Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Aside from my caffeine fix and a good ole' how's-your-father first thing in the morning, slapping on some bright red lipstick is guaranteed to kick-start my day.
It doesn't matter how I'm feeling, slapping on a bit o' muck is the way to get me out the door.
I usually rock up to my daughter's (AKA The Stylist) school wearing some sort variation on totally-inappropriate-but-smiling outfit and she doesn't seem to mind.
In fact she clasps onto my hand tightly to frog-march me through the playground, knowing that nearly every girl her age (and some boys) are going to stop in their tracks.
Funny innit?
Here's this morning's school-run-and-chores get-up.

I love the lining on this vintage pink silk kimono.  The garment is so well made, it can be worn inside out.  But The Stylist said not today;).

Hurry up mum!
A beautiful autumn morning and I've chucked on Black Milk leggings, my 1930s onsie refashioned into a camisole, my $1 velvet hat, Docs and random vintage beads.

The floral granny knitting bag was $2.  I love it.


Kimono lining - the colours are still so intense for a garment that's around 70 years old.

Thank you all for your lovely kind wishes about my son's health.  He's improving slowly.
I hope you're a having a wonderful day my lovelies.
Desiree xoxo


  1. oh you look lovely early morning.
    seeing you must be treat to eyes to many in your child's school.

  2. Oh DD you are such a doll I would love to be game top be slightly eccentric but just watch people like you with a touch of envy.Glad your son is doing lots better

  3. This post reminded me of the Punk Glam Princess! She loves to prance me around school so the kids can say how "cool" her mum is! Frankly I'm just being me! She also makes comments when we're off to the grocery store like "Mum don't forget to put on your fancy shoes!" the kid knows I'll go in drag anywhere!
    Love your outfit, that kimono is outstanding! I hope your boy is back to his old self in no time!

  4. I adore your kimono, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    And the way you dare, and feel proud of being youself. And by doing so, you pass it to your daughter. Quite an achivement, my dear Desiree.

  5. I think you look precious! My kids have teased me that I'm not very "Mom" looking; but I think they kind of like that too. It's a great object lesson for your daughter to BE YOURSELF. Life's a gift and it doesn't need to be spent trying to "fit in"! Love you girly! ~Serene

    I hate waiting more than 2 days for you to post a new post. you are my coffee and I need my postings from you every morning. giggle

  7. I am imagining some lovely Japanese ladies, seventy years ago, seeing you wear that beautiful kimono with sparkly leopard leggings and rockin' docs.

    My lord, you can mix it up like nobody's business Desiree - you just look amazingly beautiful, as always. I ADORE those leggings and I'm heading over there right now to grab me a pair! Hope your boy is better soon.

    Sarah xxx

    PS I giggled out loud at 'how's your father'.

  8. You look great! I love how you put everthing together. Those leggings are so amazing and delightful!

  9. Your daughter knows you are the coolest looking mom around :D Those leggings are super awesome.

  10. so fun!
    i want to see more of this floral bag...

  11. perfect drop off at school outfit! i have those docs and they always slouch down in the back and rub on my heals, have you found that?

  12. How cool to have a daughter who walks so proudly with her mum. You're doing something right.

  13. Just found your blog! You are beautiful and I love your photos! I too am a hat and kimono lover. The Style Crone

  14. I would love it if you were here and wore this outfit to drop kids off at my son's school. It would stop everybody in their tracks! I especially love the leggings.

  15. you look great! I love love love your kimono! I think they're great as light jackets like you're wearing here!

  16. You just look like so much fun! If I were your daughter, I'd be parading you around the playground too. :)

  17. What an amazing Kimomo ,I wish my Mama wore that when she walked me to school. she did wear her famous capa, Mexican cape.
    Your such a good Mama.
    hugs amor.

  18. I love that kimino and those leggings are amazing! I love the sparkle in the fabric.

  19. OMG OMG! I So Want To Raid Your Wardrobe.



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