Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take it Lying Down

There's nothing quite like a gold frock to inject some energy into the late stages of a marathon five-day long weekend.
Yes, here in Oz we had Easter and ANZAC Day rolled into one.
Between dodging downpours of rain, I thought it prudent to risk a soggy botty and have a bit of a frolic in the sunshine.

The evening frock is an early 1980s Studibaker Hawk I thrifted a few years ago for the price of a couple of espressos.
The team behind the Sydney label were a crafty lot in the early 80s, creating limited-edition "art-clothes" that many a party girl coveted and saved hard for, to show off in shiny nightclubs.
Studibaker Hawk's iconic handpainted, boned, strapless, multi-layered frocks came in a myriad of colour palettes and prices started at around $400.
That was quite a bit of coin back then!

I'm not trying to show you my knickers here, I'll save that for another day.
The dress is high-cut on the sides - wow, cool and breezy at the same time eh?

I think this frock has just the right amount of trollopy-ness (thanks Helga!)  for a windy day;).
The full layers are aided by plastic coated wire threaded through each hem so they stick out and swish when you walk.
The skirt is cut long in the front and back, while on the sides it's daringly cut to the top of each leg.

Notice anything?
I'm not wearing any jewellery.
Just a thin, black ribbon; DIY fingerless leather gloves and Vivienne Westwood shoes.
Gosh, I'm almost naked!

I cut my hair a couple of days ago.
I've given up on hairdressers.
I look like I've had an electric shock but I think it's just right for my vintage mash-ups.
Do you cut your own hair?

Having a bit of a lie-down.

I shed a wee tear today when I learned I had won my first giveaway.

This little darling bag is winging it's way to me from the ever-fabulous and incredibly stunning Sarah of Misfits Vintage.
She is my Queen.
Thank you so much Sarah, you know how much it means to me.

Today I also found out the beautiful, artistic Cry of Thru My Mind's Eye is gifting me the utterly gorgeous dress she wore to church on Easter Sunday!
Isn't she simply exquisite in this little number?  

I've promised Cry to come up with one of my little frock stories for this baby:)).

I hope you can take some of the glow from Easter and all its choccy goodness into the week.
Desiree xoxo


  1. I got a bit teary when I saw you lying there all fabulous like!!! I remember Studibaker Hawke well,and I'm thrilled to see you wearing this frock, which I have only seen hanging on your wall previously! You look frigging HOT in it!! I am a little surprised at the lack of jewellery,but the frock is decoration enough!
    I cut-well,trim,really-my own hair.Too many butcher jobs in the past put me off haridressers.(no offene to the good ones,I'm sure you're out there!)It's much more creative,fun and less run-of-the-mill.
    Hurrah for trolloping!

  2. I don't think a dress like that needs any jewellery, you've styled it perfectly. I cut my own hair most of the time too, I've always hated hairdressers.xx.

  3. That's such a pretty dress, and I agree that it doesn't need much jewelry to go with it. I wish I were able to cut my own hair!

  4. Oh Des again you look simply gorgeous I must come to visit you just for a photo shoot together we would have the best fun I reackon.I so love that dress I have 2 Studi outfits one I picked up a couple months back and one I discovered in my shed of wonders recently.
    You so deserve winning that purse and wow on that dress you are being sent how wonderful.

  5. I always wanted to see you wearing that beautiful gold dress.It looks so fabulous with the V. W. shoes, ahhhhhhhh.
    You are made to wear and enhance gold, my dear Desiree.

  6. That's that glorious frock that I've spotted hanging up in your hallway, isn't it? It's so amazing, very much a Cyndi Lauper/Madonna kind of outfit, which was my favourite style of the 1980's.
    It's absolutely gorgeous on you, I didn't even notice the lack of jewellery as it's so damned fabulous.
    Funnily enough I've been toying with cutting my own hair. I loathe going to the hairdressers with a passion. xxx

  7. Oh you are rocking the shit out of that fabulous dress Desiree! You look AMAZING! I was desperate for a SH frock in the late 80s and there was no way in the world I could afford one... now I'm on a mission to find one too! You have styled it to absolute perfection and I love your haircut.

    I have not been to a hairdresser for YEARS - I dye and cut my own hair and many of my friends and family members too! It's not a family bbq if I don't bring the hairdressing scissors!

    Congrats again on winning the lovely vintage bag - I do hope you love it.

    You ROCK!

    Sarah xxx

  8. You're a hoot!!! Paula Abdul in her heyday couldn't have worked this as good as you have!! The whole thing is just perfect! Your the most lady like trollop around (love that word by the way, my mom used to use it!). Congratulations on your win! Hugs to you, you MINX!! ~Serene

  9. I am dying here in Brooklyn because I love this outfit. Love, love! The dress is gorgeous and what a wonderful pairing with the winged shoes (patent wedge, delightful!), the leather gloves, the black satin around your neck. I woke up in a not-so-great mood but you've just brightened my day so thank you!

