Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Health Warning: May Cause Blindness

You like pink?
I got some pink.

Yes I'm wearing my PJs.  Not just any old PJs mind you, these don't get to slip between the sheets and crumple up.  No way.
These are a migraine-inducing pair of 1930s lounging pyjamas in a very fine, floaty silk that I imagine the original owner donning for the odd game of late-night poker and gin-slings.

The colour is so intense that I get a visual shock every time I walk past my clothes rack.
They make me smile.

A massive green silk rose is the finishing touch.  Not much else needed except for cocktail rings and a snakeskin clutch.


I love the details like the scalloped collar and all the red and white spotty edging and how about that embroidery?  The set is mint and I feel so lucky to have found it on Regina's eBay store, Neo Retro, several weeks ago.

Vivienne Westwood Melissa wedges are optional - I grabbed these for half price when the Melissa Australia online store had them for half-price in a Melbourne Fashion Week snap promotion.  Yay!
Couldn't decide between metallic purple and light blue nail polish - picked both:).

I've been so touched by all your very kind and sensitive responses to my last post featuring the Klimt swimsuit.  Thank you so much all you wonderful readers.
I'm trying to keep on top of responding, slowly getting there - I get so engrossed in reading and perving at all your amazing posts.
Desiree xo


  1. Love the color! Also, that embroidery is amazing. I love these!

    How do you get your rose to stay on your noggin?

  2. Wow, that is an intense shade of pink. I don't think many people could wear this color, but you definitely can. And the flower and wedge sandals go perfectly with it!

  3. Wow that is amaaazing!!!- funny you should say it makes you smile as that is exactly what it did for me as soon as I saw it! Beautiful! Catherine x

  4. Which set of acabamneto so delicate! The color is beautiful! It's a really special piece.

  5. My dear Desiree, you pjs, make me smile, too. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh How fabulous you look.
    If you were in the runway, everybody would be amazed at your sparkle...
    Much love, my friend.

  6. Desiree, that is just all kinds of gorgeousness right there!! That color is FANTASTIC!!! And you look stunning in it! We don't lounge enough these days and we certainly don't do it stylishly....must give this some thought and remedy. Big hugs to you!! ~Serene

  7. love color!!!! your look amazing!!


  8. love the edging and embriodery - very striking.

  9. Oh what a find.where did you score it?You look divine in it

  10. Oh you look AMAZING Desiree! That lounging suit is just exquisite - I love the colour - and the rose is also divine! You are the mistress of the perfect combo.

    Sarah xxx

  11. Your even pretty when you go to bed!
    Im sure your husband feels he is amlucky man to have such a beautiful wife and your chuldren too

  12. What excellent jammies! I find myself looking at them different in the thrifts nowadays as Susie Bubble wore a pair of pink & blue ones to fashion week in New York last fall. These are beautiful and in great condition. Admiring the silk flower as well.

  13. I like pink colour very much, you are looking amazing.

  14. Amazing! very luxurious and I also love the touch of colour-this flower, so beautiful!


  15. I LOVE your embroidered pjs! and the flower! To die for! Love your blog! follow each other? let me know!
    xx Aquí

  16. Those vintage pajamas are exquisite,you radiant pure love.you make them look good,love your melissa shoes, I own a few bubble gum smelling Melissa shoes.

  17. this pjs is looking so chic. it would be a shame wearing this silky treasure just in bed.


  18. Pink by Aerosmith really needs to go with this post <3 hahah

  19. You make me laugh Desiree!!! Why that pink would never give ME a headache! The details ARE mint, a lucky find with the silk vintage stuff. Love Paula

  20. Oh yeahhhhh I love me some pink! You look so wonderful!!
    I love your fearlessness when it comes to colours and ensembles! Truly you are the embodiment of Aquarian Style! (if you believe in such things and well, I do)

    It's why I named you Most Stylish... here... I hope you accept it... :)

  21. I just love everything about these wonderful lounge P.J.'s you are such a lucky gal, you are right such a shame to hide them away.

  22. I really liked your hairstyle and green flower in your hair J. I think you perform regular fitness workouts , which are keeping you young and healthy.


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