Saturday, April 9, 2011

Let Me Entertain You

Just how DO they do it?
You know, walk in those shoes.
I guess they don't have to move their feet around much, but Daphne Guinness has to put one foot in front of the other to get from one bash to the next wearing hers.
So when I clapped eyes on this pair in a thrift store - in my gi-normous size - I just had to give them a go.
The shop owner went all goggly-eyed and said she'd been tottering around her shop in them that morning and they'd made her feel "lighter".
Hmmm ... I wonder.  Wearing them certainly made me feel 10 times more likely to break my neck.

I decided to put the trashy delights through their paces.
Just around the house you understand, while I practised not falling on my face.
I kept things pretty low key, doing normal stuff like ... chalk drawing.


Cracking nuts ... just macadamias you understand.

And taking down the washing.

Goodness, butter wouldn't melt huh?
The shoes are labelled "Mischief" but I really don't think I can get up to much hanky-panky wearing these.
This isn't disappointment on my face, it's relief that I decided to keep everything oh-so-demure with my 1950s green lace wiggle dress, 1930s hat and feather brooch, lashings of pearls and my 1980s eel-skin bag.

My sincere apologies for taking my time in re-visiting all your lovely blogs, gorgeous readers.
The picture below may in some way explain in few words, why this has been so.
This is me (sans make-up) and horribly exhausted, with Number Two Son before he went into theatre at Mater Children's Hospital early Thursday morning.
He spent most of term one at home ill with a gastric disorder resulting in much weight-loss, poor thing.
But he's looking so much perkier and is hungrier since his procedure, thank goodness.

To all of you who are tired and in need of a holiday in the sun, grab the chance as soon as a glimmer of opportunity arises.
Kiss your loved ones today.
Desiree xoxo


  1. I was just thinking of you and here you are I so love that green dress one ots green 2 its lace 3 its vintage whats not to love and well done in those shoes I have some that high somewhere well I used to anyway,
    Sans makeup if only I could look that good.
    So glad son is much better and you dodnt get cancelled at last minute lol

  2. I'm glad to hear that Number Two Son is feeling better! Keep on trucking little one!

    I LOVE THOSE SHOES! I think they are amazing on you. (I also love finding shoes in my double digit size at the thrift- feels so good!) You're beautiful, and so is your outfit.

  3. Oh no - so sorry to hear about your son! Glad he's doing better, though. You definitely class up those shoes with all your vintage garb. Be careful in those babies! :)

  4. I am sorry to hear your son wasn't well. I hope he's feeling better and you get some rest yourself.
    You look fantastic and I love the tasks set forth in your demure outfit and racy shoes. You are adorable!

  5. My dear Desiree, I thought it was extrange not to hear from you for such a long time. I am so glad to hear that your son is better.
    Going back to you, you have me in stitches talking about your new shoes.You are so funny!!!
    I love, love them, and I am glad that you can walk and play about. Jealous, I want to try them on, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are always a breathe of fresh air, my dear friend.

  6. I'm new to your blog. I deeply love your outfit in this post and I'm dying over the shoes, they are so hot and you look so good in them! I hope your son is feeling better, it's just the worst when children are ill.

  7. Goodness - household chores will never seem the same after reading this post! I thought I was pushing the boat out hanging out the laundry in leopard print pants and sequinned fit flops! I love the shoes - very sexy! And the 20's dame green dress and pearls are gorge. I need to take a page out of your book and dress up more even if I'm being a homebody!
    Good to hear your son is recovering x

  8. Lovely outfit! Sorry to hear your son has been ill, but very glad to hear he is on the mend x

  9. Well aren't you just a minxy June Cleaver, traipsing about in your wiggle dress and stripper shoes!?!? You look so fabulous and I can absolutely see you keeping house in pearls and heels! I'm so sorry about your son! Anything involving the kiddos is scary, but so very thankful he's okay! Big love to you girly!!! ~Serene

  10. Love the yellow nail polish with the shoes, and they are quite non-tacky for stripper shoes. You look really nice without make-up on - admirably clear skin and no bags under the eyes YOU BITCH! Hope your son is feeling better now xx

  11. First and foremost, I'm praying the goddess brings your son a speedy and healthy recovery asap! One again, your vintage green outfit has me drooling! Chores never looked so stylish! May the future be filled with health, happiness and prosperity! And as always let me know if there is anything I can do from my end to help!

  12. you are just to darn fun!
    i bet the neighbor men love to watch you hang the laundry out to dry while their wives are in another room(giggle)

  13. Oh my - those shoes are higghhhhhhhhhhh. I love the rest of the outfit too, especially the dress. hope your son is fully recovered soon!

  14. good to hear your son is getting better...

    fun post. you paired this shoes so perfectly. this dress makes them look so chic.

  15. Desiree,

    I hope your boy is recovering well (and that YOU are recovering too - it must be a very exhausting time for you). You look as AMAZING as always in that incredible dress with that fabulous hat and brilliant shoes! The shot of you sitting on the stairs is beautiful - you are such a classic movie-star beauty.

    Sarah xxx

  16. May your son's procedure prove to be what he has needed! You look lovely in the dress. My fav photo would be of you reading Woody Allen so seriously.

  17. I have shoes very much like that, but I really can't get very far while wearing them. We'd need to set up a shoe-date, and pick a place to show up and put on our ridiculous shoes and just SIT so we can wear them without falling over or tripping haha...

  18. you are lovely and chirpy.
    Imagine doing that work in those sky high heels.
    Love your green dress and hat.
    I hope your son is better now.

    am following your blog my dear.

  19. Your style is out of control adn you are in fact the only person that could get away with those shoes! (also adore the yellow toe nail polish) x
    ps Sorry to hear your son was so ill and Im glad he is feeling better!

  20. Desiree,
    Oh, I hope your son is getting better.
    You are looking such a starlet,that dress is amazing,love your figure.
    you can wear anything.
    especially adore the foto of you reading.
    ooooh, that hat and big cluth bag,how wonderful you look.

  21. oh, its awful when the kids are sick--so draining emotionally! Hope things are better from here on in...
    And you managing to look fun! Serene said it the yellow nail polish! Be careful now with those shoes! Love, Paula

  22. The GRANDEST dame I know for sure ;) Magnifique!

    Mulika x


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