Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh You Guys!

I love reading people's award posts.
You know, when they have to cough up seven things about themselves?
I'm not sure whether I'm acting out some form of creepy stalking, but now the shoe's on the other foot it's another story.
The beautiful Dusk and the glorious Suzanne of Idee Fixe (check her out looking scrumptious in her new red Norma Kamali swimsuit) both bestowed awards on me this week. 
Thank you so much - I admire both you gorgeous girls!
So now it's my turn to rack my brain for details - wait, need to put on red lippy to help me think.  And a hat.
... I'm back and ready.

1.  I have really bad eyesight.  We're talking "Coke bottles on wires" here folks.  Can't see the nose on my face without my contacts or specs.
2.  My second toes are longer than my big toes.  I'm special.
3.  I've spent 6.5 years of my life breastfeeding.  Er ... that's quite a lot isn't it?  For those thinking "eewwww", I have four kids.  Do the maths.
4.  I make holiday packing lists but never go anywhere ... ssshhhh it's a bit embarrassing.  I have an amazing list for India and lists for both summer and winter trips to Paris.  I'm starting one for Canada soon.  I  watch You Tube videos on the topic and try to pare down my virtual suitcase to the barest minimum.  I guess hitch-hiking for three months in Europe taught me a lesson or two about carrying my world on my back.
5.  I'm hopeless at maths.
6.  I hate beards and mustaches ... on both men and women;).

But where would Magnum be without his massive mo?

7.  You can never wear enough green.
There's the option of top-to-toe.

Just a hint with a ring or clip.

Or there's green with stripper shoes.  That always goes down well.

Now I have to bestow these awards on other seven other bloggers.
I'm going to steer you to some blogs I've recently discovered and am stalking.

Check out these lovelies I've listed alphabetically.
1.  Acqui
2.  Fashion Pearls of Wisdom
3.  It'll Take the Snap out of Your Garters
4.  Miss Rockabilly
5.  Original Seed
6.  Spider Silk Stockings
7.  Vintage New Zealand


  1. Love the one on breastfeeding! I think I had 6 months maybe total.
    I love green too~
    Congrats gf--you deserve all the awards!

  2. You've beat me on the breastfeeding, although I did log 3 years at it. Makes for healthy babies. And I secretly love award posts too.

  3. you even have green steps in your picture

  4. Cograts D I do think you deserve lots of awards you are such fun Love those green outfits and bits,
    One of my oldest friends toes are like yours lol.
    I am not blind yet but old age is blurring me up so got reading glasses next week,
    Maybe we will win the lotto and get lasic (Laura did as she was like you and has been happy ever since)I am not a math lover either,
    I also am not keep on messy beards or long hair on men (no offence girls who have long haired men its just me)Hubby has a mo looks naked without one lol.

  5. My dear Desiree what a lot of fun you are.
    The more I get to know you, the more I like you.
    It will be easier to travel once your children are more grown up.

  6. Desiree,
    Congrats Amor,
    I always love knowing more about mi blogger amigas.
    I have 2 sisters and one brother.
    I giggled at the Magnum bit, Well now,I dont like mustouches either.

  7. Desiree, Congrats on the awards! I adore all of your pics ESPECIALLY the one of you with the green bow - SO beautiful! I am also not a big fan of facial hair on anybody.

    Sarah xxx

  8. Oh, thank you, thank you! I saw my blog and broke out in a grin! :D I'm honored you thought of me. Now to figure out what to do for this, hee. My second toes are longer too, looks like we're special together haha.

  9. Love the post Desiree!! Also loving the green... something I have nothing of in my cupboard. Might have to change that!!

  10. Thank you so much for the award Desiree - you also remind me I have another I havent posted yet, Im a bad blogger, so I will do it right now incase I forget again! I love your green outfits, I have a fab green dress in my shop I keep debating snaffling for myself. You have green Melissa too, love them! About the VW wedges I was thinking of getting black ones or the browny colour, but I think I will have to try them on instore first. I just ordered the heart ones in black tho he he xx

  11. Thank you for the award! Your a sweetie :D


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