Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If I Didn't Care

I love to imagine the original owner of this 1940s suit getting out and about trying to squeeze in some good times between air-raids and long hours working at the ammunitions factory.
My musings are due to a tiny worn patch at the edge of the jacket's third buttonhole.
Maybe she used to button and unbutton it nervously, chain-smoking while waiting nervously for her man to turn up at their regular table in a dark, wartime pub.
A couple of buttons were missing when I bought this 1940s suit and I figure those buttons popped right off at the sight of him, or maybe they were pulled off when he didn't turn up at all.

Meet Betty, a hard-working suit for a gal about town.
I bought Betty from Savage Threads Etsy store for a modest $40 and have been drooling over her daily.

Since Betty came to stay, she's had a wee makeover with some vintage rhinestone buttons that are very close in style to the original lone single top jacket button it came with.
I love Betty's unusual collar, which was cut out as part of the jacket front, not added as a separate piece.  Wartime fabric savings.
I love the jaunty cuffs too.
And what about the two horizontal stripes in a co-ordinating grosgrain fabric?

This baby is screaming out for a lime green floppy rose clip, 1950s beads, crystal drop earrings and a 1940s snakeskin handbag.

Oh, and the modern touch?
My Black Milk swimsuit printed with the famous Times Square V-Day photograph.
Just right.

 Blood-red Payless shoes;).

Oh Betty, you've still got it baby.

I'm sure Betty's original owner spent her very rare nights in washing and rolling her hair, browning her legs and listening to The Ink Spots.
Here's to all the Betty's in the world, waiting to be rescued and taken out for a night on the town.


  1. Oh thank you for this - I make clothes stories up too and give little loving pats and adjust things on coat hangers to help them sit up straight and sell themselves whilst browsing charity shops.
    With her rhinestone buttons, Betty is like a demure showgirl :)

    You look beautiful as always!

  2. Oh Desiree! I love this post so much!!! That's so how I feel about my vintage "family". I think this is my most favorite look on you! The swimsuit with it is absolute PERFECTION!! Love to you! ~Serene

  3. It's nice to meet you, Betty. You're beautiful.

  4. i love betty
    i love how you wish you knew the story behind certain things, i do that often when i see antique womens items.

  5. My dear Desiree, I love the way you use the swiming suit as a top for that fabulous Outfit. loving the purse, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. you look so elegant and the shirt I love it!


  7. Wow, that suit is gorgeous. And a total bargain too! I do yearn for a 1940s suit myself x

  8. You look marvelous in that suit, gorgeous amor,
    what a steal.

  9. You look so amazingly elegant in that suit - love the rhinestone buttons. I love that 40's suited look. Love how you've accessorised it too.

  10. I love the swimsuit underneath!
    you are soooo creativee!!!!

  11. Betty is divine just like you

  12. Love your cute little poses too--so demure looking!

  13. Gave you a little love over on my blog x

  14. Desiree--It is a beautiful suit! And it fits you so well. I like how you've combined it with THIS body suit and the red shoes. Perfect, even without the bomb shelter.


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