I love the 20s!! You're such a flapper! Big love to you! ~Serene

  8. Now this one is my favorite and you wore my favorite green shoes
    I want you to go to my blog for 2 reasons 1. i want to put a new post on and have wanted you to see it why you ask? 2. Because i have my easter vintage dress i want to give to you.
    my e mail is cryingoak@msn.com so i can get your address to send it to a home that i know will love her. maybe you can tell me about her.

  9. Nancy is a real treasure! gorgeous!

  10. If I could have a dress like any dress- I would want one like Nancy. She's amazing.

  11. I love beautiful Nancy - and I do indeed wear a number of flawed - ahem - almost totally shredded things. I have a silk kimono from the 30s that is now almost wholly held together with the lightest iron-on interfacing I could find due to shattering and general disintegration. I will do anything I can to keep the bugger going because I love it so. I don't believe in keeping things 'for best' - get them out there and wear your evening frocks to do supermarket shopping in - life is too short! Beautiful Nancy should be admired on a lovely lady not swathed in acid-free tissue paper. (Puts tin hat on and runs from Vintage Clothing Police).

  12. Nancy is a beauty, I love how you're proudly wearing her flaws 'n' all. She's far too beautiful not to be enjoyed and worn with pride.
    I'm just about up to speed with all your fabulous posts I've missed, I swear you get more beautiful. xxx

  13. I am so glad, to see Nancy in all its beauty. You model it beautifully. Such magnificent details.

  14. amazing like every day!


  15. that dress is has got have been made by angel!! thank you so much for the award! ha i hope you tell people it was custom made especially for you.Really,really,really excited to see what you will put the necklaces.I feel honored to be a tiny part of your wardrobe,seriously!xx p.s i always feel as if flawed vintage pieces give you an amazing comfortable feeling xx

  16. The dress is so pretty. I love the lace in the back. My favorite 1950s dress needs some rehab. It has so many tears in its chiffon.

  17. I can't get over Nancy's beauty, the two of you make a great team! Your style is inspiring, as ALWAYS! I love that green ring of yours.

    Xoxox Claire

  18. It is a beauteous dress and YES, I have worn flawed things. In fact, I've worn some things for quite a while before I realize the flaw that's been there all along.

  19. Nancy is gorgeous on you amor, with ruffles and all.
    love all the details in all your outfit.

  20. Nancy is beautiful and I love her lovely quiet storm colour too. Also I LOVE your hat! You look so beautiful, as always!

    Sarah xxx

  21. Flaws give character and make the story more interesting. Wonder how it got there??? Nancy will have to tell us...
    What absolutely magnificent details on that dress? It has surprises all over! Paula

  22. What an amazing dress and you look amazing in it? Flawed? Nah, lived in, yes. She is a beaute, and what a treasure. I've never seen anything like it up close and personal, and I can totally understand why you adore her. I bet the feeling's mutual.
    the Citizen Rosebud

  23. You look stunning in Nancy, great acessories too

  24. If there was ever a way to be a 21st century flapper you have nailed it here! That 20's dress is so stunning - all the beautiful details! And I love how you brought it up to date with silver leggings and those amazing Westwood shoes - they are gorgeous shade!

  25. Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!!
    it's THE dress i first fell in love with you over and searched for a similar version for a whole year!
    She is museum worthy!

  26. I agree with everyone else, that is a beautiful dress. The details is fantastic. I suddenly wish for a lace bow like that, both innocent and sexy at the same time.

  27. I have a couple older pieces - definitely not this old though - that have holes and little stains, but I rock 'em anyway. Most of the time nobody notices anyway. I figure it's just part of the item's charm and history.

  28. that is one fantastic dress! i'm green with envy.

  29. wow Nancy sure has some cute scallops!


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