  10. The dress is already a jewel, do not need to accessorize! Congratulations on the draw!

  11. Dearest Desiree,
    this has got to my my fave ever outfit of yours, that dress is DA BOMB & you don't need to guild that lily with any baubles...the Viv Westwood's are the perfect partner.
    Take care luv,

  12. oh my gosh I love your dress! It's so ... strange... it's like, a strange tropical bird- beautiful.

  13. ok
    changed my mind about the post before this one
    this dress is BY FAR MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    those green shoes would look great with it too!
    I think you should wear the green shoes with everything whether it matches or not.
    I am a licensed hairdresser and I have always loved your hairstyle, I think it look great!
    I always cut my own hair till I decided on dreads, my dear husband upkeeps my hair for me, its a lot of work. 1 days worth of maintenance about once a month.

  14. What an utterly jaw dropping-ly amazing dress that is!!!!! Absolutely goooorgeous! *stares*

    The shoes are also tres amazing with their little Hermes wings! Cute!

    Your hair cut is so darling :) xxx

  15. love love love this dress! and i can't believe you cut your own hair! it looks amazing!

  16. OH THAT DRESS ... SQUEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    It's like Coveting Corner - such a lovely Klimt-y print and a frock with a wired hem? Why haven't I done that to any of my frocks yet? Genius idea!

    I have to go to the hairdressers to dye the bits I cannot reach, but fringe-trimming is as much as is allowed. Hairdressers also seem to have a mania for hair-straightening and styling - whilst I just want a bird's nest up there. Honestly - I need to tear out a photo of Helena Bonham Carter in unbrushed hair mode and say "See - that's the style for me" lol.

  17. You are magnificent Desiree. Marvelous. and truly madly deeply...GLORIOUSLY...gorgeous!

    And ohhh I had a Studi Hawk dress! And it was originally mine from way back when!! I had had it for 20 years!! I sold it to a vintage colector.

    Congratulations!! Looking forward to outfit pics avec bag!

  18. This is fabulous! I really adore people with a strong personality. I can tell by your style that you're one of a kind!

  19. You look muy hermosa,you make that frock blush.
    I love your almost showing your knickers pose.
    congrats on winning the bag amor.
    I used to cut mi own bangs, I am working on cutting my long hair.

  20. I haven't been to the hairdresser in about 4 or 5 years...cbecause when I went for a trim the woman cut about 5 inches off my hair!! After I left the salon and was outside on my way to the vehicle I actually cried!! Since then I have trimmed my own hair.. Maybe one day I will go get a professional haircut but at this time I am happy doing it on my own and using the money I save on Vintage Items!! lol

    You look gorgeous in that dress!

  21. You are just too fashionable Desiree! Love all the outfits. Everyone has to have a lie down once in a while!

  22. Wow - you cut your own hair??!! You're brave - I'm way too chicken to even think about trying!! LOVE this dress - beyond gorgeous!!

  23. I want to be you when I grow up.

    And AHA, since I've spotted your enviable melissa shoe collection, may I ask for sizing advice? I love love love the elevated 3-strap but concerned about the fit in the front (just had to let a pair of Lady Dragons & the new Croco maryjanes go cos they crucified my toes, still mourning the loss of the mock croc), wear a 38 in the old vw tbar maryjane & all the flatties BUT had to go up to 39 in the wedge...should I bother with the 3-strap? Thanks!

  24. Thank-you so much for the lovely comment on my blog! It truly made my day. I really don't know what to say.
    -Andi x

  25. i'm so deeply in love with your dress.... awww...

  26. Hi there!
    Thanks for the visit. I just love your fab 80's dress and did I see wings on those shoes??? Very nice.
    Take care,
    Oh and congrats on the lovely giveaway win :)

  27. Those shoes are my dream shoes and i so love your photos!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are infectious!!!!!!!!

  28. Great pictures!

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  29. What a great frock you've got on. I love the bare naked shoulders and the skirt with a mind/shape of its own. And congrats on your that win from Misfits. You deserve it.

  30. The frock is a stunner! And those SHOES!!! xx

  31. That dress is fantastic! I love the pattern, so fun and funky. I do not cut my hair, at all. I will visit a hair dresser just to get a trim every few months, but no layers, no weirdness. I'm just growing my hair out until... I haven't quite decided :)

  32. Mamma Mia! What a dress! seeing it on you rather than hanging on your wall makes a huge difference! Fantastique, j'adore! Yep, I cut my own too. Around here I would show up looking like my disgracefully ageing self and they'd still give me a hausfrau do. Which I would promptly butcher into what I wanted. Finally I gave up, not willing to spend huge hunks of cash on something I hated & would just cut immediatey anyway! I do occasionally get it cut when in the UK as they actually do what I ask and understand my style and not wanting to look hausfrau. But lately it's me!


